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places around and at mit by Cami M. '23

godless and holy

this post is just a filler post so i meet my self-set goal of a blog a week as i’m currently working on a semester recap video blogpost that documents my time here at mit…but i’m really lazy and it’s difficult to compile footage all together and i’m really trying my best. but yes. if my blogpost were a series, this is a filler episode.

One of the great things about MIT is its location. You’re in this hub of great scientific and technological advancement, as well as close to one of the busiest and bustling cities in the world, Boston. During my time here, I’ve tried to make an effort to explore campus and its surrounding city area since this is probably the most free time I’ll have over these next four years.

In these past months, my friends and I have discovered our fair share of places around the Cambridge-Boston area that have left great impacts on us, both negative and positive.

I’ve compiled two lists of godless and sacred places that our friends have found this past semester.

Godless and Holy Places around MIT according to crabmeats01 my friend group!

Godless Places

Chicago Pizza

  • Raymond and Aiden once went here because it was 3 in the morning and Beantown was closed
  • Raymond asked for a hamburger
  • It was served to him on a sandwich bun, cut in half, undercooked.
  • Absolutely godless.

Legal Seafood

  • Boston is supposed to be a place of good seafood. Do not go here for good seafood. There are so many better places.


  • This is a heated debate amongst crabmeats because Chambers would argue that Anna’s is delicious while us Californians who miss Mexican food back home will argue that Anna’s is, in fact, not it. But since I’m making this blogpost: It’s godless.

ZBT Basement

  • ZBT house is beautiful and actually really nice, the ZBT boys do a good job of keeping the house clean. Probably the cleanest frat I’ve been to.
  • But also when it’s 70 people cramped down in the basement for a party and you go to lean against the walls and the walls are Damp? Truly godless.
  • I’m also only calling out this specific basement because crabmeats has frequented it a lot just because Raymond’s in ZBT and we like to tease him for being our only fratboy representation.

8.01/8.02 TEAL room

  • Every time I walk by the TEAL room I want to vomit. I have so much trauma from 8.01.
  • Aiden and Emma, who braved through 8.01 instead of transferring to 8.01L like I did, also agree that TEAL is godless.

Simmons Ballpit

  • no comments just peak your head in and inhale.

Loop Stove

  • she takes an hour to preheat, occasionally smells like gas a bit too strongly, kind of unreliable. Very terrifying.

Holy Places

Beantown at 2AM

  • When you’re walking back from a party and you’re hungry and it’s like 2 in the morning, you know there’s always one place you can rely on. Beantown.
  • Is a favorite amongst all of crabmeats
  • the perfect late night snack

Apple Cinemas

  • a tiny theatre we stumbled upon when I came back on a Tuesday night from Thanksgiving break
  • we impulse bought tickets to Frozen 2 and realized they had a Bargain Tuesday deal aka tickets were only $4.75
  • it is just a high quality theater that’s kind of small and cute and just really nice

Courthouse Seafood

  • okay so Raymond went to this place two years ago for some robotics thing and he went to this really good seafood place with, as he says, “really soft salmon” and “the best salmon [he’s] ever had”
  • however, he forgot the name of it
  • where he remembered the name of it by looking back in his messenger conversations to find the name
  • we went here today thinking raymond was overexaggerating how good the salmon was
  • i got clam chowder and a crabcake and it was AMAZING while caroline got fish and chips which was so soft and flavorful and raymond and aiden both got their salmon dinners…so good…So holy…

Stud 5

  • P E A K PRODUCTIVITY. TRULY. Stud5 air just HITS different and you just get so much work done here. i don’t know what’s in those vents but truly, i am my most productive here.

Z Center

  • hi qual gym equipment in a positive nice environment


  • pretty, nice, quiet! great study area


  • ihop really hits when you go at 12 in the morning. we go to the one near harvard and honestly eating breakfast foods at godless hours makes it holy.
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