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Mar 14, 2011

Open Thread For Those Not Admitted

Posted in: Process & Statistics

This year well over 17,000 students applied for admission to MIT in the most competitive admissions cycle in the history of the Institute.

Because of the incredible size and strength of the applicant pool we were unable to offer admission to many, many incredible students whom we would love to have on campus. For those of you whom were not admitted, know that we gave your application full consideration, and that we wish you the very best of luck wherever you choose to continue your education.

We have left comments open on this thread so you may talk amongst yourselves. As always, please keep the conversation civil and friendly in our community.

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If you can't join them, beat them

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Lol.. Overload.. Page not loading, I guess 17000 people trying to acess the same page at once is going to have some effet..

Posted by: Overload on March 14, 2011

Or join them for a graduate degree.

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Well, I didn't get in. That sucks. Congrats to everyone that did and I'll try to get a 4.0 wherever I go now.

Posted by: Gabe on March 14, 2011

MIT = missing out

Posted by: Sean F on March 14, 2011

Didn't get in :(. Congrats to everyone that did anyway.

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Ah well. There's always grad school! So I'll hopefully see ya in 5 years, MIT. Gratz to everyone who got in.

Posted by: Josh on March 14, 2011

Not gonna lie, I'm more than a little upset. My future is now totally unclear; I'm uncertain as to if I'm even going to be able to go to college now (some personal issues caused me to be unable to meet most other colleges' January 1st deadline). I really felt like MIT was the only college I'd ever really fit in at, and it's been a bit of a lifelong dream of mine to come. Plus, this is just the cherry on top of a variety of other wonderful issues that have stricken my life lately, so my heartbreak is pretty intense.

Posted by: Mike on March 14, 2011

Not exactly the best Pi Day ever...

Posted by: Ryan on March 14, 2011

Oh boy!

Posted by: 3x10E8 on March 14, 2011

Meh... I'm waiting on March 30th - Ivy day! You win some, you lose some.

Posted by: Chloe S on March 14, 2011

I like the first poster's attitude. Not in the "beating them" mentality specifically, but in the drive to go do good things even after not being accepted into MIT.

We should all face it, MIT is cool and awesome and it hurts to not be able to go, but heck, almost everyone who applied has immense power at their disposal to do great things... and education is something you can get no matter where you go. I'm sure nobody wants to see a bunch of non-admits with tunnel visions get bummed out cuz they didn't get into their top school. So let's all go out there and kick butt with awesome great powers. smile

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

oh well.....

i know that i'm gonna be thrilled at the school i'm going to this fall, but im still a little disappointed, but i know that everything is going to work out how it is supposed to and college is going to be EPIC

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Who cares about coming here anymore? Keep your heads high. MIT just underestimated thousands of people. Trust me, I am VERY highly qualified. Honey, I AM TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED! Eat that!

Posted by: zaza on March 14, 2011

Well, I am upset, but I know that more opportunities will come my way!! Congratulations for those of you that have been accepted! I wish you the best of luck! smile

Posted by: Chanel on March 14, 2011

Didn't get in. =P But, Cal Tech accepted me on Saturday, and that was my first choice.

I love how I get into Cal Tech, which has a lower admit rate than MIT, but not MIT. Just goes to show you how objective these decisions can be.

Good luck to everyone on the rest of their college decisions. ;D I'm sure we'll all be successful wherever we go!

Posted by: Rachel on March 14, 2011

Now I can go sleep!

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Well, there goes my dream. I've invested way too much time in this application, all this worrying, everything. I wish they wouldve ripped this band-aid off in December instead of deferring me. Oh well.

Posted by: Allyson on March 14, 2011

Well MIT, it was fun while it lasted. Who knows, maybe I'll see you for grad school.

Posted by: Corey on March 14, 2011

Well this sucks quite a bit. I had never even thought about being able to go to MIT, but I think I might have gotten my hopes up a little too much. Well now off to having to make some pretty major decisions.

Posted by: Kyle on March 14, 2011

Hope you guys have applied to other colleges too. Have a nice day.

Posted by: Luis on March 14, 2011

Nope, W.e wasn't meant to be a nerd.

Posted by: Cory R. on March 14, 2011

Oh well. You win some, you lose some...

Posted by: Binh on March 14, 2011


darn you! you screwed up my text wrapping!

Posted by: Morgan on March 14, 2011

Well i guess i'll go build skynet and code up some iphone apps and try again next year! That is if Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, and GA Tech don't want someone who can build a computer out of transistors and program it in binary :/

Posted by: Hazen on March 14, 2011

It's been a good run, MIT -- but it's only the first of several. You can count on me fightin' my way back each year. Expect to see my application next year, and the following years until I finally make it. I hope you read my stories every year and remember me.

Posted by: David Masten on March 14, 2011

well... what can i do?
Try my best in undergraduate and aim for MIT grad school. Although having an undergraduate degree from Colombia won't increase my chances very much.
Congrats for those that did get in.

Posted by: Sebastian on March 14, 2011

congrats to those you got in, but for all of us who did not get in, we will do great things. No doubt. smile

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Disappointed but not discouraged

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

I interviewed eight applicants this year. I am confident that seven of them would have done well at MIT. Obviously all seven are not going to get admitted. If you did get admitted - congratulations. If you didn't get admitted, you will do fine somewhere else.

Rachel, congrats on your admission to Caltech.

For all of you taking this gracefully and with a good attitude - good for you. Your character is more important than your diploma.

Posted by: MIT EC '85 on March 14, 2011

congrats to those you got in, but for all of us who did not get in, we will do great things. No doubt. smile

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Didn't make it. On to bigger and better things!

Posted by: Noah on March 14, 2011

*Sigh* This will be my first and last(maybe, I don't pretend to know the future) post on here... I kind of knew all along that this was what was going to happen. I would be lying if I said I am not just a little disappointed right now. But you know something? I don't regret applying at all. Found out a lot about myself, and I will always be wondering *what if* if I had listened to the naysayers and didn't apply. Thanks MIT, you are truly one in a kind. Who knows, maybe you will see me 3-4 years from now if I try for grad school...

People who haven't been admitted, we are all brothers and sisters right now-as corny as that sounds. Don't lose heart! What some adcom says about us at 17 or 18 isn't a life-setter. I don't buy that, no matter what other people say. I apologize, I don't mean to preach...

So, everyone, what are your plans now? Unless I get into my other reach-about as likely as this-or I get a scholarship somewhere else, than it is likely off to UT Austin for me... Could be worse.

Overload--- Yeah, me too!

Posted by: Ian George on March 14, 2011

As expected :D I never thought that I would get accepted :D
Gratz to those who made it!

Posted by: Nikolche on March 14, 2011

I'm really upset with the decision but Congrats to everyone who got in!

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

For those of us not admitted, there is a whole world waiting outside. We can still get an outstanding education anywhere else we choose to go. Its more about what the student does than about where he/she does it. So let's accept it and move on. MIT, you are awesome as ever, but our love for science has not decreased one bit. Oh and yes, MIT is always a grad school option. Good luck all of us who havent got in and congrats to those who did.

Posted by: nikhil on March 14, 2011

MIT: Make It Through. Enough positive mentality to escape the mental fatality of rejection, though the top selections were chosen, yes. But we are blessed to have other options, don't opt to angry tears, or years seemingly wasted. I can taste it! The Sun! The Moon! You will reach it one day. I'd like to congratulate the MIT Admits, who I admit, are super-qualified [and hopefully dignified enough to attend the school]. Yes, my rant is almost over, but under it all, the pain, the strain, is the lady I love to be.

Posted by: Kelly on March 14, 2011

Well, darn it. Hopefully this doesn't speak ill of the other letters I'm waiting for. Good luck to everyone in your future plans!

Posted by: MP on March 14, 2011

I'm not used to so much denial in one week. If getting older is moving closer to reality is experiencing more denial, I'll take childhood back please. It's really not easy being rejected, and having it happen over and over again is a humbling experience for someone so unused to a hyper-degree of competition. Fortunately, anyone with the mental capacity to apply to MIT won't have trouble reaching their goals in life.

Posted by: Brandon on March 14, 2011

I am really dissapointed that I was not accepted MIT has been a my dream school for far to long and now that oppertunity looks gone. Well I hope the next time I apply I will be accepted.

Posted by: ibukun on March 14, 2011

I am too blessed to be stressed! C ya!

Posted by: zaza= Alberta Kovatcheva on March 14, 2011

I am really dissapointed that I was not accepted MIT has been a my dream school for far to long and now that oppertunity looks gone. Well I hope the next time I apply I will be accepted.

Posted by: ibukun on March 14, 2011

Well, MIT was my top pick but...

I, and many others posting here, would be fooling themselves if they said they weren't disappointed. I won't lie, I feel pretty down after reading that letter. However, like a previous poster said, we are all capable of greatness - I mean, look, every single one of us is well qualified, intelligent, and above all, AMBITIOUS. WE ALL WANTED TO BE IN THE TOP TECH SCHOOL IN AMERICA, AND WE ALL FOUGHT TO GET IN. That, in itself, is the true worth of our attempts. While I may still a dull ache in my heart as I remember all of the times I fantasized about being on the MIT campus, I know that I - and all of you - will eventually kick this horrendously depressing feelings. I expect to read scientific/tech articles about all of you. (haha, that last line was a bit hyperbolic, but it conveys my point).

