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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

fpop-ing by Bryan

I haven't worn a poncho since the third grade.

So over the past couple of days, our FPOP has done some pretty cool stuff.

Day One:
– we heard a talk from a postdoc, Lyle Simmons, on DNA repair. Lyle will also be teaching 7.341, Not Just a Bag of Enzymes: DNA Dynamics in the Tiny Bacterial Cell, in the Fall.
– we toured the Broad Institute where they sequenced part of the human genome.


– we walked through Boston Common
– we watched Sharks3D at the New England Aquarium


– a free performance courtesy of some street performers


– we ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe
– we wore ponchos while having pureed bananas thrown on us at Blue Man Group


– a tour of IPI pharmaceuticals where we heard how a drug goes from an idea to production
– lunch at DeCordova Sculpture Park


– a nature talk and swimming at Walden Pond
– bio movie marathon including Gattaca and Aliens in 6-120



Orientation is by far one of the most exciting times of the year. There’s just a lot of things going on that are pretty exciting, and for all of you ’09s reading this, I encourage you to participate in all of it as Jessie and Mollie have both also said. I can say this from experience. It’s a lot of fun; don’t miss out.

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