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5 Halloween Costume Ideas for MIT Students by Jenny B. '25

but they're pretty bad

Is this you?

mit student

Are you an MIT student who can’t get in on the October fun because you’re drowning in problem sets? Is midterm season killing your Halloween vibe? No problem! Here are five costumes ideas that’ll get you inspired for a spoOOoky time at MIT!

#1 – Pretend you go to a different tech school

another tech costume

Tired of spelling “Massachusetts”? This is just the costume for you!

Pro: It’s an easy costume to pull off when you promised your friends you’d tag along with them for some Halloween shenanigans, but you procrastinated on what you’d wear to the last minute.

Con: Could be a challenge if you don’t know any other places that aren’t Massachusetts.

#2 – Alchemist

alchemist costume

Show some love for one of the most notable landmarks on campus. You’ll look just like the actual thing!

Pro: The numbers and math jargon really scream “MIT.” Show off that school pride!

Con: (Whether it’s a scream of joy or anguish is a different question.)

#3 – The Integration Bee

bee costume

We’re a few months ahead of the annual Integration Bee, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t buzz about it.

Pro: When the champion of the Integration Bee gets awarded the title of “Grand Integrator,” you get to go up to them and say, “Boy, that really was the bee’s knees!” and then smear honey all over them.

Con: Doing that might make people angry.

#4 – The Beavertaur

beavertaur costume

This is for you Greek mythology fans out there (with a fun Tech twist).

Pro: It’s unique! It’s bold! Is this not how Chiron, the wisest of the centaurs, would have wanted his legacy to be remembered among mankind?

Con: Hard to clean.

#5 – Bananacles, Hero of the Banana Lounge

banana costume

Praise Bananacles, protector of free bananas that give us the strength to continue our day’s journey!

Pro: You have bananas on your head. Nothing can get better than that.

Con: There are no cons. This is perfect.