While this is only through an outside perspective, I think you should lift your head up - even though you may have not been admitted to a top tier school, many, many, many other less-dreamy schools are just as venerable. If the college you attend isn't the place you want it to be - MAKE IT ONE!

Posted by: Shea on March 14, 2011 to wait for Yale.

Posted by: Shimul on March 14, 2011

My sister didn't get in. She was brave about it, but I started crying. Heart-broken...

Posted by: Sad on March 14, 2011

Wow it's been a tough couple days. Got rejected from Gates Millennium Scholarship, Caltech, and now MIT- oh well. Best wishes to all. I'm sure we'll all find someplace to go.

Posted by: QWFD on March 14, 2011

Well, when you consider that there are 16193 other students who weren't offered admission, it doesn't sound as bad.

Good luck, everyone. Where are y'all going?

And - MIT has what was probably the most student-friendly application process out of all the colleges I applied to. The interview was pretty awesome, too.

Posted by: Srinivasan on March 14, 2011

Well, God obviously had other plans for us. Although I wish my plans were the same as His, there's not much else you can do but to just grieve, acknowledge it, and make something good out of it.
I'll be over it before I realize it. Just hope there are better plans in store smile

Posted by: Greg P on March 14, 2011

Well, here is my story and I'm sticking to it:

MIT is the prettiest girl you know. You just walk right up to her and ask her out. Some are lucky enough to go on a date with her, and other she cruelly leads on with false hope, and still yet, others are left crushed. She doesn't give everyone a chance, unfortunately for her and me she didn't give me a chance. I'm sure that together we could have made each other better.

Posted by: David W. on March 14, 2011


First poster- That's my plan. Well, not specifically the beating part, but I'm going to be great, with or without MIT. I can now get on with my life. Like Noah said, off to bigger and better(high school-nowhere to go but up) things.

Congrats to those who are in. I am very happy for you. Enjoy Boston. smile

Posted by: Ian George on March 14, 2011

Kind of disappointed and wished that I was rejected during Early Action. I didn't like the wait D:. Oh well, hopefully my other schools will pull through.

Posted by: Anon on March 14, 2011

I really thought I could beat those who did not believe in me, but they were right...

Posted by: NotImportant on March 14, 2011

I know it's not like I'm gonna make it to MIT but I still keep my hope up. The first time I went to MIT, I know I want to go there... so bad. I did everything I could and I prepare for whatever will happen. I did not make it, I mean I still get accepted to bunch of good schools but I feel like I'm missing something that I want so bad, so bad...

Well, it's nice to get to know MIT. I don't think i will ever get any strength to look at this website again ( or it may take a really long time) but yeah...

Posted by: TT on March 14, 2011

I guess I'm upset and disappointed, but this isn't going to stop me to get into better universities! watch out MIT! i'll be back! and you guys are going to beg for me to be with you!

Posted by: SarahChoi on March 14, 2011

well... that was fun!

Now that I wasn't admitted here, I can go to Hogwarts!

Posted by: Bertram Peterson on March 14, 2011

It would have been tough to cheer for MIT during March Madness anyway...

Posted by: Anonymous on March 14, 2011

MIT you kept me waiting this long just to reject me..
i hope the rest of you guys can handle the workload at this place...or else you'll regret going there

Posted by: bitter applicant on March 14, 2011

@Srinivasan You're right, the app was the best. I'm so glad I tried. It was worth it and I have no regrets.

Though I'm sad, I won't complain. I'll be going to the University of Florida (the SWAMP!) which, incidentally, is the number 2 public school in the country. I'm damn lucky and I believe in that. So, one HUMONGOUS congratulations for those accepted. For those not, be proud that you tried and know that you are destined for greatness. It's the student who makes the career and life, not the school.

@Srinivasan You're right, the app was the best. I'm so glad I tried. It was worth it and I have no regrets.

Though I'm sad, I won't complain. I'll be going to the University of Florida (the SWAMP!) which, incidentally, is the number 2 public school in the country. I'm damn lucky and I believe in that. So, one HUMONGOUS congratulations for those accepted. For those not, be proud that you tried and know that you are destined for greatness. It's the student who makes the career and life, not the school.


Posted by: Shimul on March 14, 2011

Oh well...that's about all I got to say. Great job to all of those who got in!

Posted by: Randy on March 14, 2011

I'm sad but not really disappointed. I think MIT knows how to choose its right fits. Congrats to all the ADMITS, and for the rejects like me please try to stay positive, it's difficult now, but in some days we are going to be ready to make new plans and move on.

I wish you all success. Every MIT applicant is really a smart person, as low or as high your grades can be.

It was a pleasure to meet you.


Posted by: Victorino on March 14, 2011

We shall persevere.
'Tis not the end of the world.
(I would've said : "Every closed door opens another", but that's just be way too cheesey...)
I'm pretty sure anyone who had the calibre to apply to MIT has what it takes to take the world by storm, irrespective of where we graduate from. Don't lose heart. Ever.
This is my last post here. Been nice talking to you all.

Posted by: Vivek on March 14, 2011

The worst thing is I can't understand why I have been rejected ?

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Like everybody else here, I really expected to get into MIT. I am disappointed but this isn't the end. There are many routes into MIT like Student Exchange Programs and Post Grad. Plus there are many other awesome places to study.

Posted by: Avi on March 14, 2011

Well I can't say I'm happy because I thought MIT was the place for me, but since I'd imagine the admissions board can recognize it's own people better than me, I guess I was wrong all along.

For those of you who were accepted, I hope you make the most of you're spot because many of us rejects would hate to see your spot go to waste.

All I can say is that MIT does not control our lives-we do. Sure, now we might have to work a but harder since we won't have MIT on our resumes, but that should just make us better at what we do.

Let's make MIT sorry they didn't accept us. Let's be the bosses of those guys who have a degree there. In the end, going to MIT helps, but the only thing stoping us from changing the world is ourselves.

Let's get out into the world and be great.

Posted by: Richard on March 14, 2011

they say you gotta lose a couple fights to win

Posted by: CB on March 14, 2011

Hahahah Bertram YES, see you in the Great Hall!

Posted by: Sara on March 14, 2011

Dear MIT,

I am proud of everything I've ever built. Every genetically modified bacterium I've grown. Every robot I've programmed. Every concert I've played. Every poem I've written. So now, now that you've seen it all, and thought about it, I'd like to know what it takes. What it is that 1800 other people had that I didn't? I've tried to be great. Apparently not hard enough. What did you want from me?

Your jilted ex-lover.

Posted by: S on March 14, 2011


Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Okay guys, we can appease each other, but let face that we all are the bunch of unlucky fellows. We should better do somthing about it.

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Hm, maybe I should have signed up for an EC interview after all...

Posted by: !interview on March 14, 2011

well that sucks

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

common yaal just forget it as a chapter which you could not complete on time.Even though you completed it you got a 99 instead of a dont worry congrats on getting a 99.

Posted by: the optimist on March 14, 2011

why am i sad? :(

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

@ !interview:

While having a solid interview can certainly help your chances of being admitted, it guarantees nothing. Case in point: myself.

Posted by: Mike on March 14, 2011

I am glad I followed the blogs as closely as I did because I've had a glimpse(and a wonderful one at that) at things that are so distinctly MIT. More than anything else, I am so happy that I applied. MIT is a great place! And I will have my ring, if not as an undergrad, as a grad student for sure! wink

@Chris, Matt, Mikey, all of you nice admission officers: Thank you for making the application process simple and interesting. Over the course of submitting the app and waiting for the decisions, I fell in love with the 'Tvte and a lot of the credit for that goes to you. Thank you!

@Bloggers: A big thanks to you too, for letting me and others like me steal a glimpse at the wonder that is MIT!

@Anna(of Blogger fame): My dream stays with me inspite of not having made it. Your blog post did a wonderful job of making me hang on to my dreams for dear life. Thank you! smile

Posted by: Nikita on March 14, 2011

I scold everyone who tries to make it seem like not such a big deal, because it is a big deal. Dreams crushed in the click of a button. There is no way to forgive such a thing. I know most on this page feel the same way. And MIT Admissions, I am upset that you chose to baby the grown men and women of the high school class of 2011 by daring to write "Not Admitted" as the title of this page. Just type rejected and give it to us straight. We know. We suck in your eyes and we know that we will kick ass somewhere else. It's okay. We still have our state schools with 100+ kids in our classes to look forward to and we are ready to kick their butts to the moon. Thanks for the ride. It ended badly.

Posted by: S2 on March 14, 2011

Meh, you win some, you lose some. That's life.

Everything happens for a reason, so hopefully this is just God shutting a door that I shouldn't have touched in the first place. If it's just me failing at the application process, then I'm as good as screwed.

But I didn't think I'd fit in too well there anyway. The place just didn't seem to float my boat too well for some reason.

Congrats to those who got in!

Posted by: Kyubizt on March 14, 2011

Whatever has happened its done. Now I can only do is put myself away from this anxiety and wait and get along with life... Life isn't over yet we have great things still ahead of us...
Good luck to everyone

Posted by: Harsh on March 14, 2011

Well, time to go make some spaghetti and meatballs. C'est la vie.

Posted by: Anon on March 14, 2011

Spaghetti and meatballs. My favorite. :D

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Don't worry, getting rejected means you have a life.

