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MIT student blogger Jenny X. '13

It’s like finding candy in your pocket… by Jenny X. '13

MIT in the media - Always a treat.

MIT is incredibly wired; wi-fi all over the campus. Students are likewise very into the Internet as you may have guessed, and as it should be in my opinion.

I’m sure we all fall victim to surrendering minutes and hours to the Internet – aka procrastination. But is it me or are we all getting desensitized to the negative connotation of procrastination so that now it has become you know, a staple part of our day?

– Hey whatchu up to? 


I don’t blame us. The Internet these days is filled to the brim with appealing content – things to make us laugh (memes), things to make us react in one way or another (Linsanity), things to make us stalkers (Facebook)… just kidding.

But sometimes!

When I stumble upon neat stuff about my professors, I feel just a tad bit redeemed.

Two examples from this past week.


I was scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard (Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform by the way).

Usually it’d look something like this:

New Yorker cartoon and a Jay-Z&Beyoncé picture (I’m a big fan.)

But on one very exciting day last week, I saw this:

Ok so Beyoncé is still there, but SAY WHAT? What is that interesting looking house with a seemingly robot face on the siding?

I follow several Tumblrs that post pictures of fresh designs in architecture, etc. Usually I just look and admire, but this one I recognized. It’s a design by my current architecture studio professor William O’Brien. Needless to say, I was excited and promptly took a screenshot to share with everyone I knew. (You can read more about this work and others here)

Then I went back to work. Possibly.


Several days passed and I was frolicking about online. Then someone tipped me off about a MIT professor in Fast Company’s article, “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies“.

I flipped and flipped and flipped through the pages until I saw this:

(Images belong to Fast Company)

Jan Wampler! My studio professor from last semester! If you’ve been following my posts, you might remember that I wrote about how one studio project last semester had us build our own shelter out of bamboo and canvas. Well, Jan took that project one step further in light of the Occupy Movement and worked to figure out shelter possibilities for Occupy protesters.

And that’s the story of how procrastination doesn’t get your work done – at all. But it does bring up points of interest.

The End.


6 responses to “It’s like finding candy in your pocket…”

  1. Nilanjan says:

    Yeah!! First to comment.
    Hmph! that house is definitely cool.Much more like transformers!
    i dunno, it may change into Optimus Prime!

  2. Abhishek says:

    The design of that house is incredible! Are you an active Tumblr user, or do you use it more as a source of daily humor and news?

  3. rfong'12 says:


  4. Madelyn James says:

    I liked your blog. I am curious, what makes you Blog on MIT’s admission page? Are you encouraged to do so? Do you feel you want to express your opinions and share them with others who may be interested in MIT? How does Social Media drive you and play a role in your life at MIT and your overall educational experience.

  5. Jenny '13 says:

    @ Nilanjan – Now that’s a freaky (but cool) thought!
    @ Abhishek – Active user! Will remain unnamed unless you find me raspberry
    @ Madelyn – Thank you! In big picture, I blog because I think my experiences/observations will offer a glimpse at what MIT students do, what MIT students think about, for both interested students and other curious readers. And on the side, sometimes I also have personal thoughts that I would like to share with a greater audience, which can be accomplished through this platform. Social media plays a huge role in my life and educational experience. I could say a lot about it, but simply put, social media to me is a vital connection to the rest of the world – people, places, news happening outside of my immediate surroundings.

  6. AngelaW.'13 says:

    whoaaaaaa love Jan he is so adorable smile