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Open Thread: Admitted in Early Action. by Decisions

Congratulations and welcome to the class of 2017!

This is what you look like right now:



Go ahead and introduce yourselves :)

100 responses to “Open Thread: Admitted in Early Action.”

  1. happy says:


  2. Emily Shorin says:

    Hey fellow MIT-ers!! Congrats! I’m SO EXCITED! Where are you guys from?

  3. Get ready says:

    you might as well get acquainted with most mit student’s favorite procrastination sites.

    reddit (dot) com (slash) r (slash) mit
    mitfml (dot) com
    isawyou (dot) mit (dot) edu

  4. Piper '13 says:

    Congratulations, everyone smile

  5. Tony Di Blasi says:

    WOOHOO! Thank you MIT for deeming me worthy! I look forward to seeing all of you guys in Boston next year :D

  6. Marian Heman-Ackah says:

    one of the best moments of my life. i took a screen shot of the decision page :D

  7. Paco Holguin says:

    Thank you MIT for accepting me! I called my mom and she started crying. I spent 20 minutes after the decision was posted trying to get myself to look, and I’m so happy now.

    To answer Emily’s question, I’m from Colorado.

  8. Tobi says:

    Hey guys! (: this is so exciting lol

    Any news on when we’ll be receiving some cylindrical mail?

  9. Gita says:

    Hi. I’m Gita. I’m from California. Christmas here may be red due to strong winds and brush. How sad. I can’t wait to actually feel like it’s winter. Hi guys. Nice to virtually meet you.

  10. Jean says:

    congrats everyone!!! :D can’t wait to get the tube

  11. Ruben Amaez says:

    It feels great to be here everyone, even if it is just a comment thread smile

  12. Lexi says:

    Hey everyone!

    Congrats to all (including myself)! I’m from Long Island, NY and I can’t wait to see you all in Boston next fall!

    So exciting!

  13. Danny says:

    I’m dazed that I was admitted! Gosh, this is amazing, and I congratulate every other people reading this post!!

  14. Chelsea Levy says:

    I’m so happy!!! Congratulations everyone! smile

  15. Grace Assaye says:

    AAAAAHHHH!!!! I’m so excited!! ATL, represent :D

  16. Sarah Anne Coe from NJ says:

    Congratulations everyone! I’m so happy and so excited to meet all of you! I was sitting on a couch and I actually fell over when I read the first line. Squee!

  17. Areen says:

    Congratulations Everyone! We did it!

  18. Erin says:

    WOOT! Oh my gosh I got in! AHH! I’m so excited! Congrats to the other acceptees! I can’t wait to see you all at CPW! OMG I’m getting a tube AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I can’t believe it!

  19. Erin says:

    Grace, I’m from Georgia too! (not Atl, though. Lol) SQUEEE!

  20. Miren '15 says:

    YESSS 2016s!! Now us ’15s are no longer the babies around here. Congrats!

  21. Erin says:

    Congratulations to all! I hope to see you all soon! Best Christmas gift ever!

  22. Newton says:


    Hi all! I’m Megan. I’m from New Mexico.

    Congrats everyone! Can’t wait to meet you all (and get my cylindrical mailing).

    I refuse to close the decisions page. Too exciting.

  23. Ari says:

    Congrats everyone! I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  24. Josh Beal says:

    Congratulations everyone, I’m so excited! Iowa here! smile

  25. Derik says:

    Hello my fellow 2016’ers, I’m Derik. From Boise, Idaho. Can’t wait to meet up with all you in Boston.

  26. Heather says:

    Congratulations, all of you! I hope you enjoy MIT next year, and hopefully I’ll be seeing you there… we’ll see if the RD cycle goes better for me than EA. smile

  27. future classmate? says:

    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

  28. Lauren says:

    No way! I’m from Boise too!! What a small world.

  29. John Thompson says:

    Hi All, Congrats with your acceptance.
    Will someone who get accepted share about the achievements? Essay?

  30. Andrew says:

    Chicago anyone?

  31. Emad T. '14 says:

    Congrats, everyone! Be sure to come to CPW, even if you’re pretty sure that you’ll be going to school here.

    Also, I don’t suppose there’s anyone from Massachusetts (specifically, the Metrowest area) who got in?

  32. Lexi S says:

    Hi everyone! I’d just like to congratulate everyone! I knew this day would be one of the best ever or one of the worst ever–and I’m proud to say that it has been the best! I’m from Massachusetts (South Shore) and I look forward to meeting everyone!!!

  33. Lindsey B says:

    Oh my gosh! Congrats everyone! MIT admissions team, thank you for all of your hard work!
    I’m from Colorado and I am sooooo excited to be accepted! I cannot wait to meet everyone!

  34. Moriquendi says:

    I apply RA but still, it’s wonderful your happiness.Gosh…It has to be wonderful.

