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MIT blogger Cami M. '23

updating my blogger bio by Cami M. '23

because its no longer accurate

A couple nights ago, while my friends and I were wasting away in Simmons Hall, we somehow stumbled upon the topic of my blogger bio, to which someone read aloud:

My name is Cami. I’m a lil bi filipina girl from LA county, from a city about 30 minutes outside of LA called Norwalk. I’ve happily called it home for the past 17 years. However, I’ve now been yeeted to Cambridge, home of actual seasons, Mae’s Asian Eatery, and most important of all, MIT. I now proudly call Random Hall, specifically Loop, my home and am excited to see what the rest of these next four years will bring to me.

Uh, that’s not true. Also “next four years” — ouch.

I realize it’s pretty difficult to sum up a personality in these brief paragraphs, so I’ve decided I’ll just drop some tidbits that I think represent me well.

– i’m a wanna-be hypebeast. i recently got into shoes this past month and i once emailed the ceo of nike asking him to make the air jordan 1 guava ices in a 6 mens since they only offer it in a 7.5+ mens. needless to say, his assistant responded and kindly, but firmly, told me no. bummer.

– i use my hands to talk. a lot. but it’s not the good kind of gesticulation, it’s the awkward kind. i whip and dab and milly rock [very poorly] when i speak to try and articulate my feelings and words better.

Sure, accurate enough.

– i vlog things but never find the time to edit them. i love content creation in videomaking and i like watching those vine and tiktok compilations, especially in the wee hours of the night. i hope in some other life i’m a successful tiktok star.

– i’m very into video games, but i’m bad at them! i also watch some esports, specifically keep up with league because my friend aiden is a big tsm fan. please carry me in valorant if you’re reading this.

Kind of? Also I don’t really watch esports anymore. Or play video games that much, hm.

– i ran a panic! at the disco tumblr for three years before creating and running a one direction sideblog for two years and then eventually turning my main tumblr into a bts blog. but do not fear, you music elitists out there, i listen to a little bit of everything. please send me song recs and mayhaps
even check out my spotify

I’m sure there’s a lot of other strange and questionable moments I could include in here but I’ll save those for future blog posts. I’m very excited to document my journey and I’m glad I could take you on this trip with me :o)

And sure, this is accurate, too, but I think a lot of the verbiage and just wording in general does not reflect me anymore…

So I think it’s time to redo it!

As a symptom of doing hours and hours of interview prep, I’ve come up with a pretty cohesive storyline for me as a human being, interviewee, and student. So I think there are some essential things I need to include:

  • I talk about my friends a lot
  • I talk about my past a lot
  • I make emotional blogposts that overshare just a tad bit too much a LOT

And as for more logistic things I:

  • live in my sorority house, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • am a humanities + engineering joint major because I didn’t want to choose between the two of them because how could I possibly choose?
  • have changed my major a kajillion times because I have far too many interests and far too little time

For things I do for fun I enjoy:

  • playing the guitar!
  • watching streams!
  • reading!
  • sitting in the sunlight and basking like a little plant

And for more of the nitty gritty I:

  • am a blunt and hard to get along with individual
  • get hangry pretty easily

So, I guess I combine all of these together to get:

Hi! My name is Cami and I’m a junior right now studying media studies and computer science. I changed my major about 20 times before finally settling on this weird mesh of humanities and engineering and I’ve never been happier. While I’m not psetting in front of the Stud or lounging on the couches of Stud5, you can find me across the river in my sorority house, Delta Phi Epsilon (aka the hussy house, aka delta phi housilon).

Outside of academics, I love watching Twitch streams to relax, with my favorite streamers being Ryan Higa and NorthernLion, and playing guitar (poorly, very badly).

Now as for my reputation on the blogs, I’ve somehow earned the superlative of “most bullyable blogger”, as well as a reputation for writing (what they call) petty blogposts about people who have wronged me.  I hope I am making Taylor Swift proud. When I’m not dragging people’s names through mud and filth, I’m known to write emotional and sappy blogposts about my friends and family, complain about my crappy high school experience, and gush about how much better MIT is than high school.

I hope you will enjoy these next *checks calendar* two years you have left with me in this space and I am excited to see what new shenanigans I somehow stumble into.

Yes I made a whole blogpost to say that I updated my bio. What about it?