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Ben Jones

Feb 6, 2006

The New MIT Viewbook!

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Taking a break from reading today, I saw Matt's latest post and had to chuckle. In looking back a year, he references this post, in which I discuss embarking on our new viewbook project. I can't believe it's been an entire year.

Last week, after a year of intense introspection (and a ton of work) we saw the first proofs for the final book. I was blown away. It seriously gave me the chills.

We'll see edits tomorrow and then the final proofs next week - and then it's off to the presses! I can't wait to hold the first copy in my hands.

Those of you who will be applying next year - you're in for a serious treat. I honestly think this is one of the coolest publications I have ever seen, and certainly the coolest print piece that our office has ever produced.

Bravo to everyone involved - including you guys, who gave some great feedback in the original post from a year ago.

(P.S. Latest Q&A coming in next day or so.)

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whoa...i forgot about the viewbook completely...make sure you have an online copy available for us too ben..

how's the app process going anyway..i can only say you are very brave blogging during these times when u are down with work...I just have my class 12 exams and still cant find any time on the net.

Posted by: shikhar on February 6, 2006

I still flip through my copy of the MIT viewbook whenever I have free time. It's seriously the coolest thing I have EVER seen or read college-wise! I'm very curious to see what the new one looks like..I might just have to sneak in and borrow one from you next year. wink

Posted by: Shan on February 6, 2006

Wow, excellent job to everybody involved. I still flip through my old MIT viewbook sometimes and am blown away by the creativity involved. Keep a copy around for CPW, Ben. smile

You've all been awesome designers: I especially love the interactive feeling of MyMIT and of course the EA literature. Keep up the beautiful job!

Posted by: shen on February 6, 2006

Hi Ben,

I had a couple of questions. Firstly have you started going through international applications, and about how many apply to MIT from Pakistan. Secondly will internationals also receive their acceptances in tubes.

Finally do post some online copy of the viewbook so we guys could also go through it.


Posted by: nabeel on February 6, 2006


I have a few questions:

When will you guys be through with the admission decisions? How many individual applications have you(personally) read so far? How many more do you expect to read?

Is it already too late to send anything that myMIT is saying is missing? (I could not send it earlier)

And lastly, please make a copy of the new viewbook available online.

Have a nice day.

Posted by: Edward on February 7, 2006

Nabeel....from Pakistan? well you can count me in!:)

Posted by: Mushal on February 7, 2006

I loved last year's viewbook, though.

Posted by: thekeri on February 7, 2006

Hey Ben!

Will international applicants get decision letters in the regular mail, or will there be some faster channel?

I ask this as the Postal service in my country of residence is EXTREMELY slow and mails often reach 2 to 3 weeks late.

Any chance of being able to check decisions online?

Lastly, will international students also get acceptance letters in tubes?

Thanks and best of luck with the applications!


Posted by: Prashant Malani on February 8, 2006

Nabeel....from Pakistan-------->>Are you the Nabeel from NSTC? If yes then you already know I am applying too!!

Posted by: Syed Taimoor Ghazanfar on February 8, 2006

Ben, once again love the blog, very informative.. Glad you enjoyed the viewbook process, who did you guys end up using to design and shoot the piece... Can't wait to see it myself

Posted by: Joe Gaylor on February 16, 2006

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