Posted by: Gumpy on March 14, 2011

Hey guys I know the let down is tough, but keep your heads up! I was rejected last year after being deferred, and I was very confused/sad during the ensuing days. I felt as if the MIT rejection meant that I wasn't good enough to be accepted to any elite schools. In the end, you win some and you lose some. I'm sure many of you applied to many amazing schools, some of which you may have already been accepted to and most of which you will find out about in the next couple of weeks. MIT is only one of the many amazing places out there. It is totally untrue to think that a college has the ability to determine your success in life. If you have a vision of what you wish to achieve in life, nothing will stop you. Rejection often makes one stronger and more focused. Sure MIT is a great place, but everything happens for a reason. Given the huge (very qualified) applicant pool and the limited number of spots, it is absurd to take this rejection as an indicator of your potential or character. Congratulations on all of your successes, and always remember to aim high.

Posted by: Spectre on March 14, 2011

Didn't make it :D
frankly, I'm just glad its all over... raspberry

To all those who made it...Rock N Roll!!!!Loads of love, peace and regards from Kathmandu :D

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

I'm an international and the only other places I applied to are the Ivys....hahahahaha....okay....its C-Grade Education for me :|

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Wow. this sucks, they took no one regular round from my high school. Which is wack, because my high school is more selective than they are. I don't understand. I just don't get it. I'm gonna go to a great college, I'm gonna do something fantastic with my life and someday I'm gonna look back and say: "It doesn't matter." And I'm gonna prove that.

Posted by: Corey :) on March 14, 2011

Ah..... This feels so damn bad... I screwed up my Math paper yesterday and the sole ray of my life have been snatched away from me..... But MIT will still remain the place where I ever wanted to be. Sure to apply as a transfer student.

Posted by: SS on March 14, 2011

Spectre, where did you end up getting in and where are you currently enrolled?

Posted by: S2 on March 14, 2011

MIT you are honestly missing out on minds that could have advanced your institution by unmeasurable means.

Posted by: Angry on March 14, 2011

somehow i feel happy not getting in. well, that because God obviously has a better plan for me.
There is always a reason for everthing, and like the first post said, "If u can't join them, beat them". Beat them, i will.

Posted by: Worgus on March 14, 2011

I was pretty depressed about getting rejected.(By "pretty," I mean extremely). However, some of these rather optimistic comments cheered me up (somewhat). Thanks and good luck, wherever you guys go!

Posted by: Anon on March 14, 2011

Anyone that sees this post, help me out and test my theory. If you are a well qualified applicant (strong SATs, Schedule, GPA) Take your birth month and add your birthday (August 21= 8+21) If the resulting number is a perfect square, you should have gotten in. Prime numbers got deferred at Early Action.

Posted by: David W. on March 14, 2011

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I suppose I didn't have what it took to get in this year, but I'll just try again next year smile.

Posted by: Ikki Sato on March 14, 2011

lol yup

Posted by: [email protected] on March 14, 2011

Well, I take that as a compliment! MIT doesn't want me in its campus bcoz they don't think that I'll be able to cope with it!!! Well, what can I say!

I feel quite lucky that atleast MIT took a look at my profile, at my life! I feel so honored☺☺☺!

I just wish that one day should come when MIT will remember me and will blog about me saying that a human who also didn't get into MIT!

Cheers Guys!!!! Peace.

Posted by: Gaurav on March 14, 2011

Et tu, MIT?

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Off course there is the disappointment, but I'm really not as depressed as I could be. I am sure to fail that test on Taylor Series tomorrow in Calc, but whatever. Life is quite a bit more than college decisions and math tests, and academics; it's about finding your niche and being happy- both of which can be done without MIT. Good luck to the rest of you wherever you applied, and wherever the future may take you!

Posted by: Amy on March 14, 2011

Oh well...
@David W. Hey, your theory works for me as I got a prime number and I was deferred at Early Action.

Posted by: Kristine on March 14, 2011

I'm not going to lie, it sucked that I didn't get in. But cmon, everyone that applied had the perfect SAT scores, the great high school grades, and all the sports and extra activities. They can't accept everyone, and its really not that big of a deal. I'm going to to great things in life, MIT or not. Rejection is just another form of motivation.

Posted by: Roland on March 14, 2011

You know what sucks? I actually ended up doing something super duper amazing yesterday. Maybe not compared to other guys in MIT, but if you look at my background, I'm like, the bawss. Made every international school in my city + 3-4 other cities (my city is the capital of this country) get together y asking for delegates, and now we're going to have an inter-school chess tournament, debate tournament, programming competition, and a whole bunch of other nerdy stuff no one could ever DREAM of having in this country, let alone the city. Soo.. :D
By pushing me to work harder, knowing MIT has made me a better person. smile
I'll never feel bad I poured my soul into applying to MIT, and put so much dedication into my application (I literally spent less than an hour with the others, and have been accepted from 4-5 other universities, all of the ones that have replied), because in the end, it's the people at MIT who shape it - the place does not shape the people as much as the people shape each other.

I don't know whether I should cry right now. Kept telling everyone in my family that I probably will get accepted, and now I'll start blaming myself for having done something wrong on the application...

Thank you anyways Admissions Officiers. 17k people are in the same situation as me right now, and I know I'm most definitely not the best of these 17k applicants, and so there's someone even better than me who wasn't accepted either. :((

Posted by: Gah on March 14, 2011

@Gumpy: People at MIT are really cool. When I visited everyone was really friendly. Dont hate.

@Ikki Sato: That is the right attitude. Try to put a positive spin on rejection, however you can.

Posted by: Shannon on March 14, 2011

It's terrible to know that I was rejected while some kid is going to go to MIT and make 'F's! (I've seen it in the opencourseware lectures) I have never even made a B lol

Posted by: Hazen on March 14, 2011

@S2 Carnegie, Cornell, Penn, Columbia and I go to Penn and love it. Everything will work out for the best.

Posted by: Spectre on March 14, 2011

Well, disappointment is what is mainly going through my head rght now.. However there was always a reason for applying to other schools as backups and I hope I have better luck with the one left to decide...

Posted by: Alec Pena of San Antonio, Tx on March 14, 2011

MIT admissions=revenge of the nerds

Posted by: Nerd Slayer on March 14, 2011

@M. Quinn

I'm sure they put a lot of thought into your application. And as i recalled, the admissions team is separate from the financial aid team. Don't be bitter to the extent of ungrounded criticism, that'd be reassuring their decision of not admitting you. I bet your an awesome person. So, go live your dream and don't give up! smile

Posted by: thethinker on March 14, 2011

Wait! There's been a horrible error!
You forgot to accept me!

Posted by: Karl on March 14, 2011

Well it was still fun applying to MIT. I am bit disappointed that MIT has kept to its trend of taking only IMO participants from my region (bangladesh). Nonetheless, I am still grateful to the admission .

Byebye MIT

Posted by: FarhanN5 on March 14, 2011

@ David W
wow, my birthday is 12/5 and I got deferred EA too!

Posted by: Amy on March 14, 2011

Sad not to get in...... But it was a great experience....

Posted by: Pratyush on March 14, 2011

I worked in MIT admissions when I was an undergrad and grad at MIT, and as an MIT EC as an alum. Now my daughter, who wants to be a mathematician and is a straight-A AP student at a top high-school, who got 2400 on the SAT and a 35 on the SAT, tells me she wasn't admitted. Clearly admissions has changed since I was at MIT. MIT's loss. She'll go elsewhere, and MIT's admissions process, which I used to hold up as enlightened, is markedly downgraded in my eyes.

Posted by: Ken Powell on March 14, 2011

Two things you'll never see from MIT: verifiable statistics on family incomes of admittees; and, verifiable statistics on minority admittees.

How could we all have been so wrong ...

Posted by: M. Quimm on March 14, 2011

Well. I learned something about myself today.
When the world does not cater to my every want, I do not sit at the table and cry or beg. I get up and make myself some ramen noodles.

Posted by: Markik on March 14, 2011

Not about to rationalize or make excuses.

MIT, expect some serious prank rivalry from wherever I go raspberry

Posted by: Neil on March 14, 2011

wohoo, i made it!!! ohhh no, i didn't -.-

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Yup....I didn't get in, but I'm still glad that I had a chance to apply MIT. And it's not the end of the world:)

We didn't get into MIT, BUT there are tons of other great schools!!! Hope your best:D

People who are admitted CONGRATULATIONS!!

Posted by: Liz on March 14, 2011

It feels so weird to read the comments on this page. And MIT is awesome, no doubt smile

Posted by: 3x10E8 on March 14, 2011

>M. Quimm
Are you an asian

Posted by: doll on March 14, 2011

MIT thank you for the opportunity of applying. I firmly believe that this failure will give me the strength to become a better person. I am aware that I will have to work hard every single day of my life to apply for transfer next year but the goal is clear in my head.

I wish everyone the best and I will like to post two videos that helped me through the 15 minutes after reading the letter with my family:

Never give up and remember life=risk!! You took one (a very big one!) and you NEED to be proud of yourselves, stand tall when someone asks you about the decision tomorrow and in the days to come!

With the very best wishes of success and happiness, I say goodbye to each and everyone of the 17 thousand applicants. Your life will be filled with as much happiness and success as your truly wish for.

God Bless You!

Posted by: Wilcom316 on March 14, 2011

I'm glad I took the time to convince myself I'd been rejected before I checked. It made it a lot less painful, and had I been admitted I would have been even more excited. I think I thought too much (relatively) about what I hoped to do at MIT, compared to other colleges, so I was much more excited for MIT. I applied to many other great colleges, and I'm still waiting for most of their decisions (Caltech also rejected me). I also have a bunch in Canada that are much more likely to admit me. Maybe I'll be able to transfer to MIT or something. smile

@David W.: 29, rejected in Regular Action.

