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Early Action: Deferred by Decisions

A forum.

We had a record number of Early Action applicants this year, and unfortunately we could not take all of them. If your decision was deferred, then we will reconsider your application anew in Regular Action.

We’ll have some additional advice and instructions for Deferred students shortly. In the meantime, please feel free to use this forum to chat.

100 responses to “Early Action: Deferred”

  1. That was disappointing. At least our odds are still better than the people who are just doing regular (8% vs 6.5% based on last year).

  2. Ali says:

    oh WOWOW!! I was totally expecting rejection! Thank God, keep hope!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I knew it would happen but it’s still stressful.

  4. Ali says:

    oh WOWOW!! I was totally expecting rejection! Thank God, keep hope!!

  5. Paul says:

    Aside from the suspense of waiting for the page to load along with thousands of others, the deferment wasn’t as heartbreaking as I thought. I guess now I have to wait anxiously for March. *sigh* Congratulations to the select few that made it though. *goes to sulk in a corner*

  6. Teresa says:

    ;( Awwww….So close. All that stress waiting for a decision, and now I have to wait a few more months.

  7. Michael says:

    in a good mood. got deferred which was the best i was hoping for. now to wait till pi day its already in my calendar

  8. John Y. says:

    I was really hoping to get accepted. It is pretty disheartening to see the only school that I pictured myself at deferring me. Well, I guess I still have a chance. Good luck to the rest of you deferred applicants too.

  9. Anthony says:

    Ahh, a least I’m still in the running.

  10. Emily says:

    sigh… hey its better than denied right?

  11. Tanner Cook says:

    Ahhhh so close, I’m not worried though March entry here I come!!!

  12. Kirtan says:

    Atleast I didn’t get rejected.

  13. Luke says:

    I’ll join y’all over here….. better than getting rejected right?

  14. Dillon says:

    Not rejected!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

  15. JXC says:

    WAHHH, oh well… Better luck in RD. :C

  16. Samantha says:

    I’m bummed but now I’m anxiously waiting for March! Good Luck to everyone who got deferred!

  17. Lewin says:

    Now, we all just have to wait another 3 months…

  18. Chad says:

    What are the chances of being accepted RD after being deferred EA?

  19. Ryan says:

    I hoped I’d get in now. Oh, well, guess we find out in March…

  20. RS '14 says:

    This is coming from a current student who was deferred…I wanted to pop over here and tell you guys that really, being deferred is not a rejection! (: Good luck to you all, and please don’t go crazy over the wait. ^^

  21. Ash P says:

    on one hand, i knew it was inevitable. on the other hand, it still hurts.

    and yeah, i want to know what the chances of being accepted RD after being deferred EA are too.

  22. Lynsey says:

    More waiting… Oh well. It’s not a no!

    Can we retake SATs and send them before March?

  23. Allyson says:

    I thought I’d be rejected flat out, so at least I get a second chance…I hate waiting though. And I’m really doubtful. I mean, what are the odds?

  24. Paul says:

    I guess the worst thing to come out of this (other than that inexplicable joy of being accepted v_v) is that now we need to fill out other college apps. Not looking forward to that.

  25. Derek says:

    WHEW, this was stressful… Good luck everyone at RD!

  26. Paul says:

    Oops, mis-wrote that. I meant “other than not experience that joy”. Blah, I’m flustered. I’ll stay on long enough to learn what I can do to increase my RD chances then go cry in a corner again.

  27. Stephanie says:

    Thank the lord that it was not denied, now time to relax and wait for round two! smile

  28. Sarah says:

    and the suspense continues…

    @Everyone wondering
    9.6% of the deferred got in last year

    Do we seriously find out on Pi Day? That’s pretty awesome smile

  29. Erik says:

    I guess we should be doing the rest of those applications now.

  30. Rahil says:

    Well on the upside, March will come really quickly. Build season for robotics starts in about 3 weeks smile
    Anyone else do FRC?

