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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

Missing Document Deadline Extended to Wednesday by Chris Peterson SM '13

Based on a high volume of document submissions generated by my previous post, we are now extending the deadline for submission of missing documents to this Wednesday, February 1st, at 5 PM ET. This is a mighty good time to login to MyMIT and make sure everything is in!

To recap, you may send your missing documents in via:

  • Docufide
  • Fax at 617.687.9184

Fax is the most reliable way to get us a document. It is automagically digitzed and put into our system, and today we have already received over a thousand faxes and are working on processing them. In a small number of cases – almost entirely international students in India – there has been some difficulty sending faxes. While we’re not exactly sure why this is happening, or where the breakdown is occurring, but if this glitch is affecting you, you may, in the short run, have your teacher or guidance counselor email a scanned PDF of the missing document to admissions [at] mit [dot] edu. If we need to follow up for confirmation, we will. Please only email the document if the fax option has repeatedly failed for you. Faxing the document is quicker and easier for you and for us.

Additionally, I received a number of comments on my last post from students concerned about missing test scores that they had sent some time ago. When I followed up with those individuals, in almost every case the same thing had happened, which is that the student had registered for the test with slightly different information (a different spelling of name, or choice of last name, or address, or high school) than they had used for applying via MyMIT. When this happened our system creates two records for a single individual – one with the scores, and one with everything else – because of the different data asssociated with the documents.

If you are missing scores and you are positive that you sent them to MIT via the appropriate testing organization, it is very likely the case that it is because of this dual record problem. Please email admissions [at] mit [dot] edu and alert them to differences which may exist between your MyMIT information and your SAT/ACT/TOEFL/etc information so that we can work on merging those records for you.

Don’t be worried! We are here to help you get your information to us. Thanks for quickly sending in missing documents, and we’ll get them processed as fast as we can.

62 responses to “Missing Document Deadline Extended to Wednesday”

  1. Hi Chris,

    My name is Vasant Challapally. I just wrote my SAT Subject Test on Saturday which I pre-sent them to MIT. The “Testing Requirements” box is still not checked off, is that a problem?

    Thank you.

  2. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    If you took from this most recent testing date then we would not have it yet because CB has not yet sent it to us.

  3. vk says:

    You wont believe this!
    I was just writing an email to the admission office and i logged into my mit account again (I had just logged in 5 mins back) and my Toefl scores were there!

    What are the odds!

  4. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:


  5. vk says:

    YOU BET !!!

  6. Jonathan Adam says:

    On the first email that I was sent about my missing documents, I was told that I should wait at least 5 business days before contacting the office about any materials still missing. I faxed my missing letter as soon as I could, on Friday. According to the mail, this means I should only mail on Thursday should it still be missing.
    However, this is AFTER the submission deadline.
    This situation confuses me a little bit. Does this mean that my application is cancelled if my letter did not come through this time round? Or does the “5 business days” refer to finding an opportunity to still submit my letters?

  7. Dheeraj , ind. says:

    “almost entirely international students in India – there has been some difficulty sending faxes”………………………………………. yes it is !!

  8. vk says:

    The fax situation reminds me that i tried sending supplemental documents and the fax got disconnected due to a power cut. I reconnected approx 20 seconds later and sent the remaining docs, however i did not include a new cover sheet…… was all so spontaneous.
    Will that be a problem?

  9. Dheeraj , ind. says:

    when sending fax my dad and fax-walla said that their is a problem from other end.
    i said they are the best technical university, how could they have a problem !!

    dad told joked …. it is always the swimmer who sinks smile

  10. Aman Jain says:

    Thank GOD .. Thanks a lot Chris you really made my day .. Umm as for te question is it necessary to send the supplemental document cover sheet ?? I mean I don’t have the pdf version and now the links are gone so will it ok if I attach a custom made cover sheet ?

  11. Dheeraj , ind. says:

    and do we need to send transcript of class 9 too ? i have scanned 10 and 11 suffcient

  12. Oliver Gregory says:

    Hi Chris,

    I recently re-took the Subject Tests (January 28) and the scores are being sent as soon as they are available. Should I let admissions know that the new scores are being sent? If so, how should I do this (letter, email, etc)?