Posted by: Ian on March 14, 2011

Don't hate, please. I, too, was in this condition two years ago. But, I knew what MIT had decided for me back then was indeed for my best. They know their job well. And c'mon guys, you think you're any less than the ones admitted? Think again smile

Good luck with everything else! smile

Posted by: Anon on March 14, 2011

Darn, I didn't get in either.

Congratulations to those who did, though! I think about how I would have felt had I gotten in, and man, it must totally be awesome to be feeling that.

As for me (and I guess the rest of us here), it sucks to have been rejected, but, as The Beatles said, "take a sad song and make it better."

And who better to listen to (literally) than The Beatles?

Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, life goes on, brah!

Posted by: Ishin on March 14, 2011

I just wanted to be an artist. You will regret it!

Posted by: Hitler on March 14, 2011

There are so many great candidates, and it is so difficult to get in. For those of you truly disappointed -- go somewhere else, get good grades, study hard, have fun, and apply for transfer. There has been some talk that there may be more transfer slots in the next few years. The best way to make a case for your transfer is to stand out somewhere else -- take advantage of your opportunities and try again. I transferred in after my first year elsewhere, and it was the best thing I ever did!

Posted by: AFormerTransfer on March 14, 2011

If a school can't conduct admissions in a vaguely meritocratic manner, I'm not sure why I was even interested in attending...

Posted by: Vic on March 14, 2011

@Wilcom316 - Thanks for posting those videos - they were awesome!

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

M. Quinn,

Please stop posting for a while. Get some sleep, wake up, and realize that you are only 1 datapoint--not enough to form a trend.


Best of luck to everyone--wait it out a couple more weeks, and I'm sure you'll all get in somewhere you love.

Posted by: anon on March 14, 2011

Curses. I seriously thought I was certain about this one.

@Hitler: Darn. Sorry to hear that.

Posted by: Heisenburg on March 14, 2011

man.... i put everything into this application and the past 4 years of my life... i need a pick me up

Posted by: uggghhhh on March 14, 2011

oh dear, I was afraid this was going to happen....I sort of just wish they'd reject more students from early action (like me) instead of stringing us along for almost five months only for the eventual...rejection. hmmm

Posted by: deferred on March 14, 2011

>M. Quinn

I've just asked.

Posted by: Doll on March 14, 2011

Thank you MIT! Even though I was rejected, I feel that I have learned something from the entire process - that things in life sometimes don't proceed as one hopes - but whatever happens, the future will still continue to unravel itself and present many more, brighter possibilities.

Oh well..I shouldn't brood on this subject anymore; I would just like to hope and think that perhaps, I was rejected here because I'm somehow meant to be somewhere else - a place that might suit me better.

No matter; farewell, MIT! It was nice getting to know all of you and go through this entire process. I'm also glad that MIT didn't reject me outright in EA - that way I was not as discouraged to complete my other applications!

Well, good luck in your other endeavors!

Posted by: Jason on March 14, 2011

I'm still reading these comments and I think most of you are taking rejection quite well.

I'll also continue to read the admissions blog because I enjoy it so much; thank you, bloggers! Also, thank you, admissions team, for reading all of the applications!

Posted by: Ian on March 14, 2011

Do not try to transfer. You will only get you hopes up to be rejected again. Unless you do something unbelievable, you will be rejected. Why leave a school that accepts you, where life is fun and you have friends, for a school that rejected you?

Posted by: transfer?no on March 14, 2011

Your life is better than the pile of essays, forms, and stats, and the interview write-up that were used to determine your acceptance. It's not YOU who was rejected- just a pile of black and white documents. (+ supplemental info)

Posted by: Amy on March 14, 2011

"It does not matter where you study....But what you do"-Stephen Hawking

Yeah well, he was talking about physics, but I guess the same applies in general. Oh, by the way, he didn't go to MIT either. And look at him now. (If you happen to read this, Mr Hawking, I think you're awesome!)

Let's show 'em what we can do, my fellow '15notadmitted brethren!!

Posted by: mouse on March 14, 2011

"Oh, by the way, he didn't go to MIT either. And look at him now."

Rolling invalid carriage ?

Posted by: M on March 14, 2011

Well its been a long wait and the inevitable has finally happened, now life goes on. What happens, happens. Yes it is very disappointing, but it is better that never knowing. Well now I know I'm not smart enough, I didn't work hard enough, and I how much I really wanted to go to MIT. I Guess this means taking a gap year is a go though! Congratulations to everyone accepted, at least I know that you must have been very qualified to have been accepted. And thank you MIT for taking the time to look over my application...Twice.

Posted by: SeanCarroll on March 14, 2011

@mouse He did go to Cambridge though!

Posted by: SeanCarroll on March 14, 2011

i deleted m quinn because trolling is lame

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on March 14, 2011

^@M; oh please. You know what I'm talking about.

@current MIT students (yes, that includes YOU too, dear proud '15-rs): Hey, NOT FAIR!!. You're happily congratulating the admitted, but none, not even one of you has posted your sincere heartfelt condolences here!

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

@uggghhhh The pick-me-up is knowing that 17,000 other people feel exactly the same way you do.

Posted by: SeanCarroll on March 14, 2011

didnt get in.

a little disppointed, i won't lie. sometimes it just makes you feel like you aren't good enough. and that i shouldn't have silly dreams like going to mit.

but i'll still continuing dreaming.

Posted by: 0 on March 14, 2011

Didn't get in either :(
Congrats to everyone who did smile

Posted by: Abdellah on March 14, 2011

>Chris Peterson

Trolling is fun ^^

Posted by: Fat Tony on March 14, 2011

Well, I wasn't admitted, but I expected this somehow, since I didn't think of myself as an incredible dream student. Nevertheless, I'd like to thank the Admissions Office for all of their hard work on our applications (it should have been pretty tough to read those 18000 apps) and wish the best of luck to everyone who reads this post now. Thanks!

Posted by: Ivan on March 14, 2011

@ Chris Peterson When will statistics on the admitted class be posted?

Posted by: Sean Carroll on March 14, 2011

@sean -

not sure. asap though.

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on March 14, 2011

@ M Quinn:
I go to MIT and I do not pay a single penny for my tuition. Why? I cannot afford it. MIT covers about 97% or my expenses; and I know many others in my position. Come on and cheer up! MIT rejected some 'rich' people too. Plus, there are many great schools out there...MIT is not heaven! Do not let a single decision ruin an entire lifetime.
Plus, I am wondering if a sample size of 1 is big enough for you to make such conclusions. Anyway, I know you will get over this.

Posted by: D'14 on March 14, 2011

@ M. Quimm
Oops, I misspelled your name. Sorry, my bad.

Posted by: D'14 on March 14, 2011

Don't worry guys.
MIT is great, don't get me wrong, but you can make an equally great educational experience for yourself almost anywhere you go. If you really Don't worry guys.
MIT is great, don't get me wrong, but you can make an equally great educational experience for yourself almost anywhere you go. If you really <3 math and science and engineering, you'll have a great time learning it no matter where you study.
Plus it is really cold here. You can go somewhere warmer now!

Posted by: Keenan '14 on March 14, 2011

As Homer Simpson would say..D'OH!

Posted by: Anonymous on March 14, 2011

Woops. HTML tags do not like 'less than three' heart signs.
Meant to say:
"If you really love math and science and engineering, you'll still love it wherever you end up studying.

Posted by: Keenan '14 on March 14, 2011

"I guess that's why they call it the blues."

"It was something unpredictable,
But in the end it's right
I hope we'll still have the time of our lives."

Posted by: TIM on March 14, 2011

There are many other things waiting for you! Including probably other colleges! Just be strong!

Posted by: Tachmajal on March 15, 2011

I have been reading Ben’s article regarding its more than a job during application process and again today. I am not at all convinced that the application reviewer reads entire application, at least definitely not for international students. Not in my S case.
Anyway, he will definitely shine and MIT will give his example in future while accepting mistakes in admission process.

Posted by: Suresh on March 15, 2011

@ M Quinn Please stop whining. Yes you can feel rejected, yes you can feel hurt and sad, but don't try to blame everything on everyone else(including MIT). Yes there were probably some rich people that got in because they are rich, but theres nothing you can do about it, it is the society that we live in, it does happen(Otherwise George W Bush would have never gotten into Yale). There is only one thing that you can do now is move on with the knowledge that you did everything possible to could to try to get in and it just didn't work out.
To be honest, if you really are hellbent on wanting an MIT education, just take the classes on opencourseware and save about $200,000. I know from experience that these classes are incredible.

Posted by: SeanCarroll on March 15, 2011

defered and then rejected on my birthday. *tears*

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2011

@ Keenan '14 Harvey Mudd warm enough? haha

Posted by: SeanCarroll on March 15, 2011

You mean if MIT would actually record videos of the good classes. (Walter Lewin's lectures were available before OCW)
Of course, colleges are more about meeting and working with cool people and professors.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2011

I'm not afraid to admit, I cried. I guess I had built up this wonderful life at MIT up in my head. And the worse part is, I know, and I mean KNOW, that I'd be perfect here, that MIT is the place for me. I don't think I've ever been so sure of anything before. And I'm not mad at the admissions officers, or my school, just myself, for not being able to show MIT that I really was perfect for it. Oh well. I guess I'm just annoyed that for all my hard work, nothing equivalent has truly come of it. On to whatever's next, I guess.

