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Ben Jones

Mar 6, 2006

Online Decisions = YES

Posted in: Process & Statistics

We are pleased to announce that MIT admissions decisions will be made available online in addition to the standard postal mailing. We expect to release decisions on Saturday, March 18 at 12:00PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). If this date/time changes for any reason, it will be announced on MyMIT.

Decisions will be available to those who meet all of the following criteria:

  • You have applied for freshman admission (not transfer or graduate).

  • Your intended entry year (as designated in your MyMIT account) is 2006.

  • You applied in Regular Action, or were deferred in Early Action (the system is unable to display decisions for those who applied in Early Action and received a "final" action in December - i.e. admitted or denied).

What is the process for receiving my admissions decision online?

In order to check your decision online, you will need to have registered for a MyMIT account and you will need to know your username and password. When decisions are released, simply visit and log in using the same username and password that you use to log into your MyMIT account. There are no interim screens, so you should be sure you wish to receive your decision online before logging in to

If you are using "remember me" functionality with your MyMIT account, we strongly advise you to log out and log back in to be 100% certain that you know your correct username and password. We will not be in the office on the weekend that decisions are released, so to prevent any delays, you should confirm your username and password well in advance by logging into your MyMIT account.

What if I've forgotten my MyMIT password?

You may use our automated system to reset it. Simply visit and click on the lost password link in the orange log-in box on the left. If you're having trouble using our automated username/password recovery process, or if you've forgotten your username, please email [email protected] with your full name and mailing address. We'll use this information to locate you in our system and reset your password within a few days.

What if I don't have a MyMIT account?

If you do not currently have a MyMIT account and you wish to receive your decision online, you will need to register for one using your MIT ID, which was sent to you via postal mail soon after receiving your application. If you have misplaced your MIT ID, or if you never received it, you may call our office to get it (please note that you will be asked to give some personal information for verification).

If you register without your MIT ID, your username and password may not work on

Will there be any indication of my admissions decision in my MyMIT account?

Although they use the same username and password information for login purposes, and are intentionally distinct sites. This is to ensure that those who do not wish to receive their decisions online will not have to.

That said, admitted students will see the addition of the Admitted Student Portlet in their MyMIT account beginning on or after Thursday, March 23. (Rejected and waitlisted applicants will not see a change.) If you do not wish to receive your decision online and you have not received your postal letter by Thursday, you'll want to take a brief vacation from your MyMIT account until your letter arrives in the mail.

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Thats so so so so great!



Posted by: Arka on March 6, 2006


~ thanks for goody good news ... finally ~


Posted by: Farrukh on March 6, 2006

Its time to thank all the people associated with the "Online decision" thing. Thank you very much for your hard work.

And are we the first batch of applicants to recieve decisions online in the history of MIT.

If yes then I feel lucky and far more excited.


PS: Fingers already crossed.

Posted by: Arka on March 6, 2006

Bleh. I'm a big fan of waiting for the mail. But just about everyon disagrees with m. =)

Posted by: Laura on March 6, 2006

not i, good laura!

i like the mail, its so much more personal than visiting a website or getting an email. i dunno, i cant really justify it i dont think. i just like getting mail!

Posted by: Siddharth on March 6, 2006

actually, maybe i can justify it:

ive not been around for a/b 5 days, so i have 86 new emails in my inbox, none of it spam (spam has 13 new :D). my real, physical mailbox cant accomodate that many pieces of post. so, each one is worth more to me. and an mit decision is def worth something to me, so i'll be waiting for the snail-mail.

Posted by: Siddharth on March 6, 2006

Thanks guys. grin

Posted by: Christina on March 6, 2006

They say decision's will be available on March 18 (which, ironically enough, is my older brother's birthday), but any word on when it's expected for decisions to be mailed off? I'm planning on waiting, I'm just curious to know whether or not there's Any overlap, or if decisions are going to be released right as it's all put in the mail.

Posted by: me? on March 6, 2006

Thank you so much for your consideration and support! you guys are awesome! you can't imagine how happy i am right now! no more painful mail waiting! Thank you really thank you!

Whatever is your decision (if i am adimited or not) I am sure is the right thing. Applying to MIT is one of the most exciting experiences I've ever had in my life. I really apreciate all you guys do. I don 't know any other university that is so close to students. You really care about us. Again thank you for everything: for the blogs, for myMIT account, for the online decisions, for your everyday updates about the admission process. You are by far the best admission officers in America!

Good luck to all applicants!

Posted by: Juan Jhong Chung on March 6, 2006

Thanks for the very careful explanation of the rationale and process behind this, Ben. Separating the decision portal from the information/tracking portal to avoid inadvertent disclosure is a fine idea. And I know that my son forgot his MyMIT password last year but didn't have to reset it because he had a stored cookie: THE ADVICE TO LOGOUT AND BACK IN *NOW*, TO TEST YOUR PASSWORD (and reset it if necessary) IS EXCELLENT. I would advice anyone who wants to learn their decision online to take this advice NOW and be prepared, rather than moaning over that weekend.

THANK YOU to everyone involved in this careful and professional roll-out. From an IT professional and a parent, I say, "Well done!"

(And Laura, with the exception of overseas residents, I'm a fan of postal mail notification, too. Some things are just more amazing in real life: not everything in life is best if it is immediate. And waiting through the immediacy doesn't change the answer in any way.)

Posted by: leftcoast mom on March 6, 2006


Posted by: Sid on March 6, 2006

Good news, but darn, I'll be at a math competition at that time. I'll have to look for the nearest computer with an internet connection. Heh.

