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Math certifications

If you don’t have access to calculus through a local school, MIT accepts certifications through and MITx Online. Both are great options and we don’t have a preference for one over the other!

How to get certified through

  1. Learn the math on Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers free online lessons and practice for you to learn new material at your own pace.
  2. Receive free tutoring through Schoolhouse: is a free, online tutoring platform where you can get support from a personalized peer tutor if you get stuck or want extra help. If you haven’t already, use this link to sign up for a free Schoolhouse account.
  3. Become certified in the course through Schoolhouse: Once you’ve learned the material, Schoolhouse lets you showcase your mastery by recording yourself explaining practice problems in that subject. Follow these steps to receive certification:
    1. Use the button below to be taken to the Course Challenge box for Calculus. Then click on the “Get Certified (+50 SP)” button on that page and follow the instructions to take the certification.
    2. Achieve a 90% on the course challenge and then submit your certification for review.
    3. Once your video has been reviewed and approved, you’ll get an email with a publicly shareable link to your Schoolhouse certification transcript.

You can share your Schoolhouse certification transcript with us on your application. Once you’re certified, you’ll also be able to tutor in that subject on Schoolhouse if you want to help other learners.

How to get certified through MITx Online

  1. Begin your learning journey on MITx Online: Select the course you’d like to take below. Once on the course’s page, click on the red “Enroll now” button. If you haven’t already, you’ll be asked to create an MITx Online account. If the course has not yet started, you will not have access to it until the start date. For most courses, enrollment remains open even after the course has started. However, if the course has ended, please note that most MITx Online courses typically repeat once a year.
  2. Upgrade to the certificate track: To receive a verified certificate, you must upgrade your course enrollment to a verified status, which requires a fee. If you are unable to afford the cost of a certificate, edX provides financial assistance.
  3. Earn your certificate: You’ll need to complete the required assignments within the course timeline. Upon passing the course, you’ll automatically earn a certificate, which is delivered digitally through your edX Learner Dashboard.