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MIT blogger Rona W. '21

wait for it by Rona W. '23

for those awaiting decisions

In case you missed it, MIT EA decisions come out next Saturday. That’s over a week for you to flail, refresh College Confidential repeatedly, chug coffee, drop out of school and go live in the mountains as a goat herder, and come up with convoluted algorithms that calculate your chances of getting in based on your test scores/GPA/extracurriculars/social media presence/Hogwarts house. I did all of those things, back in the prehistoric year of 2015 when college decisions were delivered not through the internet or even snail mail, but by Hermes, the messenger god. It was a stressful week.

Please don’t freak out like me. Instead, you should:

Get off social media.

Lots of your classmates might be getting into various schools around this time, and it can be super stressful to see everybody posting about their acceptances, even if you’re happy for them. Delete Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook etc. just for the week. You can congratulate them later.

Clean your room.

Your parents will thank you.

Work on your other college apps.

A lot of universities have January 1st deadlines, and that’s coming up real fast. Even if you end up getting into your top choice early, it doesn’t hurt to prepare essays for other universities just in case.

Spend time with your family and friends.

Next year, you’ll most likely be away at school, and even when you visit home for the holidays, it won’t be the same. Cherish the time you have with your loved ones, and make some memories.

Focus on school.

Yes, your senior year grades still matter! Schools you apply to regular action will see your first-semester grades, and the university you ultimately attend may rescind you if you start failing classes. I know senioritis is coming in strong but hang in there :)

Watch this video of two hamsters on a wheel.

. . . it’s not a metaphor. Really.

Apply for scholarships.

Lots of major scholarships are only available to high school seniors! Take the opportunity to potentially rake in tens of thousands of dollars.

Reply to no-reply corporate emails.

Just to see what happens.

Learn to cook.

Even if you’re on a dining plan during college, knowing how to cook is still an essential life skill. Check out these 21 ways to upgrade instant ramen.

Buy holiday gifts for loved ones.

Don’t be the kid rolling up on Christmas Day with a bunch of regifts. Your dad deserves better than your aunt’s homemade soap from two years ago.

Write thank-you letters to your guidance counselor and teachers.

Your application was a group effort. Share your gratitude with those who wrote your recommendation letters and gave you advice.

Master all the steps to the Cupid Shuffle.

You’ll be a hit at prom.

Go for a run.

Even if the only running you usually do is away from your problems.