Posted by: Teck Lee on March 6, 2006

Hi Ben, just curious to know how much of application reading/selection process has completed by now?

Posted by: Farrukh on March 6, 2006

Great news! Thank you Ben and all the members of the MIT community! smile

Posted by: Amit on March 6, 2006

two thumbs up!

definitely great news!

however it would be good to know when the decisions would actually be mailed.

Posted by: Nabeel on March 6, 2006

did anyone check out the decisions site? there is surely interesting stuff written on it. tells us how much MIT cares about its applicants. this surely is fantastic, and i believe MIT deserves the same from us!

Posted by: Nabeel on March 6, 2006

am i the onlyone whos been to the site 5 times already? man,its gonna be hard staying away from the site after the 15th.

Thnaks a lot and good luck to everyone!!

Posted by: Sachit on March 6, 2006

Does "12:00 PM" mean noon or midnight? Midnight makes more sense, but we're not sure. Thanks!

Posted by: Kristen and Alissa on March 6, 2006

12:00PM is 12 Noon or 12 Midnight?

Posted by: Anonymous on March 6, 2006

We are hoping to mail (via postal mail) around the same time, however after the EA mailing issues, I won't be saying definitively that the letters are "in the mail" until I have confirmation that they indeed are. grin

12:00PM means noon. Midnight would be 12:00AM.

Posted by: Ben on March 6, 2006

You the (wo)men.

Posted by: Phil on March 6, 2006

You guys are great, the only way you guys can top this is if you except me. Tough task but I think MIT's up for it lol Good luck to everyone, dont't worry too much!!

Posted by: Sam T on March 6, 2006

Meh. I'm proud of you guys and very happy for the fact that this rollout is happening without a glitch (no pun intended) and very professionally. Surely you'll have MIT applicants thanking you for years to come.

I, personally, would still wait for the mail, but that's already been explained in an earlier comment. smile

Good job guys! smile


Posted by: Michael Borohovski on March 6, 2006

So - how soon before or after will decisions be mailed, or is it most likely to be almost concurrent?

Posted by: zoogies on March 6, 2006

I think the admissions process is like a band-aid: the more protracted it becomes, the more painful it is. If you are a lucky portion of the .1 who get admitted then it will be admittedly more fun, but seeing it online lets you tell everyone earlier!

my two cents

Posted by: jcombs on March 6, 2006

Once again MIT is the best!

The closer is the date, the more exciting it gets. I have been biting my nails for long enough. =) All of you guys who have applied EA can understand me.

I still don't know whether I should wait for the snail-mail or just go with the internet version. both have positives and negatives to them. I mean, it feels completely different based on the way you get the letter - sets the mood. hehe.

One more thing. I want to thank the admissions office for all everything they did for us. (Heh, I sound like those guys on oscars. "And I also want to thank my family who have always supported me and kept telling me how great of an actor I am...") But really, thanks. =)

Posted by: Timur Starobinets on March 6, 2006

Heck, I've already posted 3 times on Matt's blog and I was the first to post there when i saw the change in the MyMIT site, but hey I have time to spare (not really, but don't tell anyone =D)...

I just wanted to say something I haven't elaborated on and some others have beat me to. It seems like the decision-making process is almost over, and the application process is definitely over. So, without further adue, I would like to wholeheartedly THANK the ENTIRE admissions staff, the MIT Tech team for their amazing job well done, and all the applicants who were posting on these blogs, as I really got to meet some interesting people here! I mean, come on, what other university in the WORLD is this personal with its applicants? Really now?! MIT is number one for me, and will remain number one whether I get accepted or not (Though I hope I do get in =) ) ... To the admissions officers, keep up the excellent work you've been're almost done! To everyone else, GOOD LUCK BECAUSE WE'RE GOING TO NEED IT...and I don't mean good luck with decisions because that's already been said like 5000 times... i mean good luck with the wait...I mean, now that we have a date I actually have something to look forward to and now the days on the calendar seem so far apart :( OH MARCH 18TH PLEASE COME HERE QUICKLY! I already mentioned this in Matt's blog, but it just so happens that it's my father's bday :D Go figure, I hope that means I'm going to get a present from MIT =D

Take care everyone..and GOOD LUCK!

Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

Posted by: Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar on March 6, 2006

Wow, a friend who's applying called me all excited. He said a week but it's actually 12 days

Posted by: Dannel on March 6, 2006

A "calm down, guys. you all rock." post from the MIT dean of admissions is like getting into a nice, warm bed after a nice, hot shower and falling asleep immediately. Very nerve easing.

I think it's time The Marilee Jones writes us another one of her heartfelt letters.

(If she has time, that is!)

Posted by: Christina on March 6, 2006

Or, alternatively, I could stop posting sappy things, and take a shower and a nap. :-D

Posted by: Christina on March 6, 2006


Posted by: April (no longer waiting but deferred) on March 6, 2006

One question: Will you still send the big envelope for admitted internationals through DHL or any other courier on March 18th? If so, admitted internationals would know by Wednesday if they do not want to see online desicions..

Posted by: 0 on March 6, 2006

The waiting has offically begun.

TO those of you who have visited MIT, which dorm are you guys thinking of staying in if you get accepted and attend? I'm torn between Burton Conner and Simmons Hall.

P.S.- I'm never gonna be able to leave this site.