    Guys, I am wondering if can answer few of my questions.
    I’m international. I’m extremely pasioned about computers but the truth is that grades have never been important for me. I’m not best in school, I don’t have awesome GPA, I haven’t win any contests, I don’t have 800 at SAT.
    But I’m really involved in programming. I’ve already written few computer games and I two of my games were published in shops. Do you think it is worth something? And also, I think my essay is great…

    If anyone want to share his experience, please write on skype: moriquendi93

  35. Ash says:

    @Ari: I’m Philly, too!!! This is gonna be great smile

  36. MichaelH says:

    Great job everyone! Go nuts tonight!

    I’m from Scotland and will hopefully be at the CPW. See you all there!

  37. Josh says:

    I’m so thankful to God right now for His favor. Look forward to seeing you guys at CPW! Now back to reality. smile

    God bless,

  38. Aaron says:

    Congrats everyone!!
    I’m Aaron from South Texas. I cannot wait to spend the next four, grueling years with you all.
    MIT Class of 2016!

    Please, feel free to email me and introduce yourself. I would love to get acquainted.
    [email protected]

  39. lynn says:

    thank you so so so much. i haven’t cried in a very long time. askdhjfaskdhfaskjdhfaklsjdhfaksjdhf. i really….this is unreal and i cant thank you guys at admissions enough. with all of your constant blog posts calming our nerves and helping us maintain our sanity through this nerve wracking process….mit <3 you forever.

    also: hi guys! i’m from the philippines but a us citizen! was wondering if any admissions officer could tell me if you guys will still mail a tube over here? chris?

  40. Areen says:

    @Moriquendi: Don’t worry! Just put all your effort in the application smile I am international as well. I am a Palestinian American, so i got the chance to apply early and fortunately got in. Although I have a high GPA, i dont have 800’s on my SAT’s neither did i build a robot, but I am very passionate about a lot of things and that gave me a chance to get in MIT. Hopefully it will get you in too! GOOD LUCK!

  41. Derik says:


    Really! Sweet:) What school do you go to? Shoot me an email: [email protected]

  42. Anastassia Bobokalonova says:

    Now that I washed off the dancingcryingsingingyellingrunningbeaming sweat:

    Hi!! I’m Anastassia, Russian-born, but I’m from MIAMI, BEACH. :D
    Can’t wait to see/meet/hug/rejoice with you during the CPW!

  43. Jeremy says:



  44. aaron says:

    hey guys, I was defered. do you think you could post some stats to figure out why?
    i have a 34 act, 780 chem, 800 math sat, run triathlons, play a varsity sport, have a 4.13 gpa, wrote my essays very articulately , and still got defered..

  45. Maggie R. says:

    Congratulations all, I’m wicked excited to see everyone! @Lexi, I’m from the Massachusetts South Shore area too! @Marian … WTP forever!

  46. Manita says:

    Congrats everybody! I can’t wait to meet you all at CPW!

  47. Aish says:

    @Marian, @Maggie:
    WTP represent!!!!

  48. K says:

    just wondering… how many got this message in their letter?

    “You stood out as one of the most talented and promising students in one of the most competitive applicant pools in the history of the Institute. Your commitment to personal excellence and principled goals has convinced us that you will both contribute to our diverse community and thrive within our academic environment.”

  49. Tom R. '14 says:

    Congratulations guys! What Emad said–if you can, come to CPW, even if your heart is already set on MIT; you won’t regret it.

    Also, holler Paco, Lindsey, and other Colorado admits!

  50. Stephen says:

    MIT Class of 2016 Facebook Page!

  51. ErwinH says:

    OH HAPPY DAY!!! Thank you so much MIT admissions. Congrats to everyone that was admitted, and best of luck to anyone that was deferred. I hope to meet you all at CPW and over the next four years!

  52. eurah says:

    Calling out from South Korea!

    Thanks MIT for accepting me and all the other wonderful students in my year! Congrats to everyone!

  53. Judy says:

    CONGRATS EVERYBODY!! Can’t wait to meet all of you at CPW!!

    are we gonna get tubes in the mail? i want onnee!!

  54. Kristen says:

    I’m so excited! Shouting out from Colorado right now! I can’t wait to meet everyone in the class of 2016!!

  55. Laura says:

    This is so awesome and surreal- it hasn’t sunk in yet that I actually got accepted! Congratulations everyone! (I’m from Massachusetts, just north of Boston)

  56. Michael B, NJ says:

    “Congratulations, all of you! I hope you enjoy MIT next year, and hopefully I’ll be seeing you there… we’ll see if the RD cycle goes better for me than EA.”
    Posted by: Heather on December 17, 2011
    ^ Basically this.
    Congratulations to all of you. You must be a really remarkable group of students. Hopefully when March rolls around I’ll be among the lucky few EA deferred folk who get admitted RD.
    Again, congrats folks. Go be a fantastic Class of ’16. smile

  57. Ronald says:

    My name is Ronald, from San Antonio. I’m just glad to have my adrenaline levels back to normal smile

  58. Katherine says:

    Best day of my life! :D

    I’ll have to get used to the cold, moving from Florida though.

