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MIT student blogger Jenny X. '13

LIGHTS. by Jenny X. '13

pretty pretty

As you may or may not know by now, this past semester has been a flood of celebrations – all to commemorate MIT’s 150th year. These celebrations have been covered here and there on the blogs (Convocation, Public Art, special library archives, etc.)

Well I’m here to share some photos from this past weekend’s celebration – FAST Light (Festival of Art Science & Technology…and LIGHT!) All semester, professors, graduate students, researchers from the Department of Architecture, Urban Planning, Media Lab, and more have been filling up the campus with incredible installations showcasing the result of MIT’s technological prowess meshed with the most creative minds. It all culminated this weekend in the light festival all over campus. See a full list of installations here.

Without further ado, LIGHTS in the river!


Liquid Archive

Light Drift

(Those orbs in the river actually correspond to orbs on land. My friend and I are sitting on a land orb as it changes color.)

I have to say, I wish every year was MIT150.

8 responses to “LIGHTS.”

  1. Aman Jain says:

    The most awesome and spectacular moments that one could spend seeing the most beautiful things in an entire lifetime ,,, This would really be “IT” …

  2. Arjun says:

    Wow! this is truly brilliant and amazing. I love it! Its amazing what MIT can do.

  3. DanielG says:

    If anything could justify light pollution (*cough* astronomer speaking *cough*) this would be it. Wow!

  4. Hisham7 says:

    Wonderful !!!
    The reflection is adding a great touch too!

  5. To me the Liquid Archive’s the best! The might of MIT in arts!

  6. CJ '15 says:

    Same here, wish this was during CPW! i really wouldve loved to see it… oh and random thought, the title of this post immediately made me think of a song i like by the same name: lights by ellie goulding, check it out!=D

  7. Parth MIT'15 says:

    I wish that this would have happenedd during CPW :(