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Open Thread: EA Not Admitted by Decisions

There were many wonderful applicants for Early Action this year, which unfortunately means that we had to turn down a large number of incredible students. For those of you who fall into this category, this is an open forum for you to talk.

We understand that this may be a difficult time for you, but we ask that you converse civilly and with the best of intentions, as that is the spirit of our process. 


35 responses to “Open Thread: EA Not Admitted”

  1. Adarsh says:


    Sorry..Couldn’t help it raspberry

  2. Erica P. says:

    I guess my 4.2 gpa, #1 class rank and myriad of extracurriculars wasn’t good enough for my former dream school :(

  3. Dimitri Mata says:

    Ouch, well I’m just looking forward to applying next year as a transfer. I hope everyone else that didn’t make it feels the same way.

  4. Ono says:

    And so, it seems that we were not meant to be part of the elite core of students at this Institute. Whatever the reason, the cold, dark hand of fate has come down hard on this dream.

    And yet… I am not going to give up. And, neither should you. I am going to work extremely hard for the rest of my senior year in high school. And, though we cannot apply again for fall semester, I will try again next year as a transfer applicant.

    Don’t like the result? Just work even harder and prove your worth.

    I still believe that there is a place for me at this institution. Maybe not next year. Or the year after that. But, there is still hope. Even for us who have been cast into the pit.

  5. m_quinn says:

    You have to be rich and/or Asian to get into MIT.


  6. V says:

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t admitted. However, I just got accepted early action to a different school, about which I am extremely happy – so goodbye MIT blogs, and best of luck to everyone who was accepted or deferred!

    To those complaining about MIT not recognizing their abilities: We’re all beautiful flowers, I know, but for serious – they’re not a big school. They ARE an immensely competitive school. In all liklihood, the decision wasn’t about you. My abilities are extremely high, too; frankly, almost every applicant’s probably are. Nobody at MIT sits in the admissions dungeon and cackles while rejecting people. They do the job they’re supposed to do for the school. It’s not about you.

    To those who really, really wanted to get in but didn’t (like me!): It’s gonna be okay. As I found out, there are LOTS of other colleges out there who want you. Some of those colleges are really, really good, and most of them are decent. You’ll find one that you love (or one that offers you lots of money wink ).

    Good luck to everyone!

  7. Miles Segler says:

    This is rather disappointing….REALLY disappointing….but I must thank MIT and it’s admission staff. They promised the application would be a journey in of itself, and it was. They told me (and us), to really look into yourself when writing those short response questions. It really allowed me to take a good look at myself, figure out who I was, something I’ve been doubting for so long, and figure out what I really want to do.

    Probably before applying, I would have been angry and spiteful at the decision. But after reading these admissions blog about what it takes and what kind of people they look for at MIT, I’ve sort of become that kind of person. Although I am not able to join them, I’m still one of them in the end.

    It hurts, but to make it easier, I’m remembering what one of my closest friends have told me. “Where you finish, is more important than where you start.” Thank you MIT for this journey. <3

  8. Abe says:

    Not good enough I guess. Going to try again next year.

    Good luck to everyone!!

  9. Robbie says:

    As I learned from a parent of an MIT graduate (Bachelors), who related her son’s undergrad MIT experiences:
    – Even with a P/F system freshman year at MIT, the competition for exceptional grades (which you are all used to) is very intense.
    – MIT can always be your school for graduate work. A graduate degree from MIT has more weight in many engineering and scientific circles verus a MIT Bachelors.
    – At another high quality engineering/R&D program, you now have the opportunity to be at the top of your class versus being one of many fishes swimming in pond at MIT.

    So don’t disdain gang, and don’t give up on your dreams. Now go off and succeed!

  10. Adam says:

    I’m not at all surprised that I wasn’t accepted, but I can’t help but wonder what it was about my application, or if it was the entire application itself, that led to my rejection. I can’t decide if I would rather have been deferred either because I doubt that I would have been accepted during regular decision. Maybe it’s best just to have been rejected from the start than to have been given a false hope of acceptance. But still, being rejected EA has put me in a slump. I shouldn’t have thought that a perfect math SAT would have warranted at least a deferral from a place like MIT. Oh well, better people than I have been rejected early from worse schools.