Posted by: Sam T on March 6, 2006

yes, no potential ulcers now =D

Posted by: Zach R on March 6, 2006


I'll be at school...staring at the digital clock...



and it hits me.

I'll either be all for it.

Or dead.

Or maybe I'll be too cowardly to check :D

Posted by: yuebai on March 6, 2006

Sounds like VERY GOOD

MIT is just SUPER

Posted by: Felipe Jose Depine on March 6, 2006

Now I am really going to be anxious!! Hope not to be on duty in the army on the 18th. A battalion is probably one of the very few places with no computer (at least with internet).

Posted by: Nick on March 6, 2006

This is very exciting! =D Yea, I think the wait's officially begun now. Heh... ^^;;

Posted by: Catherine on March 6, 2006

Woah, another Timur.

And yay for online decisions!

Posted by: Timur Sahin on March 6, 2006

I was one of the deferred students who suffered from the EA mailing mishap, and, even though I can get it quickly and without bias online, I think that I will wait to recieve my decision via snail mail.

Posted by: Paul on March 6, 2006

Woah..March 18th? That is GREAT! Why can't all the other colleges be this efficient? Whether I'm excepted or not, I can't wait for the news!

Thanks MIT!

Posted by: Darwin on March 6, 2006


Wait (almost) over.

Online Decisions = Very Yes.

Sam: I also visited and I'm torn between Third East and Random House.

Posted by: dyzzy on March 6, 2006

I'll be at the same competition as Teck, hopefully Stetson U has wireless internet...? Although it is in the middle of nowhere, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up. If it doesnt work I'll have to call someone and give them my password to find out.

Posted by: brian on March 6, 2006

YAY! I am soo glad. I was deferred too. I think that I will have to look mine up as soon as the clock hits 11 (I'll be in Texas, ironically probably touring Texas A&M CC).

Posted by: Sarah on March 6, 2006

And, I am in love with Random House, but I haven't checked out all of them.

Posted by: Sarah on March 6, 2006

I'll be on a plane. ;_;

Maybe I'll pay to hop on the wireless network when I land.

Posted by: Justin M on March 6, 2006

Will those of us who were deferred still get the pleasure of a tube or will it just be regular envelopes this time?

Posted by: Evan on March 6, 2006

A wonderful decision by MIT! Thanks.

Posted by: renuka on March 6, 2006

"I live overseas in Peru and our postal service sucks"

You are totally right Dannel! I am from Peru too. Where r u from? Lima?


Posted by: Juan Jhong Chung on March 6, 2006

You wants to bet that MIT's servers won't be able to handle the number of applicants trying to check their decision at noon on the 18th.

Posted by: Jack on March 6, 2006

Ahh, I'll be at Science Olympiad, as will around 500 other science nerds, significant portion of whom I expect will be anxiously waiting to get back home...

Oh well...It'd be nice if the decisions were sent out earlier in the day, so that everyone could check before going wherever.

I may just end up waiting for the mail! smile

No tubes, by the by, to whomever asked. Too many papers this time. But maybe, just maybe, the confetti?

Posted by: Yasmin on March 6, 2006

They probably did choose 12 noon EST because they figured people would be doing other things, avoiding possible server malfunction, although I doubt that sort of thing would happen on the MIT system. I remember I made a campus visit on feb. break in 2005 and it was HUGE news when a server was broken into, so I don't think system maintenance will be the problem. Too bad ninety percent of us will be rejected. I've never been too good with those odds.

Posted by: jcombs on March 6, 2006

soo.. since the decisions are online on a sat. does that mean that the letters are mailed earlier and therefore might be postmarked on pie day? thats all I'm worried about. decision pressure is too much, so its easier just to hope about small things like that....


Posted by: Brent on March 6, 2006

Think about how many people are going to be on the MIT website at 12:00 PM EST. It's going to be so backed up...

Posted by: Charles on March 6, 2006

I will be in a freezer until May 5. Does that mean I can't go to MIT even if I get in since it's after the May 1 deadline?

Posted by: 0 on March 6, 2006

demented brent!!! how's it hanging?!!!

btw, its PI day, not PIE wink ___ no worries :D

no "decision pressure", man, what happens will :D

btw, im waiting for mail decision, u??

phys exam hard, neh? im not going to check edline until i get back from california.... dont want to potentially ruin the vacation action :D i'll be back in good old VA on the 16th but i wont show for school until the 17th (senior social!!!)

Posted by: Siddharth on March 6, 2006

This is great NEWS!

I know that my chances are low, but I already have a couple of ideas which would leave my mark on MIT. Instead of Pi day

Posted by: Joel Paulino on March 6, 2006

Thank you so much,

My letter for deferment came almost the 30th and though I don

Posted by: Reeve Dunne on March 6, 2006

Ah 12 days left! The good news is, the 18th is the last saturday of my spring break so I will be... sitting at home because I have yet to make plans. Road trip anyone?

Posted by: Justine on March 6, 2006

I kind of liked getting my decision the old-fashioned way. Everything's so automated and digital these days. Here at MIT, everything is done online -- but I'll always remember the day I got my envelope. It's a sort of symbolic manual thing that I appreciate, kind of like how we pre-register for our classes online, but actually have to file a paper reg form each term. smile

Posted by: Anthony on March 6, 2006

I agree with Laura, Siddharth, Anthony, etc. I like to receive the decision by snail mail or at least in an e-mail. Because there will be some thing for us to read again and again.

