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Admitted by Decisions

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Congratulations and welcome to the class of 2014! Go ahead and introduce yourselves.

100 responses to “Admitted”

  1. Carlo says:

    @anonymous that replied to me
    I’m from Ohio and swim for Countryside YMCA. You? Our team is gonna kick ass this year.

  2. elizeebeth says:


  3. noob says:


  4. mikabr says:

    So excited! Congrats to everyone!

  5. Rahul Rege says:

    Congrats to everyone who got accepted. If MIT is where you end up going I wish you all the best. Hopefully I’ll be able to join you.

  6. Dad says:

    Hmmm…not too many happy celebrants here. Odd.

  7. Congrats Guys!! We did it! smile

  8. Chandler says:

    I’ll freak out for you! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG hahahaa!!! This is amazing.. congratulations to everyone! :D

  9. Sean '14 says:

    Awesome job everyone! I can’t wait for CPW!

  10. Emily '14 says:

    Ahhhhh! I’m so happy I’m in shock!

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Karen '14 says:

    I got in!!! Congrats everyone!

  13. intleyes says:

    Congratulations to all the EA admits. Kiss your brains, do the happy dance and go hug your family! I know you feel life is great. MIT is your opportunity to make it even better. I am a mom of an EA for the class of ’09. It was a long, wonderfully torturous four years. My son is thriving post graduation from Course 16 (Aero/Astro). Space is the place where he has challenged himself to improve the world. As you drink from the firehose remember to giveback. You will be experiencing one of the most humbling times of your life but it will be so worth it. Good luck to all.

  14. Christina says:

    Congrats to everyone admitted!!!!!!!

  15. Jennifer says:


  16. mit11 says:

    “You will be experiencing one of the most humbling times of your life but it will be so worth it.”

    humbling indeed.

    haha, sorry im in the middle of studying for finals :(

  17. Alireza'14? says:

    Hey “VAL’14”
    You finally removed the question sign beside your name and 14!
    congrats every one!
    I’m an Int student hope to see all of you!

  18. AAAHHHHH!!! I got in!!

  19. Molly says:


  20. Nate '14 says:




    I was actually scared that I’d read the letter wrong, haha. raspberry

    Congrats to everyone!! MIT 2014!

  22. Cilla says:

    I got in smile!!!
    congrats to everyone else who got in!

  23. Angela '14 says:


  24. Rishi says:

    I am so happy right now and I still cannot believe that I have gotten in!
    Congratulations to everyone!

  25. Abhi '14 says:

    Dear future classmates (I hope),



  26. Vivian '12 says:

    For the current MIT students who are procrastinating studying for finals, the excitement of our juniors is somehow uplifting in a way. Celebrate on, ’14s, and congrats =)

  27. '13 says:

    Congrats Everyone! MIT will definitely push you, but you’ll love it even when classes suck because the people here are so awesome and supportive ! smile

  28. Donna '14 says:

    Ahhhhhh!!!! I got accepted!!!!! I’m so happy right now! FUTURE CLASSMATES- CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

  29. Megan '14 says:

    (Insert incoherent shouts of joy.) MIT! This is amazing!

  30. Carlos says:

    yay i got in! so happy.

  31. Nicole Black says:

    SO EXCITED! I want to meet you all so add me on facebook if you have one!

  32. Dae says:

    Got in. Pretty psyched :0

  33. Hala Madrid!!! woohoooo viva PR in MIT!!!

  34. XD '14 says:

    Just looking at the comments across three sections.. we can obviously see how much smarter the admitted sound.. I mean


  35. VAL ('14?) says:

    I got TUBED!!! I can’t wait to meet all of you!

  36. Anonymous says:

    We pwn A- nubs.

  37. Roo says:

    Congratulations, guys!

