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MIT blogger Cami M. '23

VEDA (Vlog Every Day of April) by Cami M. '23

cami edition

I was inspired by Ceri’s take on VEDA and partly by my long-time vlogging/blogging influence StephenVlog, who I actually wrote about in my blogger application, to finally take on this vlogging challenge.

I will be vlogging every day of April and trying to release videos somewhat on time, but also I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro after using Sony Vegas for the past 5 years so it is definitely a steep, steep learning curve and I’m trying to get used to the new interface.

I am at no means super entertaining. Nor are these meant to be super entertaining. In fact, I kinda hope they are mundane to show you what life is on a day-to-day basis at MIT!

I’m still getting used to filming important things in my life, as I usually do not, so I might miss a couple of things here and there but hopefully I’ll improve with time.

I’ll be linking the videos to my YouTube channel and you can actually watch the first one here right now. I’m currently working on captioning it, but this will take some time! Very sorry!

EDIT: Bumping this since it’s still going on. You can watch the vlogs so far here:

Day 1 – I’m Doing Veda

Day 2 – And how could I forget these nuts?

Day 3 – Gatorade

Day 4 – I’m In Heels, I’m Terrified

Day 5 – I Have ASL Class

Day 6 – The 006 Grind

Day 7 – I’m Half Vaccinated

Day 8 – Very Overwhelmed

Day 9 – In My Pajamas? Wonderful.

Day 10 – Walking to Kresge

Day 11 – I’m Walkin’ Here!