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A head-and-shoulders illustrated portrait of Ceri Riley. She is smiling with her mouth closed, has light skin, and long light pink hair.

Pilot by Ceri Riley '16

The first video in a vlogging experiment

To start out the new school year, I’m going to try including more fun multimedia stuff in these blogs. Not that I don’t like writing or will stop writing text posts, but I just want to experiment more beyond comics and static images. And Lydia may or may not have suggested that I try to vlog seriously. In an ideal world, I’ll post one of these videos every Sunday night and then continue blogging regularly once every couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up this schedule (hooray for end-of-summer optimism), or at least stick to it as best as possible!

(Also I swear that this is the least awkward of the 3 thumbnail options YouTube gave me. It does look like I’m having a crisis though…)