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One Day in the Life of Dora by Krystal L. '17

as told by the one and only Dora

I interviewed my roommate Dora ’18 about her day today and here is a direct transcript for your reading pleasure:

Me: Tell me about your day.

Dora: So I went to sleep at 2am last night because I was trying to finish my 18.03 pset. But I didn’t actually finish. I was going to do it in the morning so I woke up around 9:30am and then went to 14.01 recitation at 10. We got out like half an hour early so I just sat on a random bench in building 4 until my next class which was 6.005 at 11.


We learned about interfaces.

Me: What are interfaces?

Dora: It’s like an interface has a bunch of different methods and if you create a class… I DON’T KNOW. WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THIS?

(Dora laughs) It’s just computer science stuff. Like a class can implement an interface.

Oh so our professor always puts super cute pictures of his cute baby son with captions that are related to what we learned about. There were a bunch of him eating spherical objects. He was eating an apple and a giant meatball.

After 005 me and Joy and Tim scrambled to finish 18.03 which was due at 12:55pm. We finished and turned it in after class which ended at 12. Then Joy and I went to Maseeh dining where I had three pretty decent tacos. It was crispy taco shells, which are just like very large, very good tortilla chips. And I put meats and tomatoes and lettuce inside. I also had sketchy tofu noodles and because I was so hungry, I made a crunchy peanut butter and honey sandwich.

Then I came back here and I was going to go to 18.03 lecture at 2pm, but then Kelly who went to the 1pm lecture said that it was a guest lecturer which didn’t seem super important. So then I decided not to go because it’s Friday.

I watched The Bachelor instead. But I also cleaned the room which was very productive.

(Dora points at how clean the room is) Look! I organized things.

Then I went to lift with Rena and Kelly. It was pretty chill. I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow.

I came back and showered and then we went to Harvard Square. We went to the Hunt’s Photography shop where the guy was super, super friendly. Also there was a giant cut out of a sumo wrestler. Did you see that? But I felt really awkward taking a picture so I did it sneakily.

Then we left and walked to Café Sushi. It was pretty good. Pretty good. It got Krystal approved which means I deserve an award. We decided to go to Zinneken’s because I still can’t believe you’ve never been to Zinneken’s.

I got a Brussels waffle. It was crispy with speculoos butter, chocolate and really, really, really good whipped cream. Also I feel like the Zinneken’s waffles got larger and I don’t know why but it’s great. You know what you got. It’s just that the whipped cream was so good. I don’t understand, it was like fresh whipped cream.

Also, I really wanted fries, but we didn’t get any because I shouldn’t.

At the bus stop, we heard some guy blasting that “money, money, money” song. Then we found out it was Usher so when we got back we listened to it like 10 times because it was hilarious and really catchy.

I helped Kelly with some 18.03, painted my nails, and then now you are interviewing me about my day.

Me: Can you rate your day?

Dora: Rate my day? Um, what do you mean?

Me: Like on a scale of your choosing.

Dora: … It was a pretty chill day.

Me: (I laugh) That’s not on a scale.

Dora: On a scale from super chill to 0 chill. I don’t know. On a scale of like having nothing to do to having ten billion psets… it was a pretty chill day.

Me: Can you tell me your favorite part?

Dora: Definitely the food. I can also tell you my favorite color. It’s green. And my favorite food. I like noodles.

Me: (I can’t stop laughing) Can you tell me what your courses and course numbers are for reference?

Dora: For my classes? 14.01 is Microeconomics. 6.005 I think is officially called Elements of Software Construction. It’s basically Java. Wait, I looked it up, it’s called Software Construction. 18.03 is differential equations. And I didn’t have music class today. Do you still want that?

Me: Yea.

Dora: It’s Intro to Western Music. 21M.011.

Me: Thanks. Do you have any last comments?

Dora: This blog post better be good. That’s my comment. Oh, and it snowed today.