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Rona W. '21

MIT blogger Rona W. '21


The name's Rona, which stands for Return On Net Assets. No joke.

I'm from Portland, Oregon, which means I think tap water from any other city tastes inferior. I entered MIT as part of the class of 2020, but spent a gap year working at a startup in New Zealand.

I spend a lot of time making up stuff, and my debut short story collection, Cranesong, was published by Half Mystic Press in February 2019. Other things I enjoy include: bubblegum pop from the late 00's, discrete math, boba with salted cheese (it sounds gross but tastes amazing), and 11:59 p.m. deadlines. My favorite meme is Pikachu's surprised face.

Feel free to reach out at or rona [at] mit [dot] edu!