Posted by: Nathaniel on March 15, 2011

no one gets into MIT because they are rich. we don't consider legacy admissions. 15% of MIT students are first generation to college and 75% went to public high school; not only are those numbers higher than any ivy, they are higher than my alma mater of umass.

and FYI, i'm banning and deleting M Quinn's posts not because he's exposed a secret conspiracy to keep poor people out of MIT. i'm deleting his posts because he is a bad poster who is saying a bunch of stuff that demonstrably isn't true. and also, there is no one who applied this year with his name or alleged background, so he's also at the very least not being forthright about his own identity.

but posts like this make me mad. because i work with a lot of the low SES students here at MIT. and they are amazing. and it upsets me when people discount that.

sean and everyone else who is taking their non-admittance gracefully and graciously - thank you. you are awesome.

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on March 15, 2011

I have been waiting for this day for years. literally, biding my time, but it didn't happened as I had expected.
Never mind, MIT was indeed fun while it lasted.

Posted by: Phoenix on March 15, 2011

Lewin is on OCW, and about everything else imaginable is on the youtube channel.

Posted by: SeanCarroll on March 15, 2011

Man, everyone who didn't get admitted to MIT has to remember we all probably got accepted to other awesome colleges. I know it's disappointing, but I know everyone here should be proud as hell that you even applied here. Only me and my best friend felt we were competitive enough to apply here, and even though we both got rejected, I can say I at least tried my best.

Smile, life's beautiful.

Posted by: Stephen Chan on March 15, 2011

M. Quinn: You HAVE proven that you're really not cut out for MIT with that attitude. And if you didn't apply anywhere else, then you've also proven that you're pretty foolish.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2011

I think you're misunderstanding what M. Quinn is trying to communicate. He's saying that certain people are clipped from the beginning of the admission-race due to socio-economic circumstances. The rule is that upper middle- and upper-class families have the resources and time to condition their children into perfect (on paper) Ivy/MIT material and succeed in doing so, while lower- and middle-class families aren't as financially engaged in the polishing of their children and thus their children end up sub-optimal compared to the aforementioned privileged kids. It's an inherent flaw in a mostly meritocratic evaluation process such as this that children are judged by merits that wouldn't be theirs had they not been born into "higher society" - ie. with a golden spoon in their mouth. I would love to see the raw numbers of accepted applicants divided into the income brackets of their parents. A couple of years ago Harvard released this information, and it showed that only 12% (if my memory serves me right) of their accepted applicants were from the bottom 25% income-bracket, while the vast majority belonged in the top income bracket.

Recipe for admission:
SAT tutor
Private essayist
Phillips Exeter Academy/[other top tier private school]
Legacy - keeping it in the family.

Don't even get me started on race based affirmative action. I can't believe colleges still have these absurd policies in place; especially seeing as it has been ruled unconstitutional. ( )

Anyway, I'm a bit disappointed in myself for not making more of an effort, but I'll probably apply for transfer. Missing out on the potential networking I can do at MIT as an undergrad endangers my future ambitions, so I'll hopefully make it then.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2011

And I guess to clarify my earlier post, I'm just stating what I feel, in the hopes that others can empathize and know they're not alone in feeling absolutely horrible. To be frank, I'm in awe of those who seem to take it in stride. You are braver than I. But knowing others who also got rejected, I know that this process it beyond grey; a friend of mine is far better than I am in nearly every category, and was still rejected. Clearly, MIT is not the only home of the brilliant. I did forget to thank all of the admissions officers, especially Chris Peterson, who has done so much to keep all us applicants informed and aware and some semblance of calm throughout the whole process. I know that you really do care about us as much as you say you do, and I'm sad that I'll won't get to go to the wonderful Institvte you call home (at least for now - I miss Boston too much to not try and return).

Posted by: Nathaniel on March 15, 2011

@Chris: Is it possible to find out why it didn't work out?

Posted by: Keno on March 15, 2011

I'll re-post an earlier comment of mine as it seems more appropriate on this thread:

I really would be surprised if an assortment of pixels on a transistor liquid crystal display had the power to so much as put a scratch on our wonderfully beautifully powerfully majestic dreams.

Come on guys, let's believe in ourselves!

Posted by: mouse on March 15, 2011

@ keno -

no, because often there isn't a "reason" students weren't admitted. it's just - we weren't able to find a spot for them in the class.

@Anon -

you are completely correct that people of means have the means to make their kids shinier. and you are correct that MIT is disproportionately composed of higher SES folks than the general population (though not necessarily the college going population).

however, if you look at our first generation to college and public school numbers, i think you will notice a categorical difference between us and some of the other schools you mention.

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on March 15, 2011

Wow you guys focus on social status way too much. If you accomplish something truly remarkable then it doesn't really matter what social status you are. You don't need to go the the "best" school to achieve this. In fact some of the most influential math and science discoveries were by people who never went to school. "Networking" will only get you so far, unless your in the Skull and Bones, but even then its not a guarantee for success.

Posted by: SeanCarroll on March 15, 2011

My sincere condolences to all non-admitted. Look on the bright side: you get to go to school somewhere warm (potentially) where you can get more than four hours of sleep a night. MIT is not the only excellent school out there.

Posted by: Eli Davis '15 on March 15, 2011

@ M Quinn You are going to look back upon the things that you have posted today in shame. So you might as well quite before you say anything really stupid...oh oh too late, you've already started attacking a random person who works in admissions.

Posted by: SeanCarroll on March 15, 2011

@Chris: Thanks for the reply. I'll just try my luck again next year (after I have figured out where I'm going from here). I also wanted to thank you and everybody else in the admissions office for making applying to MIT such a great experience. MIT is amazing and you guys are too.

Posted by: Keno on March 15, 2011

To all not admitted- you guys are amazing people and fate has a way of working things out. All of you will do amazing things at whatever college you go to. Don't be bitter. You will regret it. I think you guys all rock. MIT cannot always admit all the most amazing students, but another college will find you!

Posted by: Milly on March 15, 2011

Hey Sean Carroll:

Thanks for noticing, but, what posts? Chris Peterson has deleted them. I Guess you can't badmouth MIT!

Posted by: M .Quinn on March 15, 2011

Good luck to everyone who did get in! Have fun with those infamous P-sets! For those of you who didn't, we all tried our best -- don't let a college admission or rejection define who you are. Hope to see all of you in 4 years for graduate school!

@M. Quinn: Yes, please take your debate elsewhere. I'm in the same boat as you are - rejected - but there are plenty of schools out there that are nearly, if not better than, MIT. This was my first choice (and likely yours as well), but hey - life goes on. If you were brave enough to even consider applying to MIT, I'm sure there's another school of high caliber ready to welcome you in September.

Posted by: Anonymous on March 15, 2011

Who would want to badmouth(besides you) anyways, just because they rejected me doesn't change the fact that I still love the place.

Posted by: SeanCarroll on March 15, 2011

THis was something which does not outwardly affect me too much, but really is disappointing to me inwardly. I had intensely made MIT my hope, and, having also been rejected from CalTech, my top choices are closed to me. I don't want to rage at MIT, because I know well of the restrictions and I don't want to say I'm goodwillingly glad of those who are admitted, because while I am glad for them, I also am jealous of them and it would not be quite true. I also cannot resign and accept this as an act of fate or God because I assert that neither of those exist. And I am troubled by not wanting to abandon hope. No matter how little my resources, I keep thinking of ways to succeed. It gets rather ridiculous: I tried to scheme up ways to fund a high school Cubesat program, or to make a electron beam lithography machine out of a CRT computer monitor, a vacuum pump, and a vacuum chamber with a door. Clearly neither of these got anywhere. I tried to figure out how ways to succeed in every failure. And now, there is not much to scheme about, even in similarly absurd fantasy. I hope some day that this problem is solved for other people, at least.

Posted by: Ian on March 15, 2011

@ M Quinn Please be quiet. I understand you were rejected but that does not give you any right to declare that an MIT Admissions officer is ill-fit for the job.

I must admit I was really...really really sad about the decision. I cried for about an hour and then the tears just kind of stopped. I had been dreaming about MIT for almost a year. Maybe it was dangerous from the get-go...I mean, emotionally investing myself like that in a college that had a 10% admittance rate. Who knows?

I'm not going to sit here and say how I'm going to great things in the world, yada yada...because, to me, that's obvious, and it's obvious that all of you are going to do great things in the world, too. I don't want to say things like that because I feel like it's a defense mechanism...against the non-acceptance letter.

What I WILL say is that: DON'T FORGET WHO YOU ALL ARE!!! If you all are as amazing as you sound...then don't forget those small (or big) moments of your life that remind you you are that amazing...

For me, some of these small moments are:

- My Ap chem teacher congratulating me on doing a freezing-point depression problem in way he never thought of before
- Scoring a 102 on a difficult gas law exam
- Helping my friend with organic chemistry...and telling me I have a way at teaching it that makes it all seem easier

It may be strange, but moments like those remind me of the person I truly and how I have this undying love for chemistry.

**But**!!...I must say...if the number of applicants applying every year keeps on increasing, MIT has to find a way to accommodate more people. I feel extremely bad for the ~17000 kids that didn't get it. It's impossible that only ~10% of those were "fit were MIT."

To those that got in, congratulations!!! You better pass your classes with flying colors!!! You owe that to us!

All hail chemistry!!!! May the atom live on smile

Posted by: Alexandra Petruchenya on March 15, 2011

It’s not the school that makes the scholar, but how you are able to take advantage of the resources available to bring to fruition the seeds of excellence and virtue you already have.