  11. Sarah S says:

    At least I have a long time to work on my transfer application wink

  12. Clare L. says:

    So we didn’t get in. Yeah, it hurts.

    Everyone who got in is amazing. However, everyone who didn’t get in is equally amazing. So, if you believe that you’re as amazing as I know you are, you’ll take this not as a failure, but as a momentary defeat. It sounds corny, but don’t give up on your dreams. If going to MIT was step one in your life plan, getting rejected doesn’t ruin that plan. Going to MIT just got bumped to step two.

    So dust yourself off and keep it moving.

  13. Patrick Carlson says:

    I think I cried a little inside when i read the decision… Time to work harder and go to whoever else wants me. Like Cal Tech? jk. Not nearly as good as the best. MIT will always be my dream school and I will do whatever it takes to get in.

  14. Adam says:

    Okay new plan: since I can’t actually attend MIT, next year I’m gonna get a job as a janitor there, prove an insane theorem on a blackboard in one of their hallways, have my genius be recognized by a professor, fall in love with a girl from Harvard, hire Robin Williams as a therapist, have him teach me about life and happiness, thereby changing my whole outlook on life, and in the end realize that my love for this girl is more powerful than any other kind of success in life. Yeah.

  15. Katie says:

    I will always wish that I had gotten into this school…

    I wanted this more than anything, and it would have made my entire life to get in.

    Nonetheless, I recognize life has a different path for me. I still aim to be successful – with or without a degree from MIT.

    Good luck to the rest of you with your applications!

  16. Mustard Stalebread says:

    Good luck with your applications elsewhere, everyone! I’m sure you’ll all achieve great things wherever you go! (Really, I was one of you last year — I know how you feel now. “This too shall pass.”)

    …oh, look. m_quinn is back.

  17. Ber86nardo says:

    Not being able to get into MIT was very disappointing, but I actually thought the suspense was kind of fun (in an extremely odd manner). The nerves I got from waiting for this decision were definitely unique from anything I had felt before, and I thought it was a good experience. Thanks to the MIT admissions department for reviewing my application. I look forward to check out every once in a while what the class of 2016 is up to and what they are creating.

    Good luck to everyone in the rest of your applications! :D

  18. Darrell says:

    You know, I never thought it was true, but quinn may have a point.

  19. Mustard Stalebread says:

    Darrell, don’t fall for m_quinn’s bait…

  20. ValleyLane says:

    Come on you guys, you can’t let yourself take it personally! It will only bring you down. There are just sooo many great candidates and sooo few spots. The subway car was full; the boy liked a different girl; it’s not anyone’s fault.

  21. Bumsoo Kim says:

    This really hurts. I hope I can recover in time to study for my other tests that are coming up. Even with my pain, thanks to the MIT admission team regardless. Hope we cross each other again.

  22. Z says:

    You guys, albert einstein did not go to MIT.

  23. Bhaskar says:

    To all those who were not admitted, don’t lose heart.It’s a long way journey to success and there are many different roads leading to it.Good luck for rest of your applications!!!

  24. Aaron Tang says:

    Do something remarkable and make MIT regret they didnt accept you XP

  25. actually says:

    disappointed, as i understand it the number of people in the freshman class has actually increased in recent years. Unfortunately, so has the number of applicants, which means the admit rate has gone down.

  26. disappointed says:

    I really dont understand why this school is soo selective, i mean in the last few years the amt of ppl being accepted has gone down. I really find it unfair that they keep reducing the people accepted. the people that got in a year ahead had a better chance of getting in. it cant be the endowment because that is in the billions!?!…

    very very dissapointed

  27. Sad moM says:

    My son was rejected and his world is over, he is so sad, he wanted to go to MIT since he was a little boy, i dont know what to tell him to make him feel better. I hope he will take this better and probe himself stronger even do when he is a wonderful boy and an excellent student i dont understant whhy he was rejected and not deferred is not fare for these brilliant kids that the school of their dreams is not giving them the opportunity to show what they are made of. Not fare MIT admision!

