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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Q&A Round Two by Bryan

Answers to some questions

Chandresh asked:
Do [MIT] professors take courses?

Professors and staff are allowed to take 1 course per term. Some professors may audit a course where they sit in and evaluate the class to make sure that it is covering the material that it should be.

Mugho Pine asked:
If you come in knowing absolutely no computer programming besides the rudiments of html… how difficult is it to pick stuff up?

As far as picking up programming, it really depends on the purpose. If you want to be course 6, then you will probably have to pick up a lot more than your average student since you’ll want to design efficient algorithms, etc. If you were in another engineering discipline, and you wanted to use a programming language to do some repeated computation, you don’t need to know much, and it’s easier to pick up.

Adam asked:
Wow, only an hour and a half long classes!?!?!

Classes vary in length from 1 to 2 hours for lecture. Some labs, however, are up to four hours long in some cases (like tomorrow for me).

Shen asked:
And what are some of the classes/teachers you’ve particularly enjoyed?

I didn’t do enough justice to this answer, originally.

Some classes I also liked:
5.12 – Organic Chemistry
21A.109 – Understanding Culture
24.900 – Intro. to Linguistics
BE.310 – Molecular, Cell, and Tissue Biomechanics

Old-Timer asked:
Emack and Bolio’s still exists?

Yep, right on Newbury Street.

Me? asked:
How about sorbet and the such?

Most of the ice cream shops that I frequent have sorbet and frozen yogurt as well.

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