Posted by: M on March 6, 2006

Future generations will probably see emails and online notifications as things of the past--and find themselves saying "I'll always remember the day I got my acceptance letters in my GMAIL account!" =D

Posted by: Pianomann on March 6, 2006

Hey American Indian Siddharth! (Siddharth Shah think). What's the tension about. I'm definitely going to check my decision online, because I think admission chances are slim. Rather than being depressed if I'm not admitted, I'll be ecstatic if I am.

You still haven't told me how old you are, but I figure that you're a tad older (than me) because you mentioned that you drive. Then again, how old do you need to be to drive there? It's 18 here in India, and I'm just about 17.

Hooray for online decisions!

The Real Sid.

P.S.: Who posted with my name?

Posted by: The original Sid on March 6, 2006

Wow, the 18th, two days after my birthday- an acceptance would be a great b-day gift!!

Posted by: Dani on March 6, 2006

aw man

this is gonna be pure agony! but ah well...all must and will be faced raspberry lets hope for the best, im guessing at this point that's all thats possible :l

Posted by: sayeeda on March 6, 2006

haha Dani, it's ON my birthday... :] tho im facin it headstrong!

Posted by: Phil on March 7, 2006

haha Dani, it's ON my birthday... but im taking it headstrong! :]

Posted by: Phil on March 7, 2006


Posted by: who else but anonymous? on March 7, 2006

Thank you MIT people smile You really are the best. I guess only collegeboard has hints of the genuine compassion and love you share for us, but you beat them too smile You are the champions smile It is not the fact that you renounced on your policy that is really overwhelming, but the fact that you did that FOR US (ie, as effect of consistent and insistent requests from us smile ). That's just so "FLAGRANTLY AWESOME" as dyzzy pointed out raspberry

And finally I can see "the original Sid" who agrees with me. Of course, a bit of a tension will be there, but good things are still better to be looked at like gifts of life, not "lacks of disaster" smile

Posted by: Csaba on March 7, 2006

Thank you Ben !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a real blessing for international students

Posted by: Aditya - Darth Adoous on March 7, 2006

Hey Ben

I had recieved my decision for UIUC online, and although I was pleased because of getting admitted, I wasn't very excited. All I got to see was an "Admit" on a bland webpage. But when I recieved my decision for GeorgiaTech by postal mail, I was thrilled to see a nice big packet which said "You're a yellow jacket now!", with a nice viewbook inside among many other things. It made the whole application process seem worthwhile, and I really wanted to go to GeorgiaTech after that. I'm sure that if I would have recieved a rejection instead, a sympathetic letter would have made it much more easier to handle than just a webpage that said "reject".

Although everyone commenting on this blog is definately for online decisions, they represent a very small fraction of the people who have actually applied to MIT. But many of their concerns regarding the decisions reaching late and causing a lot of anxiety and stress need to be considered seriously. I suggest that MIT send the decisions out through postal mail in the middle of March, and also release them online on March 30th, just in case some people dont recieve their letters due to a glitch like the one that happened during Early Decisions, or because they live abroad.

Thanks for reading this awfully long comment!

PS- nice blog, I've been lurking around for a while now

Posted by: manish on March 7, 2006

Thumbs up man....

thats so awesome.. the admission officers' hard work paid off...

Posted by: Danish on March 7, 2006

18th.. hmmm. 11 days to go.

Posted by: Lorrayn on March 7, 2006

March the 18th better be my lucky day.

Posted by: Shikhar on March 7, 2006

Thanks. Getting decisions online is great.

But I guess now the really agonising anxiety really begins.

I love it!

Posted by: Edward on March 7, 2006

I can't leave the blogs!!!!! hahahaha

As time get closer, I really become more anxiuos, I am not very confident about being acepted because here I have met such amazing ppl but who knows? maybe the 18th is my lucky day!

You must be tired but....GOOD LUCK to everybody!

Posted by: Juan Jhong Chung on March 7, 2006

To "The original Sid":

there IS no tension, is what im saying. stressing over it isnt going to change the decision. obviously i'll be curious etc but nothing i do now is going to CHANGE anything. might as well sit back and enjoy the wait. go to california, for example :D

oh, and btw, im an Indian American, not an American Indian. American Indian = Native American (like, Cherokee or Creek), which i am not :D

and seriously, aren't the Native Americans sick of being called American Indians?? its a 500-year-old mistake!!!

im 16 years old. the driving age varies by state here in USA. virginia is 16 years, 3 months or something like that. im going to court march 27 to get my final driver's license (right now i can drive, but i dont yet have the actual driver's license, its just a learner's permit and a paper from my driving school). i'll turn 17 on april 6.

i can understand for int'l applicants checking online decisions, and its fine for domestic too, but i just like a couple of old-fashioned-and-personal things :D

manish, where are u from? and what date would "Phi day" be??

just how many Sid/Sidd/Siddharth's are there??

(just how many Jade Fox's are there?" yay for crouching tiger, hidden dragon, which i never completely saw)

Posted by: Siddharth on March 7, 2006

oh, long post.... :(

Posted by: Siddharth on March 7, 2006

Ha, I just realized... if you guys got your comments e-mailed to you like people usually do on LiveJournal, having these blogs (or, more specifically, keeping up with the comments) would be a royal pain in the butt...

But yay for online decisions. I'm pretty sure I'll be waiting for the decision to come via snail mail. I just hope I don't break once I know the decision is actually online... ._.

Posted by: Inez on March 7, 2006

The information saved me, waiting 1 month wating for the mail will surely kill me.

What happened with me now, can not concentrate on my calculus anymore. 12 days, that is still so painful.

