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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

Be A Blogger 2017! by Chris Peterson SM '13

It’s summer in Cambridge, which means three things:

1) A ten year old girl at nerd camp yelled at me for being part of the globalist illuminati responsible for the common core

2) I’m trying to learn to spin dragon staff

3) It’s time for those of you who might want to be bloggers to let your dreams TAKE FLIGHT

What does it mean to be an admissions blogger?

The mission of the blogs is to help prospective students understand what MIT is like.


Admissions officers can write about holistic admissions authentically, but we can’t write about what it’s like to live in Conner 2, or plan stuff for REX, or UROP, or decide how to pick your classes, or a really cool new thing you learned today in class, and so forth. MIT operates by setting a very high standard of admission to the academic enterprise and then offering those who clear the bar substantial creative autonomy to independently pursue whatever they think is interesting and worthwhile; the blogs are a specific example of the general case.


You should interpret this mandate expansively. At a high level, we are looking for bloggers with good judgment who can write clearly and regularly to help communicate to their readers something about what it’s like to be an MIT student through their own experience. We expect you to blog at least once every two weeks and create other kinds of content as the mood strikes. We may ask you to help advise creative projects in the office and serve as a shibboleth for student culture. We pay you for this. It’s a pretty good gig to be honest. Please note that *only* current MIT students may apply to be bloggers.


If this sounds like something you might like to do, then head on over to Slideroom and fill out the blogger application, due July 22nd. If anything isn’t clear, let me know in the comments or via email!