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MIT student blogger Cydnie T. '12

Oh The Things I’ve Seen by Cydnie T. '12

Warning: Hold on to your socks


This year’s #IAParty2011 wouldn’t have been complete without a ton of movies, tv shows, and plays to fill my visual cortex! As such, here is a complete listing of all the moving picture shows I’ve viewed in the last month.

(Warning: Hold on to your socks)

TV Shows:
Lie to Me
Men of a Certain Age
The Game
Meet the Browns
Law and Order: SVU
Detroit 1-8-7
Greys Anatomy
George Lopez
No Ordinary Family
Big Bang Theory
Bad Girls Club (think Jersey Shore but with no guys)
Two and a Half Men
Law and Order: SVU
The Real Housewives of Atlanta
The Defenders
NOVA – Making Stuff: Smaller
Modern Family
Sister, Sister

Alex Haley’s ROOTS
For Colored Girls
Booty Call
The Town
Angels & Demons
The Godfather
Death at a Funeral
The Matrix
Our Song
Carmen Jones (the real one not the random Beyonce musical remake)
Father of Lies (the loooowest budget film I think I have ever seen)
Vantage Point

Madea’s Big Happy Family (via dvd)
Neighbors by the Company One Troupe (live at the Boston Center for the Arts)

Savion Glover: Solo in Time (live at the Boston Opera House)

I also got a chance to take a seminar during the last week of IAP in which we discussed stereotypes and biases in the media and on film. These films were both feature films, commercials, documentaries, and recorded speeches. So of course they added to my lovely list of visuals for the month. Some films we only saw clips of and others we saw most/all of but here they all are:

Slaying the Dragon
The Cheat
Bitter Tea of General Yen
Auntie Mame
How Hollywood Stereotyped the Native Americans
Birth of a Nation
King Kong (1939)
100 Years of Lynching
Ethnic Notions
The Terminator
Die Hard
Gone with the Wind
Reel Bad Arabs
The Bronze Screen
West Side Story
Saving Face
Smoke Signals
Zoot Suit
American Me
The Great Debaters
Killing Me Softly III: A Look at Women in Advertisement
Platinum Blonde
Some Like It Hot
Public Enemy
9 to 5
Thunder Heart
Erin Brockovich
What’s Love Got to Do With It?
The Best Years of Our Lives
Celluloid Closet
Brokeback Mountain
It’s in the Water
Relax… It’s Just Sex
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Desert Hearts

What have you seen recently??


7 responses to “Oh The Things I’ve Seen”

  1. Wow, that’s pretty amazing! I’ve never seen 90% of thos shows or movies!

  2. Wow, that’s pretty amazing! I’ve never seen 90% of those shows or movies!

  3. Anonymous says:

    RAY OMIGOD YOU NEED TO SEE THE REST OF RAY. I saw it in theaters with my dad when I was little and we were both crying by the end.

    I assume it’s the one about Ray Charles, though, I think there’s another Ray but I forget what it is. Regardless you need to watch the one about Ray Charles.

  4. Murlu says:

    Wow, it’s amazing that you have the time. I got into a stint a while back just watching Japanese crime movies (I know, weird) – I dug through about 30 or so in a few weeks because I was on vacation and wanted to completely relax before going back to class.

  5. Anon says:

    You have SVU on twice!
    But gotta agree- love that show!
    And I thought I was the only one who watches moving pictures when I should be working. See, you can watch TV and still make it in MIT! :D

  6. pushp says:

    Wow!! thats quite a list….
    I am always looking for some good suggestions about movies & TV shows and thats quite helpful smile, keep more of ’em coming.

    P.S: Plz satiate my curiosity, I think you’ve lost ‘LOST’ in your list raspberry

  7. Observer says:

    How come you don’t watch FRINGE?