Posted by: C Minh on March 7, 2006

Waiting patiently and passionately!

Posted by: Angelina on March 7, 2006

11 days, 2 hours and 26 minutes....ahh I can't get off these blogs for some reason although there isn't anything new to about we have a world record for the most replies to a thread on this one :D It's already past 70...might as well add a 1 to that and make it 170 wink

Good Luck everyone...God knows we need it more than anyone!

Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

Posted by: Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar on March 7, 2006

I love you guys at MIT!!! Having already had to wait anxiously for early MIT letters/tubes to travel 2300 miles to Las Vegas, I am most definitely thrilled by the online check. Once again, you come through in the clutch.

Posted by: Rajeev on March 7, 2006

just like degree deodorant: kicks in in the clutch

lololol :D

Posted by: Siddharth on March 7, 2006


Posted by: 0 on March 7, 2006

Hey everyone there is now 11 days 1 hour and 9 minutes left until admission decision!! Good luck to all!!!!

PS: Aziz it would be cool to countdown all the way to the last minute right? smile

Posted by: Fadl on March 7, 2006

ok, now THAT is just plain weird...


Posted by: Siddharth on March 7, 2006

Hey everyone! I think that we should start an official countdown! Everyone who posts please include how much time is left until the online the decision is out!! There is 11 days and 33 minutes left!!

PS: I got the idea from Aziz! (thx for the inspiration)

Posted by: Fadl on March 7, 2006

Hey, "manish"..I've applied and gotten in to UIUC and GATech too. Just curious, what are you going for?

Posted by: SpeckJr on March 7, 2006

Hey 'The real Sid'/'The Original Sid'. Why so ticked off? After all I assume you became 'the real sid' just about two or three weeks ago?????

By the way, me Sid too (and been that way for nearly three years now!!!!). Pleased to meet you.

Posted by: Sid on March 7, 2006

Hey, it would be a nice idea to have a countdown clock on MIT decisions website. What you you say..??

Posted by: Anonymous on March 7, 2006

You folks know that honestly you are more anxious about the countdown than the Admissions folks are. Since they are hoping to dispel some of the anxiety about the decision process, they're unlikely to want to post a countdown clock on the website. I think you'll have to run one on your own desktop. grin

Posted by: leftcoast mom on March 7, 2006

i meant pie...mmm... I like pie.

NSA sidd, I got a 98 on the physics exam what did u get hmmm? and I also got a perfect score on the calculus exam...hahahaha....I'm a nerd but its ok.

Posted by: Brent on March 7, 2006

I'm glad that decisions are being posted online. It speeds up the waiting game, but it will still be nice to get a decision (acceptance, not rejection) in the mail. Rejections are OK online, but acceptances deserve a special sort of touch which can't be gotten on a webpage.

Hey Ben, will you look at my A Level marks too, as well as my SAT I and II? I didnt do too well on the SAT I Crit reading section, but I did well on the SAT II Maths (2c) and Physics.

Waiting for the 18th.

Posted by: Mahul Patel on March 7, 2006

Wow. I'm freaking out. I can't decide if I want to look online in 11 days or wait for my mail... Either way, I have butterflies in my stomach! I want to go to MIT sooo bad!

Posted by: Analiese on March 7, 2006

Is it me, or time is slower than usual???

This 11 days are really like years for me. I don't know whats happening, and I have a very bad problem. A can't concentrate well when I try to study, I keep thinking and thking about MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT MIT everyday long. Ben I am very sorry, I know you must be bored to hear this from every international applicant but... Has international selection already started?

P.D: I wish I could sleep 11 days long, and wake up on Saturday 18th at 11:59 a.m. hahaha raspberry

Posted by: Juan Jhong Chung on March 7, 2006

This is awesome news!!! I was deffered EA and my country's mail system is a complete mess, so the physical letter arrived sometime in late january. But then again, that might be because my address was a bit weird then...Anyways, online decisions are a really great thing for me. I agree that there is a certain joy in the anticipation of waiting for snail mail, but I'm REALLY impatient when it comes to these things.

The only bad thing for me is that I have this lunch-party thing for one of my friends at 12:30, so I'll be logging on the 18th at 12 and then going off to the party in high spirits or really glum. Hahaha. But at least the agony of waiting will be over!!!

Posted by: Emilia on March 7, 2006

let's change the topic of this page:

predicted AIME scores, anyone?

Posted by: dan on March 7, 2006

"Hey, it would be a nice idea to have a countdown clock on MIT decisions website. What you you say..?? "

anonymous I agree with you

Posted by: M on March 7, 2006

Funny how this post looks precisely the same as the email I received. Do I smell recycling?

Posted by: Rhiannon Carr on March 7, 2006

Haha! A countdown clock would be pretty cool but I think some people would get heart attacks...others would just get addicted to watching the clock tick :D MIT does that to you wink Yeah...Guys international selection last year took TWO DAYS! (If Matt's blogs are accurate and I'm not blind =D ) So someone help me out here did you start selecting internationals or not ? =S....

Alright, I'm off to my senior breakfast, glad to see someone continued the tradition: 10 days 13 Hours exactly! (Yeah it's 6 AM in Kuwait and I'm posting on MIT...give me a break I accidentally overslept in the evening ;/

Good Luck everyone!! (I think this thing is nearing 100 posts...hmm)...

Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

Posted by: Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar on March 7, 2006

you are true Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar people get heart attacks

Posted by: 0 on March 7, 2006

HAHAHAHAH I GOT THE 100TH POST BY COINCIDENCE =D Darn, that "response counter" on the blogs is really slow ;P it still says 95 responses but I just finished counting all the posts manually (yeah I have too much time on my hands) and I have the 100th :D Come on people! I want 150 posts before tomorrow =D

Good Luck!!

Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

Posted by: Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar on March 7, 2006

Thank You MIT!! I can't wait for snail-mail, especially after the early action mailing disaster.

Thanks to online decisions, less than 1,000,000 seconds remaining. (Actually 912,990 seconds as I post this)

Posted by: Jahshan Bhatti on March 7, 2006

Thanks a lot!

Posted by: 0 on March 7, 2006

You do have too much time on your hands Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar. If I can only make it to friday our spring break starts and then I will at least have a long car trip to take my mind off of the waiting.

Posted by: Sarah on March 8, 2006

P.S. I think that was 103 and this is 104.

Posted by: Sarah on March 8, 2006

Hey other Siddharth(s)?

Sorry about the technical mistake Siddharth K Shah. You're an Indian American.

And you're my namesake. I turned 17 in Jan. Muahahahaha!

What about our good friend, the third Siddharth? Or are you just plain Sid? When were you born? If you're older than us, and your name is Siddharth, then we're both your namesakes.

PS: Siddharth K Shah... which car do you drive?

PPS: Third Siddharth? who's ticked off because he thinks I'm ticked off... are you an Indian Indian or an Indian ...... an , or none? If the second, please be so kind as to fill in the missing letters.

The original Sid.

Posted by: The original Sid on March 8, 2006

Hi Ben. I have a general question for incoming freshmen. Does it reflect badly upon you if you take an AP class, but don't take the AP exam at the end of the year, even if MIT doesn't give credit for the exam (or it's a humanities class, and you only get general elective credit? What does "general elective credit" mean, anyway, and how much do you need to graduate?)

Posted by: Jess on March 8, 2006

10.5 days remaining exactly!

Posted by: Jahshan Bhatti on March 8, 2006

Also: can a bad AP exam score on a test that MIT does not accept for credit hurt you in any way?

Posted by: Jess on March 8, 2006

Jess, not to be rude, of course, but doesn't it seem a little late for admissions questions?

Man, these MIT blogs are just awesome, aren't they?

I mean, I live next to an AirForce base, and still, it sometimes seems like the world doesn't even exist. Then I come on here and see real people's comments from halfway around the world...

I think whoever came up with this thing should get a Nobel prize in being cool.

Posted by: SpeckJr on March 8, 2006

not to mention the fact that everysingle one of us cant help but count down the time

250 hours, 54 mins

Posted by: SpeckJr on March 8, 2006

It's 10:07 a.m in Uganda right now, so that leaves 9 days,13hours and 53 seconds.It's now 10:10 so it's 50 seconds.

This is so much fun.

Posted by: Lorrayn on March 8, 2006

dan, i didnt take the aime yet (we're on spring break), but i can still predict a 15, i think wink

original Sid, i am NOT ur namesake. u are mine. its a testament to my greatness that u were named after me even before i was born.

i drive a red lincoln aviator, and the fastest ive ever gone is 115mph, which is about 185km/h.

lol @ speckjr: "a Nobel prize in being cool"

i've been a favorite for that prize for many years, they just need to make the category now........


Posted by: Siddharth on March 8, 2006

LoooL actually Sarah yours were 105 and 106, because the 100th post was my first one...I only realized it was the 100th after i posted it so I then posted the "hahaha i have the 100th post" post =P God now I'm confused :D

10 days, 2 hours and 17 minutes and counting!

Hey Siddharth that's nothing compared to what goes on in Kuwait...You should see the speeds we go at here...(not me of course because I don't drive yet, but I have friends....I'll just be quiet now :D ) I'd like to play a guessing game and see how many weeks it takes you guys to stop fighting over who was born first or who's named after who ;P I'll pretend to be a fourth Siddharth just for the heck of it, then the fun will begin wink

Good luck to all, especially since..*international selection...:(* has started!!

Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

Posted by: Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar on March 8, 2006

actually, it was 115mph in a 55mph zone. i felt good about that, going twice the speed limit :D

a cop pulled me over once for going 85 in a 55 (on the same road as my record-setting 115mph). in virginia, reckless driving is 20mph over, and i was 30mph over, so i was acutally going 1.5 times the reckless driving speed differential. BUT, i got off without a ticket. now THAT's power :D

hey now, we're not FIGHTING, we're DEBATING :D

actually, i dont care all that much. it's not like anybody's going to mistake me for someone else

altho four Siddharth's would def be confusing..... :D

all Sid/Siddharth/Sidd's -> mail me at [email protected] so we can sort this out, if u really want to :D

Posted by: Siddharth on March 8, 2006

Okay Sids, this is a friendly place, where everyone is equal and wonderful. Peace! Community! Friendship!

This is the blog of love - no more debates on who is cooler. grin

Posted by: Ben on March 8, 2006

I don't believe I am cool. I just know I wasn't named after Siddharth K Shah!

PS: This is fun. I hope you don't mind Ben. Just a bit of good, old fashioned, fun!

Sid (original).

Posted by: Sid on March 8, 2006

Thank you for all your hard work!

What if admissions decisions could be tracked like UPS parcels? Then all of us applicants wouldn't be running home to check the mail every day after the "Mail day" post.