  28. Sad says:

    My son was rejected and his world is over, he is so sad, he wanted to go to MIT since he was a little boy, i dont know what to tell him to make him feel better. I hope he will take this better and probe himself stronger even do when he is a wonderful boy and an excellent student i dont understant whhy he was rejected and not deferred is not fare for these brilliant kids that the school of their dreams is not giving them the opportunity to show what they are made of. Not fare MIT admision!

  29. Bob says:

    Mr. Quinn you are nothing more than a disgruntled rejectee from MIT who will always hate them for it.

    Applying as a transfer student I have not yet seen whether I was rejected or accepted, but either way I will always be thankful to the hard work that went into reviewing my application and admire the MIT admission board. And I am thankful that they keep people like you out.

    Mr Quinn if you were rich and asian you still wouldn’t get in so please quit pestering every one on these forums with your unjust negativity.

  30. MISSY says:

    Sad, if your son’s world is over because he was rejected from a college….well I think you have the answer to “why”.

  31. DSP says:

    MIT Student. Wrong, MIT has terrible financial aid. My wife and I have a junior at MIT, and we so far have had to take $100,000 in loans, and it will only increase for next year. I was unemployed for almost two years, and experienced unemployment earlier in my career. Yes, my wife makes what some would think a very good living, but we are strictly middle class and get very, very little help from MIT, even after explaining the amount of debt we have. Congrats to you, but MIT Financial Aid doesn’t help those in the middle. Pretty similar to what the country is experiencing now.

  32. Daniel says:

    “To those rejected (I refuse to “baby” it): I know that words are not enough to describe the pain you feel. I know that right now, nothing in the world can make you feel better. If I was there, I would hug you all, for actions can lessen the pain that words will not stem. I feel for you all. I know that there is a 90% chance that I will feel this same pain in a year’s time, and I can only imagine the hurt that comes with seeing a rejection.
    I cannot give you healing, I cannot give you strength to face tomorrow morning. I can only give you this bit of wisdom, in the hopes that somewhere out there in the sea of 16,194 of you, someone sees this, and the stars shine again for them.
    You are a human being, and as such, you have the power to enact great change in the world. A person is inherently powerful with means beyond understanding to affect the course of history. We know but few of their names, but everywhere, when you see someone who has succeeded, you can look at their past and see the failure that inspired them, that made them strive to show the world that they were better than they had been thought. Take that rejection screen, and print it out. Put it on your wall, or fold it up and carry it in your wallet. Remember, always, that you are *not* an MIT rejection, you are a human being. Yes, you did not get into MIT, but that is not the most important thing in the world. That rejection screen printout, keep it, as a reminder that this is why you strive for excellence. This is why you dream. This is why you try and make the world a better place. This is why people grow, and blossom, and change history. THIS is why the human race LIVES, because people have FAILED, and GOTTEN BACK UP. THIS IS WHY YOUR SPIRIT IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANYTHING LIFE CAN THROW AT YOU. Be that person you know you are. Be the best person you can be. Be the best person the world has ever seen.

    Breathe. Live. Smile. Live. Frown. Live. Cry. Live. Fight. LIVE.

    In the end, only time will tell. Are you an MIT reject, or are you a powerful, wonderful, human being?”

    -Phoenix Ignis Rex

  33. TChowdhury says:

    Friend best wishes to all you in future. Don’t get upset because life is like that. The thing you mostly desire for sometimes you don’t get it. But we should not stop dreaming because that keeps us alive. Perhaps you all deserve something better and you will get it only at the right time. So keep dreaming and work hard so hard that no one can reject you. Again, my best wishes to all you. Have a great life.

  34. mit student says:

    mr. quinn is wrong. i am a regular white american from a lower middle class background and my roommate is a white american from an impoverished background. we’re both getting essentially free rides from mit thanks to its awesome financial aid, so it’s not true that you have to be rich or asian.

  35. Karen says:

    I wish the MIT admissions office would be more straightforward about their admissions criteria – like don’t bother applying if your SAT’s are less than 2300.