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MIT and the admissions office will be closed November 24–25 for Thanksgiving break, and will open on November 28.

MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

Watch a Webcast! by Chris Peterson SM '13

get ya popcorn ready

Some of you may remember my blog entry Inside the Webcast Studio, which consisted of the following video:

So what was that all about?

We travel all over the country (and the world) here at MIT Admissions. And during our travels, we get to meet amazing students and talk to them in person about what it’s like to be a part of MIT.

But even MIT hasn’t figured out how to be everywhere at once. We can’t visit every high school, or hold a big meeting in every city. And not every student interested in MIT has the opportunity to come to campus, hang out with students, and ask us questions.

That’s why, this fall, we launched our first-ever MIT Webcasts, to awaken interest in students who could not visit MIT and whom we could not visit, and to reinvigorate the interest of those who already knew something about us.

So we invited students to tune into a webcast screen that looked something like this:

It featured live video and chat with our admissions staff, as well as a instance. is a tool designed here at the Media Lab by MIT student Drew Harry to involve audiences in Internet conversations.

Our talented staff and students gave dozens of webcasts, and each one, like our admissions officers themselves, were different and special in their own way.

However, I wanted to share with you all this one, featuring McGreggor Crowley ’00, MD. Dr. Crowley directs the admissions process here in the office, and, as an alumnus himself, provides some wonderful insight into the academics, athletics, activities, research, food, hacks, and everything else available at MIT:

If you don’t know much about MIT, this might be a good place to start!

And if you do know a lot about MIT, I think McGreggor will share a personal side to your knowledge that might make it even more interesting.

Enjoy the show!

3 responses to “Watch a Webcast!”

  1. Hi Mr. Peterson! Thank you very much for reminding about webcast…
    Elizabeth i got a problem, I have graduated from my high school in 2009 since in post soviet countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan etc. We study only 11 classes/grades, so I am 19 now… I was admitted by medical school in my country, but realized that i don’t want to be a Doctor. After my 2nd semester there I decided to change my major and Applied to Government international scholarship Bolashak(from kazakh “Future generation”)as an Electrical Engineer, I past all the tests. I won it…)
    Now they are sending me to Intensive English language Institute to U of Illinois at Urbana-Ch.
    So it means that I have to miss application to class of 2015 and apply to class of 2016…
    Would it be a “minus” for me?? I mean wouldn’t they consider me as a crazy old man that is crazy for MIT?
    Thank you Elizabeth…
    my email is [email protected]

  2. Victorino says:

    Hi Ruslan!
    Sure they would not consider you crazy. If you’re interested in MIT, I think you should read through these blogs and the website to know a little bit more about MIT and see if you’d like to belong to the community, if you think you do, apply. I think MIT evaluates each student on her own context.

  3. Thank you dear friend Victorino)))