    Many thanks

  13. Moe says:

    Hello Mr. Peterson,

    Just a question – To the applicants who submitted additional material, are we guaranteed that the material in question will be taken into account as a part of the application?

    Thank you very much.

  14. Roland says:


    I am writing to make sure that this news is, in fact, true. Please respond.

    Thank you,


  15. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    Yes Roland.

  16. Lakshya V Datta says:

    Dear Mr. Peterson,

    I am a prospective transfer student for the Fall of 2012 at MIT. I could not find a recent blog on transfer admissions, so I thought I would use this one instead.

    I have a BIG problem. I was supposed to give my SAT Subject Tests on the 28 of January 2012. I live in the hostel of my current college which is about 300 Kilometers away from my testing center. Even though I started my journey well in advance, unforeseeable weather conditions delayed my bus and I was not able to reach my testing center on time. So I missed both my subject tests.

    The administration told me to reappear on the 5th of May 2012, but I am afraid that would be too late.

    Please guide me through this problem and inform me whether I am still eligible to apply to MIT or not.


    P.S. I hope no one other than Mr. Peterson would try to answer this question. No offence, but, I really need an experienced person to talk to at the moment. smile

  17. Abhilasha Kamboj says:

    I received an email from the admissions office that my high school transcript is missing. I contacted my school office and they told me that they mailed all the letters enclosed in one envelope. My twelfth class mark sheet was sent along them. Later, I mailed copy of my mark sheet through fax. But still, the box corresponding to the ‘secondary school report and transcript’ is not checked yet. What should I do?

  18. Nelson Moreno says:

    Dear Chris,

    I wrote on my application that I was taking two SAT subject tests on Jan 28 (Math 2 and physics). Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I have my Academic Decathlon competition on the same day. It was my mistake and because of it I only had time to take the SAT II for physics. The good news is that I have previously taken the SAT II for math so I have both my science and math SAT requirement. The only problem now is that I said on my application that I would be retaking the math but I couldn’t. I just wanted to let you know that the SAT scores you will be receiving have the SAT II for math that I took during 2011 and the physics that I took Jan 28.

    Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

  19. Shreya says:

    Hi Chris,
    I had faxed the missing documents from a public faxing machine as our school doesn’t have a faxing machine of their own. Is that a problem? I had sent the documents in the same way last time and only the two evaluations were processed. If it doesn’t turn up by Wednesday will I have time to fax or have them scanned and sent as PDF files again? I’m a little confused about that.
    Also, I took the TOEFL test on the 14th of this month and the website says that they will send the university the scores by the 16th of Feb. Is that OK? I already know my score because it is out on their website. Can I send an email with the scores or just wait till they send them to you?

  20. Drew Dycus says:

    Hello Chris,
    I have just taken the SAT Subjects tests as of Saturday so I understand those grades are not in yet, but my ACT scores were sent in months ago. I am now worried that they were never sent in because up until now I have just assumed the test scores will not be checked off until all test scores are sent in.

    Should the ACT scores be checked off on my tracking list or will nothing be checked off until everything is received?

    Thank you!

  21. Drew Dycus says:

    Hello again Chris,

    I got the issue about my test scores fixed! There is another question I wanted to ask. At a local state university I took calculus 1, 2, 3, and calculus based physics 1. I put it on my application and had the university send my official transcripts. I never got any sort of confirmation from MIT saying they got the transcripts, so how am I suppose to know if they ever went through? Is there any way you can check this?

    Thank you!

  22. C Henry Vincent Chan says:


    I’m writing to check on some documents I sent. On my application tracker it says I haven’t sent in my green card copy. But it says you’ve received my Recommendations and Transcripts. I’m 100% sure that I sent in my green card copy within the same package. Could you please check to see if I need to resend my green card again??

  23. Vaibhav says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have sent my 11th school marks and also my 12 th school marks and grades but, my school says that whenever they are trying to send my official 12th transcript(mid year repot) with the supplemental sheet. It is automatically being redirected to another number on which they had sent my recommendation letters. Is this going to cause any kind of problem to me.
    Please reply I am having sleepless nights because of this problem. :(

  24. Kruthi says:


    Also, my TOEFL scores are not indicated in myMIT dashboard. My name is indicated differently on my TOEFL score reports. It is indicated as “Kruthi Mohan” First name, “S.A.” – Last name as opposed to my MIT app which has it listed as “Kruthi” First name, “Mohan” last name. Can you include it with my file somehow?

