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MIT student blogger Cydnie T. '12

3-D Blog!! by Cydnie T. '12

...I decided to wear a pair of real life 3-D GLASSES!!!

I first thought of giving this blog the fitting title of “My First Blog” because not only is this my first admissions blog, its my first blog EVER!

* waits for the “Welcome to the Blogging World” song *

I am extremely excited to share my MIT world with the blogosphere and to heighten this grand experience, I decided to wear a pair of real life 3-D GLASSES!!!

Cyd in 3-D.jpg
I like to call this one “Cyd in 3-D”

So without further ado, I will get on with the “Who is Cydnie” business…

I am commonly referred to as Cydnie or Cyd or CTrice or even just Trice. I’m not extremely picky about what I’m called as long as it’s in some way related to me. This is especially because I have an uncanny ability to use parts of names (or memorable stories) to totally warp everyone else’s name into some random jumble of sounds that only I would have any reason for using or even dare to say aloud.

I hail from the wonderfully warm world of Memphis, TN. I’ve grown to appreciate the warmth even more since I’ve been in Boston. The weather here is by far, the most random shuffle of unpredictable behavior I’ve had the pleasure (?) of encountering in my 21 years. In a way, the weather in Boston keeps you in shape because it can flip from warm and breezy to frigid and raining at the drop of a hat; you have to be prepared for anything. The great thing about our campus is, you have the option of not going outside all day if you so choose (see Infinite Corridor).

This fall will be the start of my senior year at the Institute (!!!!). I’ve been through a number of different majors but I’ve finally settled on Management Science (Course 15) and I love it!

Other parts of my MIT world include, the MIT Gospel Choir, the IMPACT Movement (Christian Life Group/Community), and being an ambassador for both the Alumni Association and the Admissions Office (with a focus on Minority Recruitment).

Well this concludes my 3-D Blog. Cheers!

10 responses to “3-D Blog!!”

  1. Ben '14 says:

    in case no one beat me: first! sorry for the inaugural annoyance…

    here’s my submission for the song you were hearing:
    “welcome to the blogging world:
    a happy place for boys and girls!
    Come and share your deepest feelings,
    comments fly from your fans, reeling
    over your latest update
    about new shoes? a hot date?
    but you know better–you’re at MIT
    too busy for that–studying Course XV”

  2. Hello, hello!
    Nice meeting you C:
    I’ll be looking forward to hearing more from you in the (near) future! ^ ^

  3. Kerry '15? says:

    Great first post!
    I’m kind of confused by the influx of new bloggers… did I miss the announcement of the contest winners?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice post. smile
    Agreed with Kerry ’15?…can we see a list of all the new bloggers?

  5. Daphne '14 says:

    Hey! Great to have a new blogger. It really excites me that you are part of the MIT gospel choir. I’ve been thinking about trying joining it for a while now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous, Kerry ’15?: I think there are new bloggers (Elijah, Cydnie) so that more seniors are posting. I don’t think the new bloggers (mostly freshmen) have been announced.

  7. Joy says:

    p.s. GOSCHO shoutout!!

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  9. TheRok says:

    CYDNIE! So great to see that you are a blogger! Prefrosh–you will want to read these blogs ’cause theTrice is one cool person. smile