  38. Louis '14 says:

    Gahhhh I’m rather disappointed that I can’t make all of CPW. I hope they let me come on Friday or Saturday cause I really wanna meet you all :D

  39. Carlo '14 says:

    Anyone joining Swim Team? wink

  40. Tim says:

    So, all of you lucky admits…first of all congratulations, of course wink. Second of all, does anyone want to drop some info on how their application went to put it in perspective for some of deferees? It would be helpful to know what separated me from the EA admits.

  41. Im’a be freshman goalie for v. soccer (i hope … i wish)

  42. Clay '14 says:

    I cannot beleive it…i actually cried a little…well congrats to ervery one that got in!!!! YAY US!!!!

  43. Natalia '14 says:

    @El Puertorro ’14: Yay! ¬°Un compatriota m√≠o! smile

  44. Saraf '14 says:

    I am so happy! I am excited to meet you guys!

  45. Brogan says:

    So exciting!!!

  46. Kris '13 says:

    Congrats prefrosh. Go do a happy dance and prepare for the wildest ride of your life.

  47. Congrats to all the EA admits… we deserve it!!! Please add me on facebook (if you have one), I want to get to know you all before CPW

  48. Camille '14! says:

    OMG, I never thought this would happen to me!

    BTW: I just got the best Captcha ever, “Leonine the.”

  49. Hilary says:


  50. Natalia de donde eres, de Perpetuo o Notre, yo soy Fernando de Adianez

  51. Mike says:

    Hey guys guess what:



  52. VAL '14 says:

    I forgot to take out the “?” above! XD

  53. Paula says:


  54. JJ '14 says:

    Congratulations everyone!!!!! I can’t wait to meet you guys!! I’m still in ohmygoshicanttbelieveitiamsohappymode, ahhhh!!!! :D

  55. Carol says:


  56. FuLanKe says:

    You are right VAL and congratulations to all of you!

  57. Clay says:

    So when do we get our tubes?!? I cannot wait!

  58. Rutu '12 says:

    Congrats guys!! You can breathe now ^__^. Hope to see you all here at CPW! Also, your tubes will probably either have shipped already, or will ship in the next day or two, so you should get them soon. Have fun celebrating ^__^

  59. Anonymous says:

    CARLO I am joining the swim team. Where are you from?

  60. Nic says:

    At MIT when I got the good news :]

    Congrats to everyone, see you next year!

  61. Sidhant says:

    A very articulate ‘WOW’ kinda sums it up smile

  62. Miriam says:

    Wow. I still can’t really believe that this is real…I got in! I’m going to get a tube! The wait is finally over! Time to start making plans for CPW. :D

  63. katie (14!!) says:

    Ahh!!! Guys! Best day ever! Easily.
    Congrats to everyone!!! :]

  64. Joseph '14 says:

    congratulations everyone! can’t wait until the fall…

    call me Joey, only made my account name Joseph to impress admissions (cats outta the bag)

  65. Lindsay '14 says:

    My name is Lindsay and I’m from Arizona. I was accepted as well. I will be joining the gymnastics team and will hopefully be a course 10. Congrats to everyone!

  66. Anonymous says:

    @ Val ’14

    I guess your “tubed” reCAPTCHA was accurate. I read the blogs a million times in the last few days. Haha.

  67. Louis '14 says:

    So, anyone looking to join Theater Groups or A Capella Groups?

  68. Katelyn says:

    I did a 10 second countdown, clicked the button and read the first sentence. I flipped out! Congrats to everyone! I still haven’t finished reading the letter…maybe I will do that now because I really can’t sleep.

  69. Lindsay '14 says:

    Hey, does anyone know when the tubes are coming???

  70. Jordan says:


  71. So this is euphoria. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so much in my life. Thank you MIT admissions!! Hello other future students! Pat yourselves on the back for all your accomplishments…congratulations class of 2014!

  72. Nolan says:

    Almost forgot to check.
    I’m really happy!
    This makes up for being deferred last week.
    Congratulations, everyone!

  73. Justin says:

    Great job guys, I think you really deserve it. =) I won’t be able to see you even if I get accepted like 5 years ahead. You may resume screaming now. =)

  74. Cat says:

    Yay!! Congratulations everybody!!

