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many pink dresses by Amber V. '24

come to 2.009 :D

There are four pink dresses in my room.

Presentations for MIT’s most well-known MechE capstone, 2.009: Product Design, are coming up this Monday. There are six teams — Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink — and we’ve each come up with a unique product, and have spent the last several weeks building them in lab. We’re so excited to launch (and to finally sleep after the launch). Tune in to our presentation!!!

I’m one of the presenters for Pink Team, but I own two pink articles of clothing: a crop top originally purchased for Barbie, and a t-shirt given to me by 2.009. So I asked my floor, B1, if anyone had a pink dress I could borrow. I asked my teammates, too. And everyone delivered! In the last two days I’ve been offered four dresses to try on. Just seeing them in my room fills me with warmth and reminds me to cherish the community we have here.

mirror selfie with a pink dress

observe the crags of shadow underneath my eyes. when i dream the dreams are of circuit boards

four pink dresses