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April 2021: Although our campus is closed to visitors, you don’t have to travel to 🌈 Cambridge to get a feel for MIT. Sign up today for an 🔮 online session or student-led tour.

Will you send me materials/prospectus/t-shirt/pennant?

We appreciate your interest in MIT!

We don’t send a lot of mail (and we don’t send any international mail), but you can sign up for our awesome monthly email newsletter that will keep you up-to-date on exciting things our current students are up to! We’ll also send you important news and reminders during your application year.

The MIT Course Catalog, also known as the Bulletin, is available free online and provides a comprehensive description of all of the Institute’s academic programs.

We receive a lot of requests for pennants, t-shirts, and other MIT items, but because we’re a nonprofit organization we don’t have funding to supply these types of items. You can shop online at the MIT bookstore, The Coop.

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