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tetacats by Audrey C. '24

the furry fish of tetazoo

For context, Tetazoo is the name of the cat friendly hall that I live on, and we currently have four furry residents.01 and an unspecified number of residents who identify as furries Within on campus dorms, there are a couple of other halls in East Campus and Random that allow cats. It’s a story that gets told at every MIT information session that historically, this hasn’t always been the case. Back in those days, fish were the only pets allowed. But people would register their non-fish-nor-human friends as fish anyways, so some fish at MIT were able to meow or slither.02 pet snakes Without further ado, here are the furry fish of Tetazoo:

Tommy. newest kid on the block. has a baby face but is very buff. could probably knock me out in a fist fight if he wanted to. disclaimer this picture is a bit of an exaggeration of how buff he is, but man's really swole.

Geo. cat cow. grouchy old man. likes loafing on top of the glounge couch. likes pats/slaps on the bum. becoming less grouchy. is geo short for geology, giovanni, or geoffrey bezos. probably not the last one

kallista. very regal. too cool for you. usually stays in owner's room, but it's an important occasion when she ventures out.

mercury. aka merc, bebis. certified baby. floofy void. top 1 most friendly cat i've ever meet. sleeps in everyone's beds. a little stinky sometimes but it's k because she's baby

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