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MIT student blogger Michael C. '16

MIT’s Once-a-Century Party by Michael C. '16

If you were in Boston sometime these past few nights and glanced towards MIT, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Killian Court had been transformed into a huge sports stadium, with gigantic spotlights emanating from the Great Dome and swiveling around the sky.  Turns out they were just rehearsing the lights for MIT’s 100-year-anniversary of its move to Cambridge – an event named “Moving Day”.

Not exactly the most imaginative name, but boy does MIT know how to throw a party – I’m told the weekend was a $10+ million event.  It’s not every Saturday night that you get to see…


…the Mens Et Manus seal come to life – with the two characters on the seal playfully arguing about the merits of theory vs. practice:


…or giant bobblehead figures of esteemed MIT alumni brawling in a fistfight (I believe that’s Feynman trying to knock out Packard):


…or President Reif taking a selfie (Reif-ie?) with the MIT seal:


…or more spectacular fireworks than July 4th:


…or a fantastic showcase of the various arts and performance groups at MIT:


Here’s another view of the spotlights on Lobby 10:

…and of course, after the pageant there were 5 giant tent parties around campus, each themed for a certain decade and most featuring open bars:


And let this forever put to rest the notion that MIT doesn’t know how to party.