Posted by: wellwisher on March 15, 2011

i am so impressed with so many of you. thank you for making this the best night i've ever spent taking care of the blogs.

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on March 15, 2011

Excuse the errors in the post above! My brain is still recovering from Pi Day.

Obviously, I meant to say *~10% of those were "fit for MIT."


Posted by: Alexandra Petruchenya on March 15, 2011

Yes Chris, you're a credit to MIT

Posted by: M. Quinn on March 15, 2011

@ M Quinn Stop while you're ahead and stop trying to make a scene.

You are indirectly dissing yourself if you're dissing MIT. You apparently applied to MIT and you did not get accepted. Yes so what? A ton of other people did not get accepted but they are leaving the fight with their heads held high. They are leaving the way they should be leaving: with nobility. If you think there's nothing noble about failure then think again: because first of all, not being accepted is not failure. It just means you have a different path. And even if, in your contorted universe, you consider this a failure, you should at least have the self-respect to go about it like a Man. Or WoMan.

Posted by: Alexandra Petruchenya on March 15, 2011

Alexandra Petruchenya:

What do mean by "Man. Or WoMan."?

Posted by: M. Quinn on March 15, 2011

I was somewhat disappointed at being rejected, but I put it in perspective. None of us are defined by the college we go to. All of us who applied to MIT are extremely motivated people and we will be able to make the best of any situation and find success in life. I know that some of you feel crushed by this decision, but we have to believe that everything happens for a reason. Four years from now, we will be preparing to graduate from numerous different colleges, and we will love these schools, and this rejection letter from MIT will be a distant memory.

Posted by: TS on March 15, 2011

@ M. Quinn

WHAT I MEAN is that you should stop being so shady and reveal your secret identity because at this point in time I have no clue as to what your gender even is.

And the expression - "take it like a man"
It means handling the situation with a sense of pride and self-honor.

Posted by: Alexandra Petruchenya on March 15, 2011

Alexandra Petruchenya

Why is my gender matter here?

Posted by: M. Quinn on March 15, 2011

Well, my only pain comes from the fact that I won't be attending those amazing classes at MIT. Guess the path to my dream just got harder, and MIT would've only made that a bit easier.
Well , whatever , it feels like I'm finally getting all this MIT stuff off my chest and moving on to a life that is uncertain to a high degree , yet, still exciting. I do not know whether international applicants are looked at the same way domestic applicants are, nor do I care about the fact that a lot of people who only act passionate about something when they are not just to get into MIT get admitted. Why ? Because when you have a heart that's never going to give up what it cares for, which for me , is physics , then , life's going to turn out greater for you than anyone who tries to be like you.
Good Luck everyone ! Don't let this get you down.

Posted by: Shahriar on March 15, 2011

if y'all stopped responding to quinn that might be good

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on March 15, 2011

Your gender DOESN'T matter here so stop trying to twist my words, you shady shady character.

What DOES matter is that you are enroaching on this blog post and making it an unpleasant experience for all of us. Plus, you're irritating me.

Interesting, if you actually got into MIT, would all these feelings of hatred actually surface...well, of course not! they'd all be bottled up inside... waiting to come out. Meaning you'd still have the potential to be this way, but in a different situation. And why would MIT want people mean spirited people like that?

So do us all a favor and hop off this blog post with your socio-demographical theories regarding admission and your overall (unwanted and unneeded) negativity. This blog post was full of hope and promise before you came on and now it's just full of...well. yes.

Posted by: Alexandra Petruchenya on March 15, 2011

well guys, i guess this is it... It is mentioned that there are lots of students applying and there is little room, but c'mon....
wish u luck

Posted by: Kianoosh on March 15, 2011

Hi guys!

Thanks for the comments. reading thru it, i kind of let go of not getting into MIT. But yes, MIT is a top school and always will be. To me, it is the best and i won;t say there are better schools out there just because i never got in. But it did teach me a lesson. life won't always go as smoothly as you expect. And to those who didnt get in, like me, perhaps it's not that we're not good, but we can't show how awesome we are in that application form?

Perhaps take it as a lesson from life and move on! cos i guess not getting into MIT is but a small obstacle in life. :D


Posted by: kiki on March 15, 2011

Hi guys, it's disappointing that we couldn't make it upto MIT but it's not everything. Of course we will not get that much scope like those who got in. But that's not everything. It's you who make your future. Don't blame others or the admission process just because you were not selected. There may be thousands of smarter people in this whole world than ourselves.

And to those people who are blaming the admission process or the staffs,
Better go some other place than applying here.

Surely I will miss the company of some great peoples. Just wish if MIT had I creased the quota for international students.

Enjoy wherever u are in this world. Don't lose hope.
Life is short. Live it up wink

Posted by: Zulkarnine (rejected :'( ) on March 15, 2011

Yes. Last response ^. I'm really sorry.

I just don't appreciate people like that. Especially amidst everything that happened today and everything people are going through right now.

Sorry again,

and congrats again to the accepted!! congrats to all of us, too, because now we get to explore a different path...


And most importantly, have fun the next 4 years, wherever you go.

Posted by: Alexandra Petruchenya on March 15, 2011

MIT is one of the top school, no doubt abt it. This does not mean that there is nothing outside MIT, and the rejectees are nobody. You are yourself, even if you go to 1000th ranked school. Be yourself, and shine whereever you go. MIT should be the one to think how they could miss on your potential in future, not yourself on how you could not get into MIT.

Posted by: Suresh on March 15, 2011

Today I'm not the diva, but I'm here to applaud. Congradulations to all of yall who get in!
For the past 8 month applying, or even before that, I've treated MIT as familiy. I got to know a lot of people; I learned and grew; I still feel so lucky.
And for us who didn't get in, we understand ourself better from this process and we're gonna shine wherever we go~ Good Luck wink

Posted by: candide on March 15, 2011

Hey guys, I just wanted to add some encouragement to those of you who are feeling down today. A year ago today, I too received a rejection from MIT and now I couldn't imagine that my life could be happier. At the time I was totally devastated and convinced that getting rejected meant I was stupid which was so silly. In the past year I've learned that MIT was totally not the school for me. You're all brilliant for making it this far and you're going to have a wonderful college experience wherever you go. Good luck with everything and seriously don't worry about it. There are plenty of other great schools for you to go to.

Posted by: Brown '14 on March 15, 2011

I'm feeling very bad at the moment, I tried for months, endured bad times in high school in the hopes I'd receive awesome education from a prestigious place, and took a gap year to actually apply to those places, I was hoping for a miracle today, and it hasn't happened now. Sad, but I'm gonna wait for Ivy league day now, hope the miracle was saved for that day smile

Posted by: Murtaza Ali Khan on March 15, 2011

Brown '14

How nice for you.

Posted by: M. Quinn on March 15, 2011

Oh well, hopefully I'll get in as a transfer! smile

Posted by: Surya Not a '15 for sure on March 15, 2011

When You Really Want Something,The Entire Universe Conspires In Helping You Get That Thing !

Posted by: Mrunal on March 15, 2011

Well i'm an international which means there was a lower possibility of admissions anyway(notice the tone of self consolation here:)). But i'll not regret applying to MIT...the sinking feeling in my gut sucks alot but i'm confident i'll fit in at the Institutes i got accepted into until grad school.

The whole application process made me learn more about myself so thanks MIT. I won't say that i'm not hurt cause i am but i'm not despairing...i'll make it-I determine if i'll achieve all those great goals i again thanks:)

To those like me cheers! All the best at your other schools!!! To those accepted...have a wonderful time in one of the best institutions in the world!!

I'm out,
M.Babu. International:)

Posted by: M.Babu on March 15, 2011

MIT decisions arrived too soon and now I don't feel confident at all about the other applications I sent in. I hope I'll get in Cornell or Berkeley.

To everyone like me who got rejected, remember that only for applying to MIT means we have potential and wherever we go, we'll do well. This our life and we have to live it to the fullest.

Posted by: Ouyan on March 15, 2011

@ hitler - lmao!

@mit- i know of two people at my school, of who atleast one should have got in, but no - we are international students...... i think u should softly prepare international students for outright rejection and discourage them from hoping too much! after seeing such nice blogs, i got swayed- i started relating to MIT, but i forgot that i am an international studetn, just like some much more brilliant international studetns did, who got rejected today. i am not sying that it is bad - ur coutry, ur university- u know what's best for ur society... i am no one to say anythin abt that. but, we international applicants dont realize this soon. MIT is awesome and I will continue to love MIT forever, but please do tell the international students that their country of citizenship matters a lot as well - the rarer, the better! an plz dont tell me that i have got this wrong, becuase otherwise i wud not be seeing my friends in India- who have dreamt for some 5 years of making it to MIT, challenged themselves everyday, put in everything in their applications and are very nice people too, get rejected.
with that said, internatinal applicants who got accepted - i will pray to god that u get much more accpetance inside MIT! best of luck! (and yeah don't let us down. make the most of it)

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2011

There are other amazing schools throughout the world, and in many of them the intelectual demand from the student will be equal or greater than MIT'S. The absence of meritochratic admission process makes it impossible to gather the best students in the world, as MIT claims. There's MAI, the russian MIT, Ecole Polytechnique, the french MIT, and there's my college, ITA, the brazillian MIT. So stop feeling hopeless and get back on the road, because MIT is absolutely not the best place to get and undergraduate degree...