  31. Theo Pak says:

    ^^ RS ’14, thanks for the encouragement! I guess this is better than being flat-out denied, right?

    Congrats to those who were admitted and good luck to the rest of us. 3 more LONG months to come…

  32. Mike says:

    Oh man, not another three months of waiting. :( But at least there’s still hope, I guess.

    I really can’t imagine going to any other college.

  33. JXC says:

    Now time to work on my other (18) apps…

    Shame, since MIT was my first choice. D:

    But we got to remember that any college we attend will be a great experience, even if it doesn’t end up being MIT. smile Keep your hopes up, everyone, and stay optimistic.

  34. Snively says:

    No worries guys, I’m waiting until March as well. I applied to MIT Grad School and am as anxious as all of you to find out if I’ll get in. Just do something fun in the mean time!

  35. Anna says:

    On the bright side, the probability of our getting accepted is higher than that of regular decision applicants…

    Still, disappointing to have to wait!

  36. Haley says:

    how many were deferred this year?

  37. ik says:

    Well, I got deferred. I just wonder what my chances are now. Not too disappointing yet. anybody know where numbers are reported?

  38. dextina says:

    lets be optimistic. I can’t come up with something clever or inspiring, I’m just hoping to stop feeling like this. I kind of feel like I’m stuck in neutral and there’s nothing I can do about it. So let’s keep applying and que sera, sera.

  39. Daniel says:

    Well, I guess deferred isn’t so bad. Even more, getting deferred from MIT is quite an achievement! Let’s keep our hopes up and try hard!

  40. Rahil says:

    Yeah, I just noticed you were on Chief Delphi yesterday. Small world, I suppose.

  41. Andrew says:

    I was not rejected! YES!!!

  42. Conor says:

    Those ten minutes of waiting to see my decision felt like a long time… but now I have months. Alas.

  43. David K says:


    Well Paul, having been deferred and then admitted regular action last year, hopefully I can share my thoughts with you on what to do next.

    I’d say the best way to increase RD chances is to make the most of the mid-year report. It is more than just grades, it also allows for an activities update. Feel free to even share your favorite joke! (I think people did it last year lol). I included an inspirational quote by Feynman on it.

    Basically, being deferred means that your application was really good but you didn’t stand head and shoulders above everyone else, so admissions is going to wait for the RD applicants and re-evaluate. I recommend that you look at your application, think about how you could have improved it to give MIT a better sense of who you are, and then include those important details on your midyear report. I don’t remember having too much space on my midyear report last year, but there definitely was enough for me to say what I had to say. I can definitely attribute part of the reason why I was accepted RD to what I wrote on my midyear report.

    And despite this, not all of you are going to make it during regular decisions. That’s okay. MIT is not for everyone, even if you are really smart. If you don’t go to MIT, you still can succeed if you work hard. I don’t go to MIT and I am happy. My college experience is very different from the experience I would have had at MIT, and I know that I sacrificed a lot by turning MIT down, but my future is just as bright.

    Just my 2 cents. Good luck in March!

  44. Abbhi says:

    Crap. Hopefully get through RD.

  45. Carrie says:

    We should all be flattered such a fantastic school is even considering us. Good luck in RD everyone, and stay awesome!

  46. Corey K says:

    Alright deferred crowd, let’s stay strong and do our best in round two.

  47. Hannah says:

    Despite being thankful I was deferred and not denied, I really just wanted to know. Congrats to those who got in, condolences to those who didn’t, and good luck to everyone who was deferred!

  48. alyssa says:

    since we’re deferred can we retake subject tests in january and still send them in to be considered as part of our application for reg.decision?

  49. Japheth says:

    Good luck to all here as well! Hopefully we’ll get in RD! Statistics aren’t too bad for admission from the deferred pool — 7.9% (vs. the 6.5% from the regular pool)

  50. Gator says:

    Maybe some of us could get together and cure cancer before rd.

    Might increase our odds!

