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B1ner Cribs by Amber V. '24

come see 10+ rooms on Burton 1

It’s been 16 years since the last installment of Burton 1 Cribs, an extensive tour of rooms on B101 For those who don't know us, we're Burton 1, the first floor of Burton Connor! We love the color blue, bones, late night talks, and going on adventures - come say hi at CPW! by Jess. K ’10. A few things have changed — postcard-sized posters are in vogue, and we’re not allowed to paint the walls anymore, but we change the space with wicked lighting setups. So much is the same: our rooms are well decorated with posters and projects, and they’re full of good vibes and other b1ners02 also known as boners. b-one-rs, get it dropping by.

Without further ado, here are 11 rooms:

Emily ’25

Emily: i think i made my room too cozy this year because i just stay in it all day…. i love the way i have it set up. i especially love staring at my line of books on the windowsill i just think its so cute. sometimes people will just knock on my door (or not) and sit on my beanbag and hang out with me which is super fun. two people who are not me have slept in my bed this year lol. shoutout list for doing slap because the framed art really pulls together the room decor and makes me feel like an adult


Nunu, Ria, and Aarushi ’26

our room is decorated with posters and trinkets we’ve each gathered over the past two years.

Nunu: my freshman year, i ended up on b1 by chance but i am so thankful i did. i’ve found life long friends from living here. mit is hard but having b1 and my two roommates as my support system honestly makes it so much fun. i love b1 so much!!!!!!!!!!

Aarushi: i’ve never had a room before that really feels like mine, because all the decor of my childhood bedroom is from when i was a child, and i never spent time decorating my room last year. the room isn’t even just mine, but ria and nunu make our room feel like home.

Ria: B1 is my home!! Every party, study break, or floor event just reaffirms my love for this floor and everyone on it. Our room is so cozy and well decorated and having the best roommates makes it the best living experience I could ask for.

Kyna ’25

Kyna: my room is infinitely sexy. so many people fit in my bed. I love boners!!!!!!!! but seriously, while I couldn’t find the energy to clean my room and take pictures, these are all pictures just from my life :) I’m so happy to have a room where me and my friends can be silly and hang out and play games. also projector and projector screen is mega cool!

Layla and Ronnie, ’26


Layla and Ronnie, two freshmen on floor, have collected so many cool things for their shared room! Featuring: the star light above Ronnie’s bed, which was a group room purchase to create more soft light. Also: the lamp on her desk, which she found in an antique shop while on a family road trip in Texas, and the necklace holder on the wall from a vintage shop in Boston!

Amber ’24

I tried making my room nice this year! I love having all of my books unboxed and on display – even if I don’t have time to read many of them, I love the continuing habit of having them pile up. My tools have become so useful in B1; I’ve loaned out the hammer, pliers, and thimble in the last few weeks (Sofia and Val have tools to share as well).

Val ’24

Selena ’24


“Noooo don’t take a picture it’s too messy” ~Selena

Megha ’25

room w poster saying 'free'

(poster edited because the blogs are not supposed to be political. b1 however is very supportive of political action for those who choose to engage, and we have members in lots of awesome action-oriented clubs!)

Anon ‘2X

Doreen ’24

Tangela ’25

Otherwise known as Taylor and Angela


Our very own blogger AND GRA!! Paolo runs the wackiest, awesomest events. This one involved putting tape on objects around their apartment, drawing on the tape, adding labels to random objects, and eating lots of fruit!


And that’s a wrap! I personally have been wowed by peoples’ creativity and art as I’ve uploaded these pictures — I hope y’all were, too.

Have fun decorating your own rooms next year, wherever you go. And if you’re coming to MIT this CPW, come check out B1! :D

  1. For those who don't know us, we're Burton 1, the first floor of Burton Connor! We love the color blue, bones, late night talks, and going on adventures - come say hi at CPW! back to text
  2. also known as boners. b-one-rs, get it back to text