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How do international students apply to MIT?

We understand that it’s difficult for international students to apply to schools in the U.S., but almost one-quarter of MIT’s applications are from international students all over the globe and we’re very comfortable evaluating your application in context.

A committee of experienced MIT admissions officers will review your application in detail. We’re very familiar with international school systems, including (but not limited to): the IB, A Levels, the French Baccalaureate, and CBSE. Your application will be reviewed within the context of the resources available to you, including your situation as affected by family, school, culture, region, and country.

We don’t have any required high school classes for domestic or international students.

All students apply to MIT for general admission and select a major at the end of the first year with help from their first-year advisor; therefore all applicants must meet the same test requirements.

MIT practices need-blind admissions, which means applicants will not be disadvantaged in the admissions process because of their financial need. We are one of only eight schools in the U.S. that is need blind and meets full need for all students, foreign and domestic.

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