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MIT student blogger Ben O. '19

Thanks Guys by Ben O. '19

A thank you from a blogger to the best audience ever.

This past weekend I was somewhere between flying and drowning. Finals were…… Finals. On the other hand I was about to be able to go home and see my family, and there was nobody I wanted to see more after a week of grueling exams. However, during this time I decided to take a break from the endless hours of studying and just go through some old pictures on my phone for nostalgia purposes and I came across this:

For those of you that haven’t gotten there yet, Chris always has some of the current bloggers do a Q&A session with the incoming class. We just sort of take some time to answer any random questions like “how often can you change your major, how is cooking for yourself, do we hate Harvard kids, where does the illuminati stay on campus, can someone major in a humanities, do you really have to learn major numbers” (answers: a zillion, awesome, LOL, to the left of the interdimensional door, YES YOU CAN #ChineseCourse20doublemajor, if you don’t learn them you will be sufficiently confused and won’t understand things like my awesome hashtag.)

For my year it was Connie and Shanasia, and if anyone is ever wondering what the illuminati thing is about for the class of 2019, it all started with Shanasia and a pretty innocent misunderstanding. For me personally, it was my first real interaction with MIT. For a majority of the college process the only interaction I had with schools were the interviews. However, during the interviews I was more focused on making myself seem worthy rather than trying to learn about the school. During the Q&A you also get to, in a way meet your classmates. Everyone that is accepted early is on that Q&A call and again for the second Q&A during regular decisions. Of course none of us get to actually hear each other, but we do get to be in this massive chat, and you get a pretty accurate view of what it would be like to be with all of your classmates. Think of it as the welcoming party.

A year later I, along with the other 19 bloggers, got to answer the class of 2020’s questions, and Kevin and I got to show up on this guy welcoming the class of 2020.

(Pay special attention to the comments on the right, because they are the truth.)

Being able to blogger is a special position. You are the realest connection between MIT and everyone on the outside. You get to hear people’s dreams, you get to see their aspirations, you get to be a part of their lives. As a blogger I have been able to meet people from India to Nigeria, from Singapore to Australia, from England to Mexico and got to hear what it is that everyone wants, what they are afraid of, while at the same time sharing with them what I was once afraid of, things I still don’t feel confident about. I have got to share dark parts of my life, and high points of my life. I can honestly say that I do not believe there is not a better position to bridge the gap between the inside and the outside of MIT. I have to thank you guys for taking time out of your day to come here and read the blogs, and sharing your lives with us. I want to say thank you for making the blogs the best job ever, and something that I never want to stop doing.

From a blogger to the greatest people ever,

Thanks Guys.

P.S. It really means a lot.