Posted by: Olga on March 8, 2006

yes, we eagerly await input from the other Sid/Sidd/Siddharth's :D we'd make a horrible team, we'd all be calling each other Sid/Sidd and such, and we'd have no idea whom the other guy actually meant :D

original sid: i looked at ur website, so i am officially calling u sidzoo from now on :D

Posted by: Siddharth on March 8, 2006

Hey Sid,

I think you got me when you said, "Third Siddharth? who's ticked off because he thinks I'm ticked off..."!!!! Guess I was just acting childish!

I think I shall add my surname to posts in the future so as to not confuse others.

By the way I am a Bihari Indian, and turned 18 just a few weeks ago.

Posted by: Sid Verma on March 8, 2006

thus does the confusion end.. RIP confusion :D

i kind of liked it, actually :D

Posted by: Siddharth on March 8, 2006


Countdown: 10 days 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds remaining.

( uncertainty = h /(2 pi) )


Posted by: Nabeel on March 8, 2006

ok now 1 min less 10 days

Posted by: Nabeel on March 8, 2006

GUYS, GUYS, GUYS... come on! You people are not planning to fritter away the next ten days like this, are you? Do sth else - go to the movies; you Indians out there can watch the Test matches betn England and India; hang out with friends; arrange a picnic; those with C.B.S.E.s concentrate on your exams - we all intl's have very slim chances of admissions, so we must work on our domestic exams and applications. Pls. do this favour to yourselves and stop visiting MyMIT every half-an-hour. The HP4 DVD is out... buy and watch it... Just dont waste your time on these blogs... Just chill :]. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!! Smile!!

Writing for the welfare of all applicants (especially intl's),


Posted by: Dhrubo on March 8, 2006

werd. im going to california, does that count? :D

Posted by: Siddharth on March 8, 2006

"werd"? what does that mean?

i guess u mean 'weird'. [Okay Sids, this is a friendly place, where everyone is equal and wonderful. Peace! Community! Friendship!] Which is why I am doing sth for the good of others. If that sounds weird to u siddy, then YOU'RE weird smile.

Posted by: 0 on March 8, 2006

or it could be werd, pronounced 'word'..

Siddharth, I took the AIME this year..for the first time...honestly, I'll be lucky to get a three. Can you really score that high? jeeze, thats do ya do it?...ive never even met anyone thats that good

Posted by: SpeckJr on March 8, 2006

yes, thank u, speckjr, i meant exactly what i typed lol :D

naaaaah im joking, who gets a 15??? only 1 person last year did (check wikipedia, search for aime). i'll probably end up w/ some dismally low score :D

Posted by: Siddharth on March 8, 2006

oh, and i havent taken the aime yet, im taking it on the alternate date, b/c we're on spring break for the first date :D

altho spring break won't stop me from taking off the first week back at school :D

Posted by: Siddharth on March 8, 2006

Gosh guys, i'm an intl. wish i cud take AIME. i like math & competition, which equals these special exams.

this commenting thing is addictive! :D

Posted by: Dhrubo on March 8, 2006

it's now less then 10 days until decisions are out and i hate to say this but most of us would not come to these blogs after that.

so i was wondering it's about time we got to know eachother, to learn about the fellow applicants to MIT. i would appreciate if u guyz could share ur passions interests (nothing too personal) and may be ur favourite artist, album, movie etc.

at the least it wud be a great way to spend the remaining time and learn more abt the diversity of the applicant pool. so i guess i need to be the first one. here it goes:

fav artist: avril lavigne

fav movie: gladiator

harry potter fan: yup thats me!

passion: physics

fav TV series: the OC

so why not one of the Sids be the next one to share his favs. and yeah i guess we wud all like something similar from ben as well wink

Posted by: Nabeel on March 8, 2006

Heh, you'll find the answers in Matt's interview...

grin B.

Posted by: Ben on March 8, 2006

thanks for the link Ben! and i too like American Beauty, and thats because it really was a beautiful movie. and i kind of liked the following quote:

Ben Jones:

"But even Blindness, which won the Nobel Prize for Literature, pales in comparison to your applications."

good luck to all applicants.

and as Matt or Ben (im not sure) said, 'hope for the best and be prepared for the worst'.

all of us are really really great people, but only a few would make it to MIT, but i do wish MIT was big enough to accomodate all of us.

and i quote again, 'hope for the best and be prepared for the worst'.

Posted by: Nabeel on March 8, 2006

fav artist: lifehouse, or maybe the used, altho i am getting into coldplay, pm dawn, oh and how could i forget Panjabi-MC!!!!!

fav movie: pirates of the caribbean, the italian job, (both of those have sequels due out later this year) or gladiator... take ur pick :D

harry potter fan: occasionally....

passion: gm wink

fav TV series: IGPX, except that it doesnt air anymore :(

Posted by: Siddharth on March 8, 2006

Wow, both my friend and I (the only two to apply from my school) will be at the local Ren. Fest as the decisions are releases online...and then after the festival, we are going straight to a dnd session...which means we won't be able to see our decisions until around midnight!

Oh, incase you were wondering, we are very nerdy for going to Ren. Fest and dnd, but we are strangely proud of it!

Anyways, thank you Ben, and all of the rest of the staff, for putting the decisions online. It was brutal waiting for the mail last time around!

Posted by: Stephanie Marie on March 8, 2006

Siddharth -> "passion: gm wink" So touching. =) Thanks.