  51. @ Anon – totally with you on that one

  52. karan sikka says:

    I learned html, css, javascript, made a website, worked my butt off in research, genuinely made attempts to improve my community, and so much more, but it wasn’t enough.

    Fun fact: last year, less than 7% of deferred applicants were accepted in regular decision.
    That translates to an average of 2 people accepted per pool of 25 deferred applicants.
    2 out of 25. Are you in the top 2? Set your expectations realistically, but never stop
    striving for the best.

    For the MIT admissions, maybe you should considering rejecting more people rather than stringing us along. “Defer” offers a shining light at the end of the tunnel, that is hope. MIT is like the hot girl who leads on the cute nerd boys, even though 93% of them are bound to be rejected. Yet still, I can’t help but dream about going to school at MIT. Please, MIT, be a little less flirtatious with our dreams.

    Good luck to all! May the best applications win.
    And for the other 93%, don’t sweat it, we all find our place in the world.

  53. Jonathon says:

    Well, I’m content with being deferred, it’s definitely better than rejection. Although I would have liked to know; I guess the drama will continue for another three months now.

  54. alyssa says:

    since we’re deferred can we retake subject tests in january and still send them in to be considered as part of our application for reg.decision?

  55. Connor P says:

    And so the waiting begins anew…

    See you all on πday!


  56. Devan says:

    Darn, was so sure I was going to be accepted. Oh well, deffered isn’t so bad, at least there’s still hope. By they way, have any of you read The Escapists’ article about MIT’s puzzle competition? It sounds incredible! I sure hope I get into this school, it is just so amazing.

  57. Piper '12 says:

    Good luck to all those deferred! Remember that deferral means that MIT thinks you’ll be competitive for regular action. I know plenty of people here who were originally deferred and ultimately accepted, so keep the hope alive smile

  58. Tam says:

    can i just say that this forum has really cheered me up. thanks for the witty comments everybody. good luck smile winter break is soon so yay!

  59. Roget says:

    Deferral to me means: I get to keep leading on the kids in my AP Chem class every day on whether or not I’ll get in. Silly people raspberry

  60. Sadia says:

    I am deferred and happy, an unusual combination, but still, at least I wasn’t rejected. I will remain hopeful, but there are other options, too. Though I still prefer MIT. =] Good luck everyone.

  61. Robby says:

    Congrats to those who made it early smile

    now to open and play Assassins Creed Brotherhood all night to take my mind off the long wait until pi day. (snow day tomorrow or else I’d be taking my mind off it with an essay)

  62. Hey everyone,

    I know some of you are pretty disappointed about being deferred. I just want to point you to this blog post, which never fails to give me hope that the college admissions process might actually be all right:

    I know Ben’s not at MIT anymore, but his advice still applies and I’m sure that the rest of the MIT adcom shares his views as well. So please, keep your head up, knowing that you were not simply just forgotten and thrown aside, but that real people actually really cared about you.

    Keep your head up and smile. You just got deferred by the best school in the country. I know you are worth it. smile

  63. Angeal says:

    Question – can we send supplements (such as a music supplement) after the RD deadline of Jan. 1?

  64. Brandon says:

    I’m ecstatic, and you should all be as well. Some of the brightest minds of the world apply here, and the institution that boasts quite possibly the highest concentration of intellect per square foot is considering us! :D A job well done in my book.

    On a completely separate note (I’m assuming an overwhelming majority of you are physics enthusiasts), the data from the Large Hadron Collider isn’t looking so hot. And I’d just finished reading Brian Greene’s “An Elegant Universe.” Anyone else as frustrated as I am? Heh.

  65. The Long wait ends with a beginning of a longer wait. Great. Best of Luck to everyone.

  66. King says:

    Life wouldn’t be fun without uncertainty

  67. Matt says:

    Ugh, now I have to finish all of those other college applications…but I suppose I should stay optimistic.

  68. Doodle says:

    I have that book lying next to me with 8 pages left and you just encouraged me to finish it, thanks smile

  69. Kristine says:

    Hey, I feel like I’m part of the crowd. Yeah, go deferred people!

