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MIT student blogger Qiaochu Y. '12

Things That Have Happened To Me Recently by Qiaochu Y. '12

in no particular order

  • The other day I tried to hard-boil eggs for the first time. The first batch came out underdone, but a friend gave me a different method and the next batch came out fine. But then I ruined them by trying to turn them into egg salad. See, what I really wanted was an egg salad sandwich (I can't seem to find a place that makes good ones in the area). I had a vague idea that egg salad was egg plus mayonnaise plus maybe other stuff, but I'm not a huge fan of mayonnaise so I figured I could ignore that, and probably all the other stuff. I was so, so wrong. 
  • I have this friend who, lately, will not stop replacing lyrics in random songs with the names of Pokémon. 
  • Right before Wikipedia blacked out, my friends and I celebrated by playing several rounds of Wikipedia golf. I don't know what rules people normally play by, but we decided to forbid the use of Ctrl+F, which made it difficult to find good links in huge articles. I wish I could tell you what articles we used, but I can't. 
  • I recently admitted to myself that I secretly love Taylor Swift. It was tough, but they say acceptance is the first step on the road to recovery.
  • My phone is a RAZR – not one of the new ones. You might be too young to remember this (oh God), but they were really popular about five years ago, and that's about how old this phone is. Most of the screen has broken off. My girlfriend heckles me about this a lot. "Man, you could look up [that thing you want to look up on Wikipedia] if you had a smartphone. Except you don't. Loser. Also, that broken screen's sharp now. It's going to cut you. Or worse, me."
  • Oh, also, I got into some graduate schools. 

12 responses to “Things That Have Happened To Me Recently”

  1. Dheeraj , ind. says:

    liked it * first*. for us RAZOR is new. i think you are talking about MOTO RAZOR

  2. linux says:

    Which schools did you get into?

  3. @linux: UChicago, MIT, and UC Berkeley, and I was waitlisted at Harvard.

  4. linux says:

    Congrats and good luck with the decision making!

  5. Harry Bleyan says:

    WikiGolf is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing – I had lots of fun finding my way from Neil Armstrong to electric guitars =)

  6. valart says:

    Congrats for getting into so many great schools! Have you made your decision yet?
    We are in the process of looking into Engineering Schools with quality computer science and robotics offerings, good research opportunities, flexibility within the major and schools that don’t make you decide on your major freshman year.
    My son will be a senior next school year and needs to narrow down his choices. MIT is his top choice and we visited and he loved it. We visited another school that was another top choice but when he saw the campus and toured the departments he hated it. He will not even apply to that other school even though it’s well known for computer science and robotics. He knows that MIT is very difficult to get accepted to so he needs to make additional choices. Being at a small or medium size school in the mid-Atlantic or New England region is also a priority. We compared schools on College Board and US News but none of them give you a feel for the personality of the school. We will be visiting 2 more schools this year but can’t visit all the schools he may be interested in.
    How did you choose the undergraduate schools you applied to?
    How did you choose the grad schools you applied to?

    BTW… Egg Salad (for 2 sandwiches)
    3 hardboiled eggs smashed with a fork. Add enough mayo to get the consistency you want. 1/2 t. of spicy mustard. Salt and pepper to taste. Add paprika if you really want to get fancy.

  7. @valart: Thanks! For undergrad, I looked for top schools with good math programs (MIT, Harvard, Princeton) not in California. I also applied to Brown because I had a friend applying there who made the lack of requirements sound attractive. For grad, I went through lists of faculty and research groups at top schools looking for schools which were strong in areas I was interested in.

    @Lauren: I wish I made and ate a lot of egg salad. It’s so delicious.

  8. Hafiz Aina says:

    You’re a guy and you love Taylor Swift too?! Awesome!

  9. awesome says:

    love taylor swift huh? she’s not that bad. good job on MIT again! lol wink

  10. Lauren says:

    Yeah the paprika is imortante. I like to mix some into it so it is ever so slightly tinted pink, and then i like to sprinkle a bit on the top. I tend to make and eat a lot of egg salad. It’s my favorite food to make. EGG SALAD!!! I even took a photo of a giant bowl of it I made, and presented it to my photography class. EGG SALAAADD!!!!!

  11. Lauren says:

    Also my phone is a 2006 model and its awesome. I even named it Mr. Phoney Jr. Yes, I love my Sony Ericsson W810 soo soooo sooo much. He’s the cutest phone ever. :3

  12. incredulous says:

    How did you get waitlisted anywhere?! Is Harvard that impossible to get into?