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MIT student blogger Jenny X. '13

One More Look At Our Snow Globe Life by Jenny X. '13

with moving parts

Hi guys,

Here’s another look at blizzard weekend on campus. Sadly (I mean…) school is open tomorrow, so it’s back to a mostly snowballfight-less life. :P

Nemo just getting started in Boston — dedicated joggers forge on…

3:57 pm — you got 3 minutes to get off the road cars!!! (The state instituted a ban on cars from 4PM on 2/8)

There is kind of a lot of snow now — and the only vehicle is a plower.

Nothin’ to do but line up for blizzard sundaes at my dorm, Burton Conner.

And then the Institute-wide snowball fight happened.

And maybe I can get the bread I want next week.