  59. Caitlin says:

    CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE !!! This is so unreal. I look forward to meeting all of you next year — thanks so much MIT!
    (Also, I’m pumped for that cylindrical information… :D)

    I’m a Metrowest Massachusetts admit also !

  60. E says:

    Anyone from Ventura County (or nearby city) in California?

    And congrats to everyone!!!

  61. Fernando Ruiz says:

    I’m Fernando Ruiz from Miami, FL
    Congrats everyone! Can’t wait until next year!
    Anyone else from Miami?

  62. Kate T. says:

    I can’t believe I got in!!!!! I was so nervous my math and science SATs weren’t high enough. I’m so happy!
    Can’t wait to see you all in April!

  63. Caroline '16 says:

    This is a dream come true and I can’t quite believe it yet but… congratulations everyone, I can’t wait for next year! Who else is excited for the cylindrical material…

  64. Matthew Davis says:

    SO EXCITED to be admitted to MIT! I can’t wait to meet everyone! I can not believe this is happening!!! I will be waiting expectantly by the mailbox for my cylindrical material.

    Happy tidings from Bradenton, Florida! CONGRATULATIONS!

  65. Luther Banner says:

    I’m Luther Banner from St. Louis, can’t wait to see u guys at CPW! It’s a dream come true I’m sure for all of us. It’s good to see all the hard work pay off for not just me, but for all of us.

  66. Derik says:

    EVERYONE, make sure you join the MIT CLASS OF 2016 Facebook group. Roth now! It will give us all a chance to meet one another and see who is in our class before CPW. Thanks!

  67. Jamila says:

    Im from Boston so its going to be a pretty long trip! raspberry congrats you guys!!!!! Can’t wait to meet you!!!!!

  68. Nicole says:

    Hi, I’m from Washington, D.C. and I am so excited about getting admitted!! We are the chosen 680! It’s so great to know that all of that hard work paid off for ALL of us smile And it’s great to hear Mr. Chris Peterson tell us that we “represent some of the best and brightest stars of our future.”

    Congratulations everyone! I can’t wait to meet you at CPW.

  69. Jorge says:

    Oh this is so exciting! Anyone else feeling just great? Hi everyone, I am Jorge from Mexico, US citizen; I am really looking forward to meeting all of you. Congratulations, we made it!
    Also, what is this cylindrical mail everyone keeps talking about?
    If anyone wants to start meeting and talk about this great experience just mail me! [email protected]

  70. Randi Williams says:

    Oh My Gosh!!!! I’m tooo excited I love this school and I never expected to be admitted. Thank you so much admissions!

    Can’t wait to meet my class. I’m from Bowie, Maryland btw! Anyone else from Maryland?

  71. Cassandra says:

    CONGRATS everyone! I’m still in disbelief that this actually happened! smile

    can’t wait to meet all you awesome people at CPW!!!! :D

  72. Leyatt Betre says:

    Just wow! I’ve been dreaming about this moment for longer than I can even remember, and now that it’s here I can’t quite bring myself to believe it! Congratulations to all you admits! Can’t wait to meet you all at CPW!

  73. Hussein A. says:

    Hello peoples, I’ll see you all at CPW.

    Can’t wait to get on those procrastination sites (3rd post) as soon as I am done with finals this week–who am I kidding here?

  74. Xavier Roman says:

    Hey yall,

    my name is Xavier and I’m from Houston, Texas.

    I am still “ahhhhhhh!” from this whole thing. Congrats to all!

  75. Karleigh says:

    I am so excited and I can’t wait to meet everyone next year! Congratz everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Jonathon Zuniga says:

    Hey everyone!

    I’m Jonathon from around Dallas, Texas.

    It really hasn’t sunk in yet!!!!! Congrats to everyone!

  77. Caroline says:

    HI I’m Caroline!!! I’m from Hong Kong!! 12:17pm EST was 1:17am over here and I HAVEN’T SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!! (its 9:38am right now)


  78. Emma says:

    Congradulations everyone, we did it! I can’t wait to get acquainted with you all. It’ll be nice being around people who are as passionate as I am about math, science, technology, and engineering.

    I’m from northern Virginia.

