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Please note!

Visitors coming to the Welcome Center should plan accordingly and leave extra time to get to campus due to local road closures.

What is MOSTEC?

The MIT Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community (MOSTEC) is an online education and enrichment program, free of charge, that extends from the summer into the winter as students submit their college applications. Students complete online coursework and projects in science, engineering, and technical writing during the summer Academic Phase (July–August). When the summer ends, students enter the Enrichment Phase (August–January) and continue to learn more about science and engineering, interact with college faculty and staff, and receive online mentorship from undergraduates, graduate students, and industry professionals.

MOSTEC serves to develop a cohort of students who are equipped to major successfully in technical disciplines. Students are supported by a staff of positive, enthusiastic, and like-minded role models with experience in science and engineering.

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