Posted by: gm on March 9, 2006

fav artist: Felix Mendelssohn, Johann Sebastian Bach

fav movie: the pianist

harry potter fan: i prefer scientific books like -> the elegant universe, a brief history of time... so answer is no

passion: physics, programming, web design, Siddharth =P, mathematics, biology

fav TV series: don't watch tv

Posted by: gm on March 9, 2006

fav artist: Death Cab for Cutie (Ben likes them too!! yay! )

fav movie: really hard to say but I'd go for Star Wars

harry potter fan: sometimes but my favourite book is "The amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay"

passion: physics, NASA

fav TV series: The O.C.

Posted by: Rafael on March 9, 2006

Date/Time of Release of Admission Decision:

18th March 2006 (Sat), 12:00pm (afternoon) EST

Equivalent time in GMT +0:

18th March 2006 (Sat), 5:00pm

So you should check around this time:

Africa/Cairo: 18/03/06, 7:00pm

Antarctica/Davis: 19/03/06, 12:00am

Iraq/Baghdad: 18/03/06, 8:00pm

Thailand/Bangkok: 19/03/06, 12:00am

Brunei/Brunei: 19/03/06, 1:00am

India/Calcutta: 18/03/06, 10:30pm

China/Hong Kong: 19/03/06, 1:00am

Indonesia/Jakarta: 19/03/06, 12:00am

Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur: 19/03/06, 1:00am

Singapore: 19/03/06, 1:00am

Taiwan/Taipei: 19/03/06, 1:00am

Japan/Tokyo: 19/03/06, 2:00am

Australia/Sydney: 19/03/06, 4:00am

If your country is not in this list, add your GMT time zone hour difference to the GMT +0 time displayed above.

Note: Please do not check your decision exactly or around that time. I understand everyone is anxious to know their admission decisions, but please sympathize the pity and poor electrons running around in MIT Servers' circuit...

Posted by: jian on March 9, 2006


Posted by: M on March 9, 2006

What about an Admitted Students Weekend? Is there a date for that?!?

Posted by: 0 on March 9, 2006

poor poor electrons

Posted by: SpeckJr on March 9, 2006

fav artists: about just 90's alternative

fav movie: possibly all the LOTR

harry potter fan: Movie-yes; book No0o0o0o..i loathe fiction books

passion: physics (go gm and rafael!), debunking Einstein (heh..someday)

fav tv series: well it was "Over There"..i love its moral character

Posted by: SpeckJr on March 9, 2006

SpeckJr, do you like Cake, the band, tho the food is also good raspberry

Posted by: Sarah on March 9, 2006

Favorite artists: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Modest Mouse, CAKE, Wolf Parade, The Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie... well, indie and alternative rock in general

Favorite movie: A recent favorite would be Brokeback Mountain. Of all time... I'unno

Harry Potter fan? H-E-L-L no.

Passion: Video games

Favorite TV Series: Simpsons and Family Guy

Posted by: dyzzy on March 9, 2006

How do you guys do it? Is it some crazy MIT slow time environment where each day seems like an eternity unto itself?

I think you've got somebody on it...warping space time and so on.

God I love space-time. HAHA relativity geekery to the max! SINGULARITIES RULE! Ok....I'll stop now

Posted by: Dannel on March 9, 2006

Favourite Artist: Joss Stone

Favourite Movie: Face/Off, Swordfish, Rain Man

Harry Potter Fan: Certainly

Passion: Maths

Fav. TV Series: My Family

Posted by: Mahul Patel on March 10, 2006

w00t for Indian Americans. we rock. hard.

w00t for another 11 days till i find out if i got into MIT.

w00t, generally

Posted by: Yasha on March 10, 2006

Leftcoast mom, just wanted to say - you are awesome. Can I be your adopted son?

Posted by: Mikey on March 10, 2006

i'm an mit alum interviewer ('83). probably the only alum to post on this blog. all i can say is:

1. good luck!

2. mit is an intense experience, but one that will shape your life, and you will never forget it.

henry lin

Posted by: henry lin on March 10, 2006


I think all the MIT'10 posting here are awesome!

But How many Siddharths are there?

I just wanted to say:

No matter what I see online on 18th March 2006 at 8.00pm(Nairobi time)I sincerely wish to thank all the guys at MIT for helping me throughout the application process. Ben, Matt, Mr.Nance and everyone else, thanks. I love you guys.

So by now have you read all the applications?

Posted by: Edward on March 11, 2006


I almost forgot to thank all the awesome student bloggers. Thank you guys!

Posted by: Edward on March 11, 2006

7 days remaining exactly (604800 seconds)

Posted by: Jahshan Bhatti on March 11, 2006

Ben, It would be interesting to see what percentage of the applicants actually viewed the online decision and how many actually waited for the mail man to deliver the decision. If you do compile the statistics, it would be nice if you could share it with us in this blog

Posted by: renuka on March 11, 2006

Ben, It would be interesting to see what percentage of the applicants viewed the online decision and how many actually waited for the mail man to deliver the decision. If you do compile the statistics, it would be nice if you could share it with us in this blog

Posted by: renuka on March 11, 2006

fav artist: It's possible I'm the only teenager in the country who really could care less about music.

fav movie: U-571

harry potter fan: of course

passion: these blogs (seriously, I've been here 6-7 times a week since the application came out)

fav TV series: The West Wing - going off air in July :(

Posted by: Alexandre on March 12, 2006

How does a education councellor get to know which of the students he interviewed has been adnitted. I cannot enter the decisions site

Posted by: Tushar Suraiya on March 18, 2006

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