  70. Teagan says:

    MIT is my dream school. I’m just glad they’re giving me another chance.

  71. JT Sanabria says:

    Haha why’s everyone so down, this is MIT. I got acceptance letters from 5 schools prior to seeing my deferment, and i think my deferment made me happier haha. Good luck to everyone and happy holidays.

  72. Surya ('15?) says:

    Somebody said from the comments that some people were going to have a bad week. But I’m not going to! Thank you MIT for giving me another chance to voice myself! It’s my dream to study at MIT and I’m extremely grateful that you are reconsidering me as a worthy applicant smile

  73. Angela says:

    Question – can I submit a music supplement after the RA deadline (so after 1/1)?

  74. Saad says:

    woot woot more waiting ^^

  75. Aaron S. says:

    So glad not rejected.
    2380 (780M lol)
    assuming quarter grades were the biggest no-no for me. Lets hope my semester grades do the trick!

    also, anyone knwo the approx. ratio of acceptance:rejection:deferral?

    good luck to deferrees, rejectees, keep your heads up, and acceptees–congrats!!!

  76. Cam H says:

    Well, I was pretty disappointed. MIT’s always been my dream school… but I guess there’s still Regular Admission. :/

  77. Josh says:

    Meh, worst part about getting deferred is that we have to wait until March to figure out where we’re going to school.
    To the admits, congrats
    To the rest of the deferred; shit happens my friends, take it in stride =)

  78. Alyson says:

    For 2010 admissions, there were 5,684 early action applicants – of which 3,893 applicants were deferred to regular action. Less than 9% of the 3,893 were accepted.

    *These numbers from MIT Media Relations website.

  79. Chris J. says:

    Hey there everyone,

    So I just got back from my “Kaleidoscope” concert and checked my MIT admission – deferred. First thought, Wow… It’s another 3 months before I can get a decision? Accepting that left me wondering exactly how early admissions broke down this year with # of admits, defers, and rejections?

    I’m incredibly thankful to still be considered again in RA – Congrats to everyone accepted, and hang in there to everyone like myself. Best Wishes and Merry Christmas!

  80. Anonymous says:

    being deferred is like saying “Oh here’s your acceptance!” “Oh yeah!!” “LOL jk. It probably won;t happen”

  81. Cody says:

    Hi, My name is cody and I was deferred from MIT:

    Hey! That probably means I’m gonna go to an awesome college next year, even if it isn’t in Cambridge.(And that goes for all of us!)

    It may seem like just another waiting game until march, but there’s so much that you can do between then and now. Go do something you love to do! take a day and go reread your favorite book series! have a deferral party with some friends! Build a robot that totes around Christmas lights! and after you do that, go write about it: it should be awesome. That’s what I wish I had done for my MIT essays, but hey; it’s my first time applying to college.

    I think the most important thing to remember is next year, you’re gonna be happy. That said, don’t forget that there’s still a year between now and then: do the best you can!

    and for those feeling a bit stoic with their decision, I find this always helps:

    Best wishes to everyone!

  82. Meg ('13) says:

    Hey everyone – I know you’re going to be hearing this a lot, but keep your heads up. I was hanging out with three friends tonight and found out that the three of them were all deferred (and I was actually wait-listed). There’s still a chance!

  83. Mike says:

    Hey, at least we weren’t outright rejected. Chances are, we’ll still end up at awesome colleges doing awesome things. Even if not MIT, we’re just destined to be big fish. Think about it: your app is so good that one of the hardest-to-get-into universities in the nation. Anyway, this made me feel alot better. Hope it helps some of you guys!

  84. Andy Su says:

    Dear all,

    Woot Woot! Still in the running!

    Best of luck everyone! In the meantime, I suppose we’ll should keep our hopes up, and continue being awesome. And also remember to remind the MIT admissions officers of how you stayed awesome.

    Best regards,

    PS. Great post, Insorak (’15), thanks for the link.
    PPS. Have a great winter break everyone! This’ll be a great time to revise our applications and goals!

