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MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

What Are We Waiting For by Chris Peterson SM '13

answer: FPOPs to begin!

Freshman orientation for the Class of 2018 officially begins in two weeks. Next week, however, some students will begin arriving on campus to participate in one of 22 Freshman Pre-Orientation Programs (FPOPs), which offer students an early introduction to in the social life of learning at MIT. As the FPOP website says:

Build an underwater vehicle. Make friends. Work in the Cambridge community. Learn what it means to install public interactive art. Kayak. Play robotic soccer. Visit a nuclear reactor. Swing your way through a ropes course. Learn to paint. Roll your own sushi. Wear paper clothing. Travel to Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Spend a day feeding the homeless. Learn about yourself. Challenge yourself.

We’ve blogged a lot about FPOPs in the past. This year’s FPOPs include (update 10/27/14: all of these links are dead now that orientation is over, but I’m leaving the list just so you know what was offered):

My all time favorite video filmed by (and starring) MIT students was produced at the 2011 FPOP, when the Class of 2015 were freshman. Now they’re seniors. Wow. Very movie. Much feels.