Posted by: Eric on March 15, 2011

I love the way you guys write Not accepted instead of rejected. Haha. Oh well, MIT would have been great, let's see where I go.

Posted by: Anonymous on March 15, 2011

I know that it's hard to get rejected (trust me, I got rejected from plenty of schools), but you need to know that you can succeed anywhere. MIT is not the only place for that. Do not let this crush your spirit, and wherever you end up, let yourself shine. Also, MIT is not as glamorous as you may think. Good luck wherever you end up.

Posted by: Julia '14 on March 15, 2011

^^he makes sense...

Posted by: orangeCookie on March 15, 2011

@kiki @Alexandra Petruchenya

You guys , rock , and your comments were the exact ones going on in my head and I just couldn't put it into words....thank you

@Mrunal : I think that's a new one on my list of "Favourite quotes" , thanks ! ...btw , who said that ?

You guys, really made this day awesome despite the rejection, I really hope I can meet you some day, maybe not at MIT , but definitely somewhere...someday....

@Chris : You know something ? Throughout this application process, I kept thinking to myself, "Hey , I really wanna meet this awesome guy" ....I really hope I do , someday

Posted by: Shahriar on March 15, 2011

And the only mistake I did is to truly believe in it and have high dreams and aspirations! I got rejected but this how go the stream of lives!

* Born to feel Pain!**************************

Posted by: Born to feel pain on March 15, 2011

@quinn The admission officers have to rely on some guidelines formulated by the managing group of the institution as well as the laws of the U.S Government.They seriously can not start accepting each and everyone of the applicants.The no. of international admits have to be contained to 8% of the total admitting class.Please bear with them.I can do understand your frustration.

@chris Thanks a lot.A few queries,but I will email you.

Dedicated to all those who are not admitted: Make thinking your capital asset and do try your best to make those things in real no matter how many ups and downs you face in life.
(My advice- go do some martial arts-any form karate,kung-fu whatever,it will help you have more self control).

All admitted students WELCOME to the most stressful years of your life.

Posted by: Bhaskar on March 15, 2011


whats his email id ?

Posted by: orangeCookie on March 15, 2011

@quinn You really think denying someone is so easy.It gets a long debating process man.Every member writes a summary on the E3 card of each and every applicant.It's not that simple process as you are thinking.It's good to ask questions but please don't write anything offensive against MIT.

Posted by: Bhaskar on March 15, 2011

@orange Sorry buddy but I can't give until unless he permits me.You can email the office of admissions,he will respond to you

Posted by: Bhaskar on March 15, 2011

How did you get his ??

and I wonder what kinda query do u have now? like any possible way of gettin in ?

Posted by: orangeCookie on March 15, 2011

@quinn It's something else.Don't worry.It's actually related to me only.if you are not waitlisted then there is no possibility of getting in now.
Till the time do what keeps you happiest,that's the key to MIT.Good luck!!

Posted by: Bhaskar on March 15, 2011

@admission officers
i dint get in.
how can i contact someone to give me some advice i mean an email.....uhhhh im feeling so sad

Posted by: sad on March 15, 2011

@admission officers
i dint get in.
how can i contact someone to give me some advice i mean an email.....uhhhh im feeling so sad

Posted by: sad on March 15, 2011

Oops sorry the last post of possibility was for orange not for quinn.Chris is really sad to see what you wrote against MIT.A few things were not correct as he said none of the applicants did any kind of change of his/her background.
I can give you a brief idea how admissions are done.First you part1 is reviewed.Then your grades-all of them,recommendations and ll your components.Then each and every person writes a summary of your application in an E3 card and also gives some recommendations like ''Clear Admit'' or ''Perfect choice''.Then 3 people form a group and review it.Then it starts the whole debating process if to be adnitted ,waitlisted or rejected.Overall around your application is reviewed by 12 people before finally putting into admit folder or any other.Finaly,Matt or Stu can change anyone's decisions at the last moment if found necessary(updates by the applicant).So just chillaxx..You did well..Gud luck!!

Posted by: bhaskar on March 15, 2011

@quinn It completely depends on you faith on the institution you are applying.You have to trust them as they do trust each and every info you provide in the application.

Posted by: Bhaskar on March 15, 2011

@sean (late response, sorry)
YES. Please go to Harvey Mudd! I very nearly went there, and I am sure that the only major differences in my experience had I gone there instead of MIT would have been a smaller campus and less surrounding city. Also better financial aid. And I would have been warm... Oh my, I still harbor such amour for Mudd...
No. No. Happy to be here, slaving away at p-sets.

Point is. I think I'd have been just as happy at Mudd. Or even my state school. College is what you make it. And you can make yourself happy/miserable just about anywhere.

Posted by: Keenan '14 on March 15, 2011

@bahskar... there is a high possibility that u might get chucked out in the deal breaker.. where non of the 12 u've mentioned wont take a notice of ur app...

Posted by: orangeCookie on March 15, 2011

@orange That actually and frankly speaking is not possible.Now I don't want to have a debate over this.Just relaxx..It's nowhere written that you can't re-apply..You have chances use them.

Posted by: Bhaskar on March 15, 2011

@ Quinn ok.1) The standard of the recommendations is published in the info for schools section.go and read it.

2) The summary is written by the admission officers and not by any summary writer.Yes they comprise of each and every background.Matt was from poor family go and read his introduction.None of his parents or grandparents attended college.Quinton,Chris,Mikey everyone is really experienced so trust me your application was in the best hands.Do you know how to write a summary? They same way they make a not out of your application and briefly explain them.

3) The admissions officers only form a group of 3 and then have discussions.

Posted by: Bhaskar on March 15, 2011


Come on Bhaskar. That last post was really quite nice. No legitimate reason to delete it...

Posted by: M. Quinn on March 15, 2011

thanks Bhaskar. I'm closing comments for a bit. Appreciate it y'all.

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT Admissions on March 15, 2011

It is a shame. Our school district only had one acceptance to this school and he wasn't the mosted qualified student in the district. We can only assume that he was accepted to fill some sort of quota. Several students applied early decision and were deferred but kept their hopes high since they were told many deferred students end of getting in. I guess that wasn't the case. It is MIT's loss.

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2011

first of all I would like to congratulate all the kids that got in!
I got rejected, but I really don't mind. I am proud of what I have done so far and if there is one thing I learnt from this whole proccess is to never give up on my dreams.
that's why I am planning to apply again next year!
stay cool and be happy! life is awesome! grin

Posted by: Dimitris on March 15, 2011

I must admit I'm disappointed... didn't sleep much last night... but there are always other schools and while i got rejected from MIT yesterday, I got into rochester!

Posted by: Natalie on March 15, 2011

Can I take a gap year at another uni and next year apply for MIT as well?
Being an international applicant my choices are less(I need finaid)
Pls lemme know

Posted by: Anony on March 15, 2011

Any sort of news from India? Last year 4 got in, I wonder how many got in this time around......

Posted by: Blurb on March 15, 2011

@anony ofcourse you can take a gap year and apply.But if you join any other uni and complete a semester there then you will have to apply as a transfer not as a freshman.Frankly speaking,international transfer chances are low..Rest on you.Gud luck

Posted by: Bhaskar on March 15, 2011

I've wanted to go to MIT since I was 7, which was the first time I read about MIT and it's programmes, classes and the university in general.
And I got rejected. Not even waitlisted. rejected.
Quotas are stupid. And I can't believe MIT indulges in doing stupid things. So you would reject student A who is well balanced all-rounder and accept student B just because he/she helps matchs a certain criteria to fill a certain quota? I always thought this was supposed to be a merit based thing... apparently I was wrong.
I wasn't feeling bad about my decision initially but to think that the fighting chance I had was reduced because of a stupid quota ruined my day. I accept my rejection but I still have to say that this whole quotas thing is all very unMITish.

Posted by: Anon on March 15, 2011

@bhaskar the way are you with the admission guys because you do know a lot about all this stuff.
sorry if you find that a bit rude.
by the way will i be at a disadvantage if i take a gap year and apply.

Posted by: anony on March 15, 2011

quota...????what type of quota?

Posted by: anony on March 15, 2011

Goodbye MIT.....i hope we will meet in the future again. I love you truly and you have made me a better person. Thanks Chris and Ben and Matt and an excellent team of admission officers and bloggers for making me feel special, and for caring so much for your applicants.
I love you.
I will miss You. (its already a void without MIT filling up my daydreams and expectations)
PS: why does the captcha say love preeke

Posted by: Aishwarya on March 15, 2011

Got rejected but what the heck going back to study tensors and complex analysis as general relativity and fluid dynamics are awesome regardless of where you study them.

Thankfully I have mandatory military service for a year in my nation. So I guess I am going to do it this year after school. Then I will have another year to apply to even more schools.

But I have one question for the admissions office.
As I understand there are many levels that an application has to go through so my question is why could not one know to what level his or her application reached. Is there some reason why this is not possible.

I am just curious because I know I had a few D-s on my transcript and most of the grades where C-s with the exception of math, programming and physics in other words the subjects that I really care about. I have also been left partially to repeat a course in a certain humanities subject. I just wonder if in such a case my application would have been left out in the so called first round without reading other parts where I believe I had good enough explanation to why I have not got a nice transcript. And one other thing. How important is the transcript in an
application especially when in my country there are tons of other subjects besides the ones I need fof my university studies on rather high level. .

I just do not know how to write something short.

