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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Dirty Little Secret? by Bryan

Free concerts rock my socks.

So I began this entry on Sunday night, but am just getting around to finishing it now. I’ll share why. So at home, we had a little pipe burst in the bathroom that decided to spray water all over the house. While fun for the moment, it was not that fun to clean up.

OK…begin the real entry

So this weekend, me and my friend Yonas went to Head of the Charles.

For those of you who don’t know, Head of the Charles, is a regatta where rowers from all over come to race down the Charles River. The MIT crew teams all raced (note remember to post results).


Now crew is a pretty big sport at MIT. This is one of the few sports that you can just really start learning when you get to MIT. I have a few friends who row crew, and they really enjoy it. It’s a good way to avoid the Freshman 15.

Also, this year was the second year for Row-a-palooza, a series of free concerts. This year’s headlining band was THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS.


The concert was really awesome aside from the crazy moshpit kids who were doing roundhouse kicks within 3 feet of me, but aside from that it was a lot of fun.


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