    Also my name on my transcripts is written as S.A. Kruthi Mohan. Will that be a problem?

    Thank you!

  25. Shashwat Verma says:

    Hey Chris,

    I appeared for TOEFL on 8th Jan and I received my scores on 18th Jan. But since then my scores are not showing up on MyMIT page. I emailed [email protected] regarding this and they said to mail them the copy of score report. I did so on their email [email protected] , now you are saying email it to [email protected] , should email it again to your mentioned email?

    Also I had appeared for December SAT SUBJECT TEST and I had sent the scores of MATHS LEVEL 2, PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY to MIT and THEY HAVE BEEN received. I mentioned Physics’ score in the application and I mentioned that I’ll be appearing for Maths Level 2 in January since I wanted to improve my maths score. Now I am giving January SAT to improve my Maths Level 2 score and thus I have marked MIT as a recipient for this test, so now should I again send the previous score of Physics and maths level 2 of december along with Maths level 2 of January ….because if I don’t mention… my best scores won’t be chosen?! Please help me, it’s getting complicated.

  26. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    @ Oliver –

    As long as you specified that MIT should receive them you should be fine.

    @Nelson –

    It’s not an issue. Thanks for letting us know.

    @Shreya –

    You’re fine.

    @Vaibhav –

    No, that’s fine. You’re being redirected to the right number.

    @Kruthi –

    It will not be a problem for transcripts but for TOEFL you need to email our office so we can merge your records.

    @Shashwat –

    [email protected] is fine.

    @AD –

    Yes, we will.

    @Mathew –

    If they are missing on MyMIT they are missing. You should get in touch with our office to see if the records need to be merged or if you need to resend your scores.

    @Lakshya –

    Sorry, I can’t help with transfer admissions. It’s a completely separate gig. You have to email the transfer folks.

    @Drew –

    Glad you got it fixed. We don’t have a separate space to track supplemental documents but you should be good.

    @CHVC –

    Please resend it.

  27. AD says:

    I would like to inform you that I have completed all the requirements of the application including the standardized tests but I have also taken the SAT subject tests on January 28, 2012. Will MIT wait for the January SAT scores before reading my application. (i am worried since I haven’t mentioned anywhere on my application that I am going to retake my SAT tests)
    Pls HELP!!

  28. Richard Chalfant says:


    My High School faxed my Evaluation B on Monday morning. It still hasn’t been checked as completed on MyMIT tracking sheet. I called to check on its status and was told that you guys received a lot of faxes, and to keep checking MyMIT. If you haven’t received it then I would fax it again. Since the deadline is tomorrow, I want to make sure you have it.

    Any help you can give me would be great… and help me get a good night’s sleep!


  29. Marian says:

    Thanks for the relaxing music, helped me get my Lit homework done smile

  30. Bhaskar says:

    To all of the applicants- Please DO NOT PANIC about anything.Do your work with patience.Also, don’t put questions about those test scores which you have taken very recently.They take time to get reported.You have nothing to do with it.


    @Shreya That is not a problem if you have sent the documents by a public fax machine.The thing is they should receive it.If they have, then your work is over for this part.Also,you don’t need to send your TOEFL scores in email as they will be officially reported by ETS. It will take some more time.Don’t worry about it.! Relax..

    @Drew Check if your agency has sent your scores.If yes then it might be possible that MIT has received it but a new record has been created.If not then contact your testing agency and ask them to send them asap.The score checkboxes are filled in the order of receipt of the scores.

    @Vaibhav Ask your school officials to send the scanned copy of your transcripts to [email protected]

    @Kruthi As you have posted the issue here, Chris would take care of it.Also for safe side you can email the admissions office with the issue and they will get it done.

    @Shaswat If you have already sent your physics, chemistry and maths level-2 scores of the december test date,and you have only taken maths level-2 in january, you can send the maths scores only for january test date.It would be fine.They will consider your best score for maths-2 out of both the tests.

    @AD If you have indicated MIT as a recipient of the january test scores then, they will take them in consideration.Good Luck!!!

  31. Meowmeow Steelmeow says:

    I like the video.
    That is all.

