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MIT blogger Cami M. '23

Blogger Pets by Cami M. '23

some serotonin for your noggin

Here are our scaled, feathered, and furred companions for your enjoyment.

mel's cat coffee

Name: Coffee

Blogger Owner: Mel N. ’24

Nicknames: coffcoff, baby, sweetie, baobei/宝贝 (baby/treasure in chinese), stinky, bendan/笨蛋 (idiot/”stupid egg”), stinky girl

Notes: these days since i’m not home she’s attached herself to my mom. she’s a bit of a picky eater and likes wet food the most so she goes crazy every time we open a can. also her purrs are very therapeutic although she’s not good at handling tears because whenever i cry in front of her she kinda just looks at me like 👀 …you good? miss her tons


shuli's dog ella

Name: Ella

Blogger Owner: Shuli J. ’22

Nicknames: pup, puppy

Notes: She is a Havanese and weighs ten pounds. She is so freaking small and cute and I love her very much. We usually just call her “pup” or “puppy” (because at heart, even though she’s nine now, she is still a puppy). She doesn’t really like other dogs, but she looooooves all people and getting pets and tummy rubs from everyone and anyone. She also really likes to lie in the sun, which I do as well, so when I’m at home sometimes I’ll sit in the sun and she will nap in my lap. Here is a bunch of photos because it’s so hard to choose between all of this cuteness: She is just a fluffy little chunk of sweetness!!!!


Name: Dom Jr.

Blogger Owner (kinda…): Sabrina M. ’21

Nicknames: Dom, Domithony, dirty little boy, stupid boy

Notes: this is Dom Jr he is a red eared slider. he belongs to my roommate Dominik, though we call him Dom (the person, not the turtle, but also the turtle) who sometimes calls the turtle Domithony though that is not what Dom is short for. i like to call him a dirty little boy because swims in his own poop water and then likes to get too excited when you walk by his tank and splashes water in your face. he’s also affectionately called a stupid boy because he tries to eat your fingers through the glass and never learns his lesson. He eats grapes the size of his head or larger whole by seemingly unhinging his jaw which is amusing to watch.

two dogs coco and louie

Name(s): Coco (left), Louie (right)

Blogger Owner: Paolo A. ’21

Nicknames: Ted Cruz (Coco), Bubba or Woo woo (Louie)

Notes: Coco hates Louie with a passion.


Name: Flora

Blogger Owner(s): Nisha D. ’21 and Ankita D. ’23

Nickname: florey

Notes: this is flora, she is very cute but is becoming a very grumpy old lady who just wants to sleep all day, which i guess i relate to. also i was the one who convinced my family to get her but she won’t give me the time of day, she is truly our mother’s cat

cami's dog snickers

Name: Snickers

Blogger Owner: Cami M. ’23

Nicknames: stinky boy, demon boy, Snix, dumbass, bubba, princess

Notes: My dog is an actual and complete diva and is the most humanlike dog I know. He will sigh really dramatically if you a) talk while he’s trying to sleep or b) are ignoring him and he wants attention. He loves being the center of attention and will squeeze into a spot on the couch even if there is no room for him because he believes he is the #1 priority and deserves space. He sometimes refuses to eat his own dog food because he’s been spoiled with human food so much and thinks that’s what he eats.


Name: Scruffy

Blogger Owner: Cami M.

Nicknames: Scruffs, Scruffers

Notes: Scruffy has a really dear place in my heart. She was my first ever pet I owned. She wandered into our backyard as a stray kitten when I was three years old. She was really scrawny and malnourished and we fed her some random scraps and cleaned her up. She eventually kept on coming back every day and soon after that, we called her ours. She’s always been a gentle cat, even when I was 3 or 4 and would clumsily step on her tail a bit because I lacked motor function. She was extremely patient with me, never bit or scratched, and honestly is the best cat ever. She’s extremely old now — an ancient 15 years — and I always try to go back home to not only see my family, but to see her! She is extremely afraid of people, but if it’s my dad’s side of the family, she stays and hangs around us. She loves being pet and will actually drool if you pet her.