    And to answer the questions of all you hopefulls:
    I got a 1900 on the SAT and got in. It’s not purely about test scores, gpa, articulated essays, and doing a quota of activities. It’s about who you are as a person, and your passion. It’s like the admission’s staff says, “it’s about who you are as a whole, there is no set formula for getting in”. Everything you do defines who you are, you shouldn’t go through high school trying to be someone you aren’t to get into a school. You should do what you want to do, and get into a school because you did what made you happy. If you spend all of high school doing things that you think will get you into a particular school, then you are doing it wrong. If you don’t get into MIT, then it’s just not a good fit for you. Where ever you go, you’ll be happy and it’ll be a good fit for you. Best of luck to all those awaiting regular decision, and to all those rejected/ deferred. Whatever school you end up going to, you’ll be happy about there.

    A little about me:
    I build robots for fun. I also enjoy learning math and science concepts, and occasionally take complex math/ science problems given to me and solve them for the pure joy of problem solving. I hate failure, and strive to do well in school because I want to. Never in high school have I done something because I thought it would get me into college. I went through the whole high school experience doing what I wanted to, and enjoyed myself; never doing something because it would get me into a particular school.

  79. Randi Cover says:

    I’m from a little town in Missouri and this is all so exciting. This is so amazing. I’m soooooo excited!!!!

  80. Yi says:

    Thank you so much, MIT!! I love you!!!!!!
    I am from Pittsfield, Mass. I’m so excited!!!

  81. Adarsh says:

    Congratulations Everyone! smile

  82. Nikki says:

    Congratulations everybody! I’m so excited to meet all of you. Anyone else still freaking out nearly twelve hours after hearing the news?

    @Andrew – I’m about an hour north of the city in a small town called Wauconda. Let’s go Illinois admits!

  83. Aisha! says:

    I am super psyched about this! I’m actually still a little dazed…While I still might apply to other colleges, the pressure is definitely off and I look forward to sporting a shiny brass rat! Best wishes to all, and see you at CPW! smile

    To answer previous questions, yes I did also get that in my letter, I’m from Nebraska, and I am still freaking out 12+ hours after the news. :3

  84. Mustard Stalebread says:


  85. Gcam10 says:

    Hey future classmates! I’m Gerardo and I’m so excited to go to MIT!
    I’m from Baltimore, Maryland
    Can’t wait to meet yall!

  86. m_quinn says:

    I just don’t know how you guys can feel right about being accepted to MIT.

    I mean, knowing how unfair and discriminatory the MIT admissions process is, how could you build a life and career based on an MIT education which rightfully belonged to someone else. Someone who had better grades and better SAT/ACT scores. How can you live with that? How can you live with an MIT* education …


  87. Mustard Stalebread says:

    m_quinn, no.
    Just, no.
    None of the participants in this thread will fall for that — they’re sharp enough to see the holes in that statement. wink

  88. Gcam10 says:

    Everybody here deserved it, what some of us didnt have in grades and tests we obviously made up in something else. Now stop ruining our joy and go somewhere else.

  89. Manali says:

    I am beyond excited to get a tube, ohmygoodness. What a great day.

  90. Luther Banner says:

    For everyone who didn’t get the chance join the MIT Class of 2016 group page!

  91. Sheela D says:

    CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! I’m Sheela and I live 12 miles away from MIT, but I’m just as excited as everyone to go there!!!!!!

  92. m_quinn says:

    Oh, by the way (small survey) …

    Any of you African American?
    Any of you Native American?

    Any of you from South Dakota?



  93. Luther Banner says:

    The attitude you are displaying on our thread may be the exact reason you didn’t get in. MIT doesn’t just want top students, they want top students with GREAT character. That’s why they go through making us have the two letters as well as the interview. They don’t want kids that just rattle off about how great they are or their GPA, Class Rank, or extracurricular activities. They want people that will make the Institution look good. I pray while you attend college wherever you go that you’ll open your eyes . . .

  94. Janelle says:

    Hey I’m Janelle from Logan Township, New Jersey. Can’t wait to see you all at CPW (:

  95. Nicholas Okafor says:

    (Still checking the website to make sure it wasn’t a mistake)

    I’m Nick, also from Dallas. (@Jonathon – what school? I go to Townview)
    It’s past 2AM here in Nigeria, and I still have so much energy. Let’s go, CPW!

  96. Justice Mason says:

    MIT CLASS OF 2016

    Hi, everyone!

    I’m Justice, and I am from Grand Rapids, MI. Can I just say what’s on everyone’s mind? OMG!!!!!! I love MIT, and I extremely excited to attend in the fall. I just want to say thanks to all of the admissions officers for their time and heyyyyyy to all of my classmates! wink

  97. Marian Heman-Ackah says:


    @maggie and aish: can’t wait to see you guys again

    you guys…we are the 11%. the lucky ones chosen to experience four glorious years at the best engineering school in the world. i’m excited.

    also, anyone else from North VA?

  98. Tom Lehrer '16 says:

    Still in shock, but very happy! :D