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tote bag tour by Gloria Z. '26

i have so many things to carry

I don’t know how it started exactly–a nice lug of canvas here, a floppy rectangle of yellow there. I tried my best to retreat under the guise of functionality: this one’s dark enough to hold tubes of paint, and that one’s foldable enough to take on the go, I cried silently. I need something sturdy enough for my laptop and all of its accessories–and something short enough to swing from my grasp without scraping the ground. That one’s the perfect size for my A5 notebook, and that one’s big enough to hold my winter jacket… Each one just a little different, just enough to justify their place on my designed tote bag command hook. But soon I could hide no longer–I was in it for good, and I wasn’t going to stop. And that… that was the beginning of the end.

ok basically I have a lot of tote bags (25 exactly) so here are all of them:

the ones I use the most

these are my daily drivers, my day ones, my most functional and (relatively) neutral color palette bags

the ones I made


the rgb trio

title says it all

spring picnic vibes

imagine these paired with a cheese board and 70 degree weather


like they have big graphics on them you know (I’m trying to come up with categorizations)

more bags i got for free

aka the rest

That’s all of the bags I have… for now. But I’m always trying to get that bag so I will continue to keep my eyes peeled.

(I do actually use most of my totes, but I also just enjoy collecting them as functional mementos of a place or event I’ve been to. I think it’s nice how they come with those memories, and then you build more with them as you use them. Also they’re so easy to store and bring along on trips and outings!)