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MIT blogger Rona W. '21

what’s on my desk: messy person edition by Rona W. '23

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ever see one of those social media #inspo posts featuring an aesthetic workspace with color-coded notes, DIY pencil holders, and marbled laptop cases?

this is not that post.

this is a post about my desk, which seldom has enough free space for me to actually get work done. 

my desk is messy

~not sponsored~

here’s what’s on my desk, from left-to-right, top-to-bottom:

my friend Katie Zhao’s new novel, The Dragon Warrior  01 Katie and I have the same agent, and I actually got to see her at Boston Book Festival last month. she signed my book!

a binder containing a draft of my novel manuscript 02 I meant to revise this throughout the semester but balancing school and writing is hard

printouts of my 18.200A (Discrete Mathematics) lecture notes

The Art of Problem Solving, Volume II

a box of contact lenses

a random notebook I made freshman year

Writing Irresistible Kidlit

a Pusheen notebook

more contact lenses

Brookside dark chocolate, acai and blueberry flavors

Complete Minimal Poems 03 lighght

daily moisturizing lotion

empty plastic bottle that really should be recycled

A Cup of Water Under My Bed 04 an MIT Reads selection. the author came and spoke to us a few weeks ago!

hair dye, 05 I dyed my hair last month and kept the box 'just in case' fuchsia

another empty plastic bottle

charcoal makeup remover wipes

peach pressed powder


lip balm

cloth hair elastic


eyeshadow palette

lip gloss


knit hat 06 blogger points to anybody who can guess which flag it is

folder of critiques from CMS.307 (Critical Worldbuilding)

mug containing toothbrush & toothpaste

hair brush


concealer 07 stress acne is a rip :(

powder foundation

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