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How do I apply to be an Exchange/Special/Visiting student?

Information on Special Student admissions is handled through the MIT Office of Graduate Admissions.

If you’ve completed one year of full-time study at your home university and are interested in taking classes as an undergraduate non-degree student, you may be eligible to apply as a Special Student.

If you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree and are interested in taking classes as a non-degree graduate student, you may be eligible to apply for the Advanced Study Program (ASP).

If you are interested in doing research at MIT, you will need to be invited by an academic department as a Visiting Student. There is no central application to apply as a visiting student. Instead, individual faculty members must invite you to their lab to engage in research. If there is a specific area of research you find interesting, you may try contacting the affiliated department, laboratory, or faculty member to learn about available opportunities. For a list of current research areas, please visit the research site.

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