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Open Forum for Admitted Students by Decisions

Congratulations and welcome to the Class of 2013! Feel free to use this forum to introduce yourselves to your future classmates.

100 responses to “Open Forum for Admitted Students”

  1. MIT!!! says:

    Welcome to MIT!

    Now start getting ready for CPW:

  2. Jaswanth says:

    First ! And admitted to MIT (International!)

  3. Yan Z. says:

    Congratulations! Feel free to join the Facebook group!

  4. hey! '13 says:

    WHOOOO!!! Congrats guys!! :D

  5. Eunice says:

    Congrats everyone!! Hope to meet everyone at CPW!

  6. Jaswanth says:

    Oh well. Not first.

  7. MaXweLL says:

    Yahoooooooo!!!! MIT forever!!!

  8. Ester says:

    Congrats!! I can’t wait to meet all of you!!!!

  9. Nathan M '13 says:

    Congrats everyone!!!
    Welcome to MIT class of 2013!

  10. Aditya says:

    Jaswanth: Congrats! Indian?

  11. Anonymous says:

    i was hoping to get rejected.

  12. Einsten says:

    Congrats everyone!!!
    Welcome to MIT class of 2013!

  13. Anonymous says:


    There’s about 10,000 people that would gladly take your spot, then. I’d be grateful, if I were you.

  14. Anon says:

    Congratulations, all of youuuu!~ :D

  15. Angela says:

    Congrats everyone!!

  16. I got accepted!
    Congrats to all of MIT Class of 2013.

    Thank you Lord!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Congrats everyone.

  18. Anonymous says:

    @ the other Anonymous

    you don’t know who i am, don’t tell me how i should live my life

  19. Congratulations all! Any Arabs around?!

    I can’t wait to meet you!

  20. Torffick.A. says:

    If only…
    I wish…

    at least it’s now all over
    wish u all the best of luck at mit., well i’ll just look elsewhere i guess ^_^

  21. Gabby says:

    OH MY GOD!!! That’s all I can say!!!!!!! ^_^

  22. Anonymous says:


    If you want to be rejected, then pretend you were and don’t go. It’s that simple.

  23. Abi says:

    OMG!!! I can’t believe it! Congrats to everyone!!!

  24. Jaswanth says:

    Congratulations to all !!!


    Yep. I am an Indian.

  25. Narce says:

    Congratulations to all you newly-admitted students! I’ll see you all at CPW!

  26. Anonymous says:

    damn, my man man narce always trying to make people feel comfy, lol.

    WELCOME TO ’13!!

  27. Tanmay '12 says:

    Congratulations guys! Well done! =)

  28. dora says:

    Congratulations! It is hard to believe that I was in your shoes one year ago!

  29. |Lex! '12 says:

    Congratulations all who got in! To those who didn’t, I’m like 95% sure you’ll really enjoy where you do end up going. That goes for those who got in here as well.
    P.S. Nooooo!!! Don’t start hating on eachother already! It’s not worth it!

  30. Aditya says:

    Omg Jaswanth. I’d like to pester you with my zillions of questions, but I’ll leave that till you finish rejoicing. =D

  31. Viral '12 says:

    Wohoooo! Welcome to MIT! Awesome job guys!

  32. Marissa says:

    Oh, Well!! I guess I’ll try for Graduate’s. Cornell – here i come

  33. Congratulations All MIT’13 I am so HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!! CONGRATS once more!!! :D

  34. Bennett says:

    Hey Jaswanth I’m from India too.But I didn’t make it. I join Aditya in congratulating you. Hope to see you four years from now! Best Wishes!

  35. Bennett says:

    Hey Jaswanth I’m from India too.But I didn’t make it. I join Aditya in congratulating you. Hope to see you four years from now! Best Wishes!

  36. Saad says:

    Here we go……

  37. Aakriti says:

    heyy congtss ppl!!! we made it!! wohooooo!!!

  38. Ngozi '13 says:

    Who’s hitting CPW????

    Does anyone here have a Livejournal?

  39. Max says:


    Anyone else from Los Angeles? I’m from the South Bay.

  40. Chris M. says:


    I’m so happy for you guys, it’s a really exciting day for all of you! Go out and celebrate and get ready for CPW!!

  41. Rejected one says:

    Congrats and appreciate that. I am looking forward to read about y’all in newspapers smile

  42. Roman says:

    OH MY GOD !!!!!!!! I GOT IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WELCOME CLASS OF 2013 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU MIT !!!!!!!!

  43. Nouri says:

    hey whats ur nationality??? fih masreyeen hena?? smile congrats guys

  44. oh no... says:

    @ Aditya…
    did u get selected..?

    @ Jaswanth


    @ Aakriti
    Are you Indian too?

    @ all who got selected


  45. Stephanie says:

    YAYY!!! The long wait is finally OVER! Congrats to everyone else who got in! =D

  46. Anonymous says:

    My Niece Alison got accepted to MIT Class of 2013!!!

