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MIT blogger Rona W. '21

happy year of the rabbit by Rona W. '23

featuring the wilg bunnies

Happy Lunar New Year!! My living group, WILG, has pet bunnies, and conveniently, it is the year of the rabbit, so of course we had to incorporate them into our celebrations. Enjoy these photos!

two rabbits wearing red hats

we made hats for the bunnies

a bunny underneath new years decorations

munch munch

bunnies in hats and a hand

the hats would not stay on for very long

three people inside a bunny cage

inside the bunny pen with maya r. & athena s.

the crafts we made

all the decorations we made, hanging on the wall. thank you to everyone who helped out!

scallion pancakes and dumplings

scallion pancakes & dumplings from h-mart