  32. Mathew says:

    Hey Chris,
    Do the SAT scores count as missing documents? I haven’t received any emails saying that anything is missing, but according to MyMIT, my SAT scores have yet to be received. I mean, I’ve sent the scores via collegeboard, but I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to make sure that they reach you by Wednesday. What should I do?


  33. Shreya says:

    Dear Chris,

    Good to hear that the deadline has been extended to Wednesday. We tried to send it by fax yesterday evening, and after some difficulty the fax did go through. Now I am worried whether the documents were transmitted properly. I checked my application status and it still says the documents are yet pending. How can I know whether these have been received?

    Many thanks,

  34. SRA says:

    Amazing Video !

  35. Ambuj says:

    Respected sir,(1 last question)
    I am a student from India, I study in a college that is not very old, basically it started two years ago I joined it because it had a integrated program to train for IIT JEE as well as college in one place but we have the best and most experienced teachers (really the best). My question is will the fact that my college is not very old make a difference in selection process.

    My college website

  36. Bobby says:

    Due to general incompetence in my school system the first semester only terminated just last week. And further reasons unknown to man kind, report cards will not be distributed for another 1-2 weeks. I have yet to commence the midyear report on this reason. Upon receiving an email on this date that demanded my cooperation in completing this report and this blog on which I am commenting specifies that missing documents shall be by tomorrow delivered. I thus raise this query: Shall I inquire my professors about my grades and then proceed with the completion of the report, or shall I abide my time in nervous sweat as February 15th (the midyear report deadline) approaches rapidly hoping vainly that I will obtain my report card in such time. Or perhaps the report is not a missing document, such as discussed in this blog, and my fretting was for naught.

    NOTE: I do not actually talk like this and some points may have been exaggerated due to my boredom, namely the incompetence of my school system, the actual wording of said email, and my nervousness.

  37. Aishvarya says:

    @ Chris- Sir, my school sent SSR on via fax on January 26 and Transcript on January 30 over fax to you and according to fax report all documents were successfully sent. Should I need to send the transcript and SSR again as it is appearing “not processed” in my MyMIT account.

  38. Mattison Siri says:


    Upon taking both the SAT and ACT (06/2011), I selected MIT as a destination for my test results; however, a check remains absent next to the testing requirements on the dashboard. Ought I be concerned?


  39. Michael says:

    So my teacher had faxed my Evaluation Part B on Monday but it hasn’t been recorded on my MIT status. How do I ensure that it had been received.

  40. Christi says:

    That song was totally what I needed today. Thank you.

  41. Lakshya V Datta says:

    I tried to call them and even mailed them before I messaged you here! All I have been hearing for a couple of days is a recording saying that they were not in the office.The only thing I’m afraid of is that I cannot seem to get in touch with anyone from the transfer office and the deadline is approaching real fast. And everything is on hold! But, I shall try again.

    Thank you for your help,sir! smile


  42. Sridhar M S says:

    i am taking Toefl on 11th Feb,but i hav registered for toefl on Jan 12th.
    will my scores be accepted ??

  43. Chockalingam says:

    Dear Chris,
    I am an international student and I haven’t received any email on missing documents. But still MYMIT shows “Secondary School Report and Transcript” as pending.

    I sent the documents through Indian Speed post with tracking numbers ET171546755IN and ET171546744IN. Evaluation A and B which were sent in the same packages read “processed” in MYMIT. So I am not sure whether the SSR sent was not fulfilling the requirements or if it was not received.

    Based on the blog, as a precautionary measure, my school faxed the following documents on (30-Jan-12) Monday (around 9.30am EST).
    1. Secondary School Report filled in by my class teacher (since the counsellor was not available this time).
    2. High school transcripts (grade 9, 10 &11;)
    I called the admission office but they could not confirm the receipt of the documents due to the large volume of documents received.

    I also sent a couple of emails regarding this but did not receive any reply.

    Till date it hasn’t reflected in MYMIT. I am getting worried and am not sure if I need to resend any documents as I don’t want to mess up my application.


  44. Mridul Seth says:

    Hello sir, I wanted to my everything except the midyear reports and the sat 2 scores have been received. I wanted to know what should i do as i am homeschooling so i don’t have any midyear transcripts of it. I’ve taken the recommendations from the institutions where i’ve been studying lately. But i still have no idea about the transcripts. Please help

  45. jptiol says:

    Hello Chris!