  85. Ryan F says:

    Good thing I worked on telling myself I would get deferred, even when everyone was saying I would get in. >.Good thing I worked on telling myself I would get deferred, even when everyone was saying I would get in. >.< Onwards to Pi Day (if those rumors are true, though the deferred notice said late March). Good luck to all in the deferred boat, and congratulations to all those who were accepted. Hope to see you there!

  86. sadface says:

    Ahhhhh :/ I really wanted a tube

  87. Anonymous says:

    I’m happy such a great school is still considering us. Being deferred is better than being rejected. Hang in there; there’s still hope. Best of luck to all.

  88. Deferred '13 says:

    Hi, all! I just wanted to pipe up and say that I, too, was deferred and then accepted! smile There is hope! After I got deferred, I had a freak out melt down, because I didn’t think I was good enough to get in anywhere else — don’t let that happen to you! You ARE awesome! Don’t apply to just Ivies, etc., get some safeties! I cannot stress this enough! Find some safeties where you can see yourself being happy!

    And remember — even if you don’t get into MIT, it’s JUST A PLACE. You can learn and thrive and grow intellectually literally ANYWHERE if you are serious about it. If you’re just thinking about MIT as a name on a diploma and a stepping stone to money and an awesome job, that’s not the right attitude. MIT has an atmosphere for thinking and creating, but those are things YOU can do at any college. Good luck!

  89. Ava says:

    ahh! I’m so happy i’m at least still in the running; winter break is definitely a needed break ^_^

  90. Danny '12 says:

    Hey dudes! I remember I was feeling down when I got deferred, but I think the deferral just made it even more amazing when I got the acceptance letter in March. I know a lot, I mean A LOT of brilliant people at MIT who were deferred and got their acceptance letters three months later. So hang in there.
    Also, spend this weekend partying or something. I’ll remember the awesome time I had on my post-deferral weekend for the rest of my life. This is a milestone, and a cause for celebration.

  91. kit15 says:

    I got deferred as well, but I’m glad I did. At least I have another chance!

    Are we allowed to send an additional essay or recommendation in addition to the mid-year report?

    Or, I think the better question would be, what are we not allowed to send? (videos, arts supplements, award certificates?)

  92. Alex S says:

    There is hope! smile

  93. kirsten says:

    le sigh…deferred. On the upside, it means I’m still in the running; on the downside, I really don’t like to be strung along like this so….Yeah, guess time for other apps now. hmmm

    good job to all the people who did get in though!

  94. milito says:

    Last night, I was so disappointed that I couldn’t even cry. I just sat there thinking how could it have happened. But it hurt so much.
    I poured my soul into the application. I wrote about life. What I loved. I shared my dreams, my hobbies, my aspirations. I read the “Match between you and MIT” over and over again and thought I was the perfect match. I had all the qualities. I could see myself there, happy. It feels like my school.
    But it wasn’t so.
    I know a deferral meant a second chance, but this dealt a heavy blow to my perception of my match to MIT. It’s really hard to take in. I truly thank everyone who wrote comforting words, but nothing can comfort this feeling of unwanted.

  95. '14 says:

    sudden realization: 1 year ago on this day, I was crushed to read the long-anticipated deferral letter. Following that, during the hectic scramble to assemble 11 other applications in 2 weeks, I convinced myself that MIT was absolutely not meant for me, and the deferral was actually a blessing in disguise to introduce me to the ins and outs of other, much better-fitting schools…

    1 year later, here I am, having just finished my last final of my first semester and reflecting on what a spectacular whirlwind first semester it was, how much I love MIT, and how glad I am I didn’t lose faith in its potential to be a match for me…

    so keep your heads up kiddos! if you have a busy 2 weeks coming up, so be it, but just take it as an opportunity to explore other options while exploring yourself…hard emotions might be running wild at this point, but just keep an open mind, don’t stress too much, and everything will work itself out in the end smile