But to all you other rejects like me do your best wherever you end up because who does not like underdog stories. smile smile smile

Posted by: Andres on March 15, 2011

@ Chris:What happen if the number of the students who reject their offers is bigger than the number of waitlisted students?!!!, I know it is impossible. But you can rely on me if it happens, I never loose my hope! LOL xD

Posted by: Saeed on March 15, 2011

man, i am just sad that i related with those blogs! what was i thinkin, me an international student! now, i realize that i saw no "de jure" international student bloggin, i have neva heard their voice!! i feel sad for the admission officers.... how do they sleep at night after knowing they havent done justice to even quarter of the deserving applicants!

it's strange how southern universties welcome so many international students but northern dont (at least MIT doesnt)!!! i was under the wrong notion that northern america has been the focus of liberalism, revolution and perhaps, internationalsim! how naive of me! it seems like a complete role reversal after the civil war... it's wonderful what human will can do. they have made it really far!(and still going)

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2011

@Chris @Matt (@Ben, symbolically)

MIT rejected me not once, but twice. Being a second-time applicant (I applied in my junior year as well), I knew how slim my chances were. Yet because of previous experience, I was calm when the rejection did arrive.

It is hard to swallow that I will have to say goodbye to this blog. I have been reading/laughing/crying with it for years. But when it's time to move on, it's time for me to go. MIT was a big dream of mine for 14 years. Dreams never come true to me, but I am used to that.

I still have a couple more schools left to wait for. But I likely will end up at UC Berkeley. Chris and Matt and whoever reads this, I will be fine, right?

Posted by: Will L. on March 15, 2011

@anony No I am not in Admissions Office..Just a simple thing- I have blind faith on them and to my whole family,the MIT family.So I hope even you know much about your family,just as I do.Hope that answered your query.
BTW you won't be at any disadvantage if you take a gap year.

Posted by: Bhaskar on March 15, 2011

thanks ....its nice to know that people like you exist. i was pretty shocked yesterday after i read _________(wont name the person) comments.i still love MIT and next year im gonna be there.
also did you get in?

Posted by: anony on March 15, 2011

I am disappointed with the decision but I am glad that I put myself out there. There was one saying I truly took to heart during the application process: 100% of the people who don't apply to MIT, don't get into MIT. You have to take risks to get where you want to be.

Thanks to all of the admissions folks! Congrats to those who were accepted! Good luck to all!

Posted by: Jessica on March 15, 2011

The only thing that stings is not knowing if my SAT kept me out of the first round of admissions.

Posted by: TD on March 15, 2011

@anony No I didn't get in,not even wait listed..No need to think about it now.Keep trying,the ultimate goal in life is to be happy.Go ahead try things..Not everyone gets success so soon...Gud luck and thanks for your support.

Posted by: Bhaskar on March 15, 2011

Shaken but not stirred!
Love to all!

Posted by: Tanay on March 15, 2011

Oh Well. I guess that's why you need a 4.0 gpa and strong sat 2 scores. a 3.5 unweighted is definitely unacceptable as well as B's in math and science. Now I know where I stand in this country. Thank You for this realization. Hello community college. smile

Posted by: IwaJima on March 15, 2011

Don't waste your time on jealousy
Sometimes you're ahead
Sometimes you're behind
The race is long, and in the end, it's only with yourself

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2011

Is there a possibility to know from what nations international students where accepted. I am just interested if someone from my nation Estonia although I know none who applied besides me was accepted.

But on the main topic.
Sad as most people in here. I had so high hopes although I was an international applicant as last year one person from my country was accepted.
And as I saw that our achievements were rather similar I believed I had a chance. Especially as everything I have achieved was the result of purely my own studying with the exception of one really good teacher who only ignited my passion for physics saddly in the 10 grade. Plus I was from a much smaller town
meaning in my city there were no extra educational or experimental oppourtunities for a young person.
But I guess as almost all my essays went to explain that despite having no international achievements yet I have probably one of the biggest crushes on physics you could imagine then probably there was a big part in me that they did not see. Some how deep down I have the fear that my application did not get a full read but probably I am just too suspicious.

But I guess in the positive side I now have even higher motivation in order to reach InternationalPhysicsO and although highly unlikely for a first year I will do my all in order to get a gold medal.

I hope that every single one who got admitted uses the oppourtunity to the fullest because MIT is probably one of the best places where to shape the future world into a much better one.

Posted by: ANDRES on March 15, 2011

Hey Guys!
It's great to see how so many of us have gathered heart to face it! It makes me proud to be brother of such lovely strong and passionate people!
The emotions involved in each and every post on this thread is so awesome! Hats off to all who got in and more to those who faced it with confidence!

@MIT ( or anyone who can answer me)
Can we join another university and reapply as a freshmen next time? That is we are ready to lose a year for joining MIT!(transfer statistics are way too low!We have a better chance of making as a freshmen!)(Or maybe we apply as both freshmen and transfer and MIT tells us if it would accept us as a transfer or a freshmen!) So is it possible?Please do answer my query!)

Because if it is!It will be great! We wont lose a year and our dream of being a part of the MIT family still stays.!

and btw a huge Thanks for the hardwork you guys put in! Rather I wonder how you guys balance the joy having a new excellent class and the pain of letting go of some great people!

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2011

@ANDRES - trust me, none of what ben said, or other bloggers say applies to international students..( i know of a brilliant applicant (not me) who was a good fit for mit, who is imply brilliant but didnt make it because he does not hold us citizenship)
if MIT is fair to its international applicants, then the international students gettin accepted must be manifestations of god themselves
if not, well, just chiill.. i was heart broken to realize that i never stood a chance, even if i had not messed my application.....massachussets is a pretty much close minded state - mit is a sitting duck on that front

So, yeah go out and achieve things that might one day make admission officers think why they rejected u.....

(oh mAN! i sound like a sore loser!)

Posted by: 0 on March 15, 2011

It was great knowing you MIT...
You're not for me, maybe its my destiny not to attend MIT, and do great things and then make you realize what a great mistake you made.

Posted by: Shekhar on March 15, 2011

I would like to sincerely thank MIT admission officers, my son was not admitted and that's okay, he's very gracious, mature and humble about the decision, he thanked us as parents, thanked his teachers who had helped him in the process...he understands and grateful for MIT admission officers(who had worked so hard). What I say here it's true, not because he's my son, he has plans like everyone else, wherever he goes he'll make a difference, he has been doing that all his young life anyway, and so will you all the young men and women out there. My son may be in the top 1% of his graduating senior class in America (according to National Merit Scholarship people who sent us a letter and told us that, also he's a finalist)...but he would humbly tell me that there are a lot of smarter kids who were not admitted...yes, there are so many colleges out there and they are great as well. All in all, I am a firm believer that my son and all of you here will contribute your talents and knowledge to our world to make it better no matter where you go and thank you for that. Love and proud of you all from one of the parents."

Posted by: parent on March 15, 2011

Well, I always knew it was a pipe dream, but the rejection still smarts a bit. But life moves on... Time to wait for my other decisions. Who knows, maybe I'll cross paths with MIT again someday. It was fun while it lasted, and congratulations to all those that got the good news.

Posted by: riffraff11235 on March 15, 2011

Years ago I applied as a transfer to MIT, was accepted, and then chose to go elsewhere. I admired MIT very much, but in the end I admired the other university more fully [or I would not have so voted "with my feet"]. The point is that there are truly many fine universities and colleges in this country, MIT among them but not even close to exclusively so. Most of you are lucky in having an embarassment of opportunities, and those are still there before you. It is a little strange, and more than a little sad, that so many here seem personally affronted or, worse, possessed by the notion of defeat, because of MIT's decision not to offer them admission. I can say that a love for science [math/engineering], joined with a fundamantal talent, will out --no matter whether you enrolled at MIT or Montana State University. I can also say that for most of you, and quite a few who will be going to MIT, there are other colleges which would better nurture your growth, and draw out your potential.
In the end, the goal is not a college--it is the pursuit of a life worthy of your living it.

Posted by: Anonymous on March 15, 2011

Even I, Master Steelblade, have been rejected admission to MIT.

But no matter. I am Master Steelblade, champion of galaxies and creator of the Internet, and nothing can stand in the way of my want, my unquenchable thirst, my need for knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and ingenuity.

Maybe you'll see me again as a (graduate? doctoral?) student, MIT, maybe you won't... but I can assure you this: I won't stop. I won't give up. Ever. And when I accomplish something astonishing, attempt the impossible, do something that has never even been imagined before, I'll be sure to remember you -- the rejection which only showed that there's still room for improvement, and there always will be.

I'll look back on this event with a smile and realize it was merely a spark, a spark which inspired me to become even more than I already was. To become more than I can possibly imagine, and keep on going after that anyways.

See you on the flipside, and hold on to your butts.

Signing off,

Master Steelblade
Champion of galaxies
Creator of the Internet


Posted by: Master Steelblade on March 15, 2011

I wonder if there are statistics for SAT 2 scores like there are for the SAT 1 scores like-
750-800 Admit rate=x%
700-740 Admit rate=y%

Posted by: Caesar on March 15, 2011

Ken Powell - Your comment simply confuses me. If you have the background that you say, you should be well-familiar with the fact that academic excellence alone will not get anyone admission into MIT. Something like 80% of applicants - that's something like 14k applicants this year - meet those qualifications.

Posted by: Piper on March 15, 2011

comments closed. thanks all for posting and good luck!

Posted by: Chris Peterson @ MIT on March 15, 2011

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