  47. Rutu '12 says:

    Hey guys!! CONGRATS!!!! Hope to see you all at CPW/here next year. Now go celebrate ^__^.

  48. Aakriti says:

    who All from india?

  49. rebecca says:

    congrats everyone!

    i can’t believe i’m here, thank you mit!!!

  50. a reject says:


  51. Aditya says:

    oh no… : Applying next year actually. =/

  52. Marwan Q. says:

    congratulations to you all.

    it good to find people who will enjoy the rest of their day.

    i hoped if i were with you

  53. Anonymous says:

    You are not a reject

  54. Misbah says:


    CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! I’m very excited!!!!!!

    YAAAAAAY! I really had little confidence before =)

  55. Caitlin says:

    YAY! MIT ’13!!

  56. Hey – it doesn’t matter if you are “from somewhere” – it’s where you’re headed that’s important!

  57. @ Nouri,

    I am from Palestine! Congrats girl! There are many egyptians here! Confirm quickly quickly!

  58. Aditi says:

    congratulations class of 2013 !

    Can’t wait to meet you smile

    PS. Happy pi day!

  59. @ Nouri,

    I am from Palestine! Congrats! There are many egyptians here! Confirm quickly quickly!

  60. Congratulations guys!
    I wish I could join you, but alas, such was not the wish of the MIT gods.
    Good Luck!!!

  61. Anonymous says:

    . . .Is there anyone from the midwest (Michigan, specifically)?


  63. Yeyson'13 says:

    Hey everyone congrats. I still can’t believe it. I’m in shock. Both me and my sister the now Blanca’13 got in. I’m so happy today. Hope to see you all at cpw.

  64. edsel ford says:

    I was from michigan!

  65. congratulations and good luck.
    make the best of it for me and all the others who didn’t get in.

  66. Aakriti says:

    yep im Indian!!! woowww i cant breathe!!!

  67. Anonymous says:


    Wow. Congratulations, then.

  68. aakriti says:


    hey aditi!! u indian!!! wow am i excited or wat!!

  69. It’s my sister and I…

  70. Here’s a shout out from Azusa, CA: HECK YEAH!

  71. Carlos says:

    I’m so happy I got in!!!!

    Thanks so much!!!

    and congrats to all of you who were also accepted!!!

  72. saadinho says:

    accepted!!!!!!!!! congratulation to everyone

  73. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone, hope to see you all in Boston smile! Accepted, eastern Europe smile! Do you have any idea about the financial aids date?

  74. Clarissa says:

    sb from Brazil??

  75. Abi says:

    @ Max
    Hello fellow Angeleno!! I’m from Windsor Hills!!

  76. Afsah '10 says:

    Congratulations everyone!! You guys are amazing… Can’t wait to meet you all…


    Where are you from?

  77. Aditi says:

    Aakriti, yes I am.

    Everyone should come for cpw

    It will be full of awesomeness smile

  78. Jo says:

    do we get a paper letter and thick packet later on?

  79. Anonymous says:


    are you caucasian? uncommon name nowadays O.o

  80. Jo says:

    oops! i got the answer. nvm!

    congrats everyone!

  81. Gus '13 says:

    Well, sure was surprising. Of course now MIT has to give me a LOT of financial aid. Like a lot a lot. But right now I’m ECSTATIC!!! WOOHOO!!!

  82. Nouri says:

    Zeina congrats to you habibty (ana ma3 el 2asaf no)…do u live in palestine?? =) i am really proud that you got in!!
    Egyptians plz react…whos Egyptian here??? =)
    congrats again to everyone

  83. kavya '12 says:

    MIT is the best thing that’s happened y’ll;
    Welcome to the Institvte. =)

  84. LizziO says:

    wow. i almost had a heart attack, congrats everyone!!!
    who else got it after being deferred from early action?

  85. Gus '13 says:

    oh yeah. I’m from Duluth, MN. But I doubt that there’s many other people from the iron range going here. Anyone else from MN?

  86. Way to go Kavya!! raspberry :D LOL!! Congrats all of you, and to all the desi people!! Where are you guys?!!!

  87. LizziO says:

    representin Alabama.

  88. @afsah
    Pakistan (lol, but Im an applicant from WA state) =)

  89. Sheila '13 says:

    CONGRATSSS TO EVERYBODY ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME TO MIT!!!! xD xD

  90. Justin '13 says:

    hahaha congratulations everyone! I don’t even know what to do with myself right now. I’ll prolly go eat some pie smile

  91. Hazem says:

    congrats to all accepted!!
    nourhan, it seems no Egyptians were admitted :-(
    if there is any Egyptian here say anything!!

  92. Anonymous says:

    Guys could you tell me (INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS), did all of you participated in International Olympiads or you just got in with SAT and TOEFL?

  93. Merritt Boyd says:

    Congratulations everyone! See you at CPW!

  94. zhaggazhao says:

    Thank you Lord! i’m thrilled….who else got in from GH???

  95. Viral '12 says:

    Tanzanians anybody?