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amongst the stars by Audrey C. '24

a comic

i wish that a giant flying cat would appear before my window, pick me up for a flight amongst the stars and the clouds, and drop me off in the warm embrace of summerOver spring break, I crashed at my recently graduated friend’s place in NYC.  In an attempt to get back part of my soul after what’s honestly been a soulsucking semester so far, I went full-on retail therapy at several bookstores. I bought several comic books, because unlike the average blogger, I suck at reading text novels for fun.

The past two weeks have been … a lot. As a cherry on top, I tested positive for covid this week and am currently languishing in isolation. While I suddenly have so much free time, I don’t feel like doing anything other than admire the art in my new comic books. Alone in Space by Tillie Walden, whose motifs include billowing cloudscapes, mystical cats, and sharp black shadows, inspired me to draw the comic above.

There are a lot of nebulous feelings I’m trying to define and process right now, but I don’t feel like airing that on the Internet. So I’ll just say that I wish I could skip to the end of this particularly difficult semester and the beginning of summer, which I look forward to with cautious optimism.