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MIT student blogger Jenny X. '13

3 Things We Don’t Remember Enough by Jenny X. '13

About each other

In any given school year or work week, there is so much we can stress about – academics, career, finances, etc.- so much so that the relationships we have or can have in our lives should be a means of support rather than an additional stressor.

Sometimes, the way we perceive other people can get in the way of relationship-building, but here are three things I’ve concluded from the past three years of college life:

  1. People are not as cool as you think they are.
  2. People are just as awkward as you think you are.
  3. People are more willing to help you than you think they are. 

Sure, there are a lot of cool and a lot of awkward moments at MIT, but all together, I think we balance out pretty well. :)

A colorful shot from my Discover Urban Studies and Planning FPOP back in 2009. Aye, time flies.