  75. Tim M. says:

    I was deferred. You who were accepted must be really amazing! Congratulations! Can someone who was accepted describe their application? I want to know how close I was.

  76. kai '14 says:

    MIT! MADE IT THERE! w00t!

  77. Upnorth says:

    you guys should state what states you’re from so we (the deferred) could figure out the 4 states that’s not represented in the EA admits
    Congrats to all!

  78. cretadni says:

    Congratulations! I’m overwhelmed just to be among you all!

  79. Rhys '14 says:

    ACCEPTED! and i have a great story with it too.

    I had a basketball game at 7:30 MT time, so that meant i either had to wait until after the game to check, or bring my laptop into the locker room and check right at 7:00.

    I brought my laptop into the locker room.

    My whole team was watching over my shoulder as i signed in, and then we went out and won the game.


    Congrats to everyone else as well! I look forward to meeting you all!

  80. Natalia '14 says:

    @El Puertorro: Jajaja, ¡de ninguno de los dos! ¡Soy de María Reina! Te voy a buscar en Feisbuk. smile

  81. Puchi '14 says:

    @Louis ’14 — I’m dying to be in the Logarhythms! =)
    I’m also a big theater person…

    And am totally ready to be tubed =)
    Congratulations everyone!!!
    I’m so pumped.

    Funny story: I was gonna record some songs to send Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Columbia tomorrow, but…
    #1) I blew out my voice screaming about how excited I was
    #2) I just really don’t care about those schools anymore. MIT baby!!! =)

  82. Yehna '14 says:

    Congratulations everyone! This is soooooooo exciting!! smile

  83. 2009&2011 says:

    Congrats guys!!!

    The four years I spent at MIT were so wonderful… I signed on for grad school. I met my best friends and accomplished things I never thought possible!!! smile

    Get ready to start drinking from that water hose because you are about to start on a journey you’ll never ever forget.

    Congrats again!

  84. Carrine says:

    Hello MIT class of 2014!!!!!!!!
    Soo glad i got in.
    Congrats to you all.

  85. Oasis '11 says:

    ^ Rhys ’14:

    That was a great story. Congrats! smile

  86. NathanArce says:

    Hey everyone! Congratulations! Here’s the link to the MIT Class of 2014 Facebook Group, created by a current student for all of you~

    All the upperclassmen will be happy to answer any questions you have until you get here! ^_^

  87. Benzi says:

    Thank you, MIT!!!

  88. CONGRATS EVERYONE! I fell down and cried when I saw my acceptance! I am BEYOND excited to meet you all and start my journey at MIT!

    I’m from the gloriously warm San Francisco Bay Area…so I hope I don’t turn into a popsicle by this time next winter! raspberry

  89. Anon says:

    Dear Prefrosh,
    Remember that your coolness level doubles if you break the November rule.

  90. VAL '14 says:

    November rule?

    Dude, I still don’t believe this! I need to print off a copy of the letter or I’ll start second-guessing myself at school today!

    And, yes, CAPTCHA knows all. wink

  91. ET '14 ! says:

    All of the stress from yesterday morning and the excitement from last night is washing over me…it’s still incredibly surreal. I hope to meet you guys during CPW! And congrats once again!

  92. Zeki '14? says:

    Congratulations Everyone who get accepted and also deferred!You can’t know how hard to be denied.No I’m not denied.I’m international and waiting for March.

    I hope I’ll join you few months later.I won’t be able to be tubed:( but meeting all of you will still be great :D…

  93. NathanArce says:

    @Anon [most recent one]

    On top of our cute prefroshies not knowing what the november rule *is*, I think YOU’RE a little off on its actual definition.

    The rule is, “Don’t date the prefrosh/frosh until at least November 1 of their freshman year.” It only applies to upperclassmen. The prefrosh can still have relationships with each other without anyone minding, and if they get into relationships with upperclassmen, it’s the upperclassman’s fault, not theirs. There’s no way for prefrosh to “break the November rule”.