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best places to sleep on campus by Amber V. '24

for when your bed is far far away

a study is being conducted

on main campus (worst → best)

1. Your 9am class

Teaching · Alexander Amini

this photo is false because classrooms are never this full at 9 am, or indeed any other hour of day

  • cool because scrawled half-finished notes magically appear in your notebook but you have no memory of writing them. they are not very legible but it’s cool that they’re there
  • *should* earn the ire of your professor and thereafter you feel guilty whenever he’s nice to you
  • maybe you are learning through osmosis?

2. Your empty classroom after recitation

  • quiet and empty
  • typically takes place at godly hours, like 1pm, when you are aware of which behaviors do and do not follow societal norms. 
  • desktops get more and more comfortable as the semester goes on
  • sometimes the TA for the next recitation comes in and does a double take, like, “Hey, are you okay?”

3. Course [x]01 x = any integer from 1-24, not to be mistaken for the ChemE Bunker Lounge

  • is loud because people go here
  • also allllll the people know you so they are not like “who is that rando sleeping,” but rather “that is Amber who took that one class with me why is she sleeping here and not banana lounge.”
MIT Office of Innovation on Twitter: "The Banana Lounge (26-110) is once again open to all MIT students and the 2018 upgrades are looking snazzy" / Twitter

why is that beanbag in the sun :( we hate sun it burns

4. banana lounge

  • is good because lots of beanbags are there specifically for sleep. most popular sleep place.
  • however also smells like bananas, and lots of people pour in every half hour
  • less quiet

5. haydenHayden Library Renovation, Building 14

  • it’s not like those couches in front of the teeny tiny circular tables are sought-after real estate
  • but the horror of being perceived. this open floor plan. everybody sees you. sleeping.

6. barker

  • is good because pin-drop silent
  • cold shivery = makes you curl up like a little animal and sleep better.
  • however when your alarm buzzes. everybody stares at you.

    MIT - Barker Library Dome Restoration | John Canning & Co.

    Barker is under the big dome! It is well-lit and very cold.

7. cheney room (closed fall 2022)

  • this room is meant for sleeping. Whenever I go to do work, the lights are low, and everything is all dark and cozy. there are even blankets.
  • accessible only to marginalized genders so no men; sorry folks, it’s ok though you get 2x the number of bathrooms in the meche department.
cross-registrant themed

1. bus to Harvard

  • great but also you gotta wake up in 10 minutesMBTA key bus routes - Wikipedia
  • sometimes you must stand and therefore sleep is not guaranteed

2. your Harvard classroom when you arrive early

  • quiet, regal, majestic
  • your recitation leader either thinks mit kids are overworked or that you personally have an atrocious sleep schedule. You pray for the former. You do not dare ask.

3. Lamont LibraryFind a Space | Harvard Library

  • floor one where there are big soft chairs
  • this one is the best. unfortunately it is not at mit.
  • Harvard is old and traditional so their library has books where you can see them! they are not just self-help books but actual literature. you can even read them if you remember how.
weekend themed

1. the floor of wherever you’re hanging out after a party

idk it feels softer at night

2. your friend’s couch
maybe this is actually the best. Feels warm ‘n’ fuzzy.


Okay that is it that is the lump sum of all the places that have been tested empirically.02 that i am willing to admit to anyway

Where do you nap on campus?

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