    At the day of my toefl test (21 january), the testing agency had technical problems, and they said that it would be rescheduled. I contacted the agency recently, and they only said that they would have a meeting with someone from ETS and that they would contact me… but of course, no response yet!
    I think I will only be able to take this exam on feb, and I know this may be too late, so I ask you if there is anything I can do.


  46. Kruthi says:


    My evaluations and transcripts are still not linked with my application. Neither did my TOEFL score. I’m worried my application will not be considered since the deadline is today. How long will it take for all the documents to get processed?


  47. Varun says:

    Dear Chris,

    My MyMIT dashboard shows that my Secondary School report and Transcript have not been processed while Evaluation A and B were processed on 1/27/2012. I cannot understand the situation as all of them were faxed at the same time. Also, the MyMIT dashboard does not show any details about the recommendation letters(whether processed or not). Am I supposed to fax them again?


  48. Kruthi says:


    My Evaluations A and B have been processed but there is no sign of Secondary School Report, Transcripts and TOEFL scores yet. The Deadline has passed already. Will my application be considered?


  49. Shreya Trivedi says:

    Dear Chris,
    I faxed both my evaluations (A and B) as well as secondary school report and transcript on 31st January. However, application tracking page shows that only Evaluation A is processed. Is this normal?

    Do I need to resend Evaluation B, secondary school report and transcript?


  50. Farrukh says:


    When will we be able to see financial aid tracking on MIT dashboard?

  51. jptiol says:

    well they said they are working on it, so I guess it will be rescheduled as soon as possible

  52. Shubhank Nigam says:

    @ Chris-As per your instructions my teachers e-mailed all the evals and transcripts(in pdf format) at [email protected] on tuesday…..but they still haven’t showed up at myMIT……..So should we resend it??

  53. Alex says:

    Hey Chris

    I submitted my Evaluation A Monday afternoon, but it still hasn’t showed up on my myMIT. When is it safe to assume that I should reresend it?

  54. Rahul Shnakar says:

    Hi Chris,
    My name is Rahul and I just faxed my evaluation B via on 02/04/2012 at 3:00 am (Indian standard time) and got confirmation for the same, but MyMIT does not show that it has been processed. Also I completed part 2 of my application about 2 months ago but even this shows “not processed” in MyMIT.
    Kindly suggest.

  55. Shreya says:

    Hi Chris,
    Its been five days since I faxed the Secondary School Report and Transcript and it still hasn’t turned up in the application tracking details. Should I email a scanned copy of the documents?
    Thank You in advance for the help.

  56. Jacob says:

    My Evaluation A teacher said he sent in my application but it is showing up as Not Processed. I thought it was just a matter of processing not that you hadn’t gotten it. I am just now seeing this deadline extension and am wondering if I will still be considered. I will get him to resend it immediately.

  57. Danny says:

    My Evaluation B Teacher has faxed (on 01/27) and emailed the letter (02/08). But it still shown as Not Processed. Please advise.

  58. Dheeraj , ind. says:

    Evaluation B not showing up 5 days ? hint…

  59. Parijat Protim Bezbaruah says:

    Hey Chris!

    Recently I got an e-mail from MIT saying that I should fill up my Financial Aid Tracker which is suppose to appear in my MyMIT.However such a Tracker has not appeared in my MyMIT.

    Kindly look into the matter and take the necessary actions.


  60. Rahul Shnakar says:


    for those who face serious problems for international fax (like me…) this may be a very viable option:

    go to and fax from there….. they allow 5 faxes per day!!!! to anywhere in the US!!!!

    All the best guys!!!!

  61. Isaac Yi says:

    Hi there,

    You have probably heard this before, but my teachers have faxed my evaluations to MIT but MyMIT still shows that they have not been processed. My secondary school report, though, shows up as being processed, despite being faxed around the same time as the evaluations.

    What can I do?
    Is this the right place to ask for help?


  62. Robert Wesley Sigmon says:

    Hi Chris,

    Just received my final score on SAT Math II today (2/16/12). Made 740. Up from 640. I was deferred from Early Action and hope this improvement will be enough to push meover the edge. So my question is, will scores received at this late date be reviewed before decisions are made? MIT is listed as a recipient, so hopefully you will receive it before its too late…

    All the best,