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MIT student blogger Piper '13

What’s on your mind? by Piper '13

As for me, my hair feels normal again.


So much is about to happen!  Electrical-component jewelry-making, seesaw- and small earth-mover-building, truffle-creating!  Not to mention the epic water war between the east side and west side dorms (assuming Hurricane Irene doesn’t get us first).  Freshmen will learn their way around campus, and upperclassmen will show off every living group and club we’ve got.

It’s an exciting time, and now… now I am prepared.  Because my hair feels normal again.

You may have previously learned that the east side of campus has an unusually high percentage of people who dye their hair weird colors.  It may come to you as no surprise that I plan on spending most of rush hanging out at Random, with a few flights to East Campus to help build cool wooden things.  ’cause, well, my heart belongs to both amazing places ^_^

But enough about me.  My question is for YOU.

Prospective students, curious parents, excited prefrosh gah you guys are freshmen now, what are you thinking?  What are your questions about MIT, about life here, about how to survive day-to-day, about how to make the most of your college experience?  What are your burning questions (maybe ones you think are too silly to ask)?  I’m curious about what you’d like to see us bloggers clarify or explore in future posts.

Because these blogs exist for you :)

5 responses to “What’s on your mind?”

  1. Moe says:

    I really appreciate the attention you give us in this post. You guys should talk about the International Admissions process, interviews and such. Living far from the US, I feel abandoned by MIT bloggers :( haha.
    (but seriously.)

  2. paulininja says:

    Hi Piper! Actually, I was listening to an old Shania Twain song (Namely, “That Don’t Impress Me Much”) and I couldn’t help but think of this blog. So I’d like to ask the MIT bloggers this: If the MIT Admissions/Blog suddenly turned into a music playlist, what songs would be on it? It’s a silly question, but I am curious smile

  3. Gill says:

    ^ Moe’s absolutely right !! International applicants want to know what the International Students at MIT are like, and how (if at all) they are different from the domestic students.
    We mean what are their passions like, their work & generally how they are as People-You-Meet at the Insti.
    We internationals will really be glad if you shared the lives of other international students you may be knowing at the Institvte !!!
    Its been a LONG TIME since anybody posted anything about International students !

  4. Yoni Miller says:

    I would like to see more posts, on the non academic stuff of MIT, because to be fair, there are plenty of colleges that will offer the same or even higher quality of education, but what is it about the atmosphere of MIT that makes it special, and please critically compare it to other colleges, for example I’d love to know how similar/different East Campus is to say UChicago, or Berkeley, arguable similar colleges with similar atmospheres in that respect.

  5. Piper '13 says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys smile We’ll see what we can do!