MIT Admissions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Transfer Applicants

Transfer Application

The following components should be submitted online:

  • 2018 Transfer Application: The application for spring (February) entry is due November 15. The application for fall (September) entry will be available in early January. (If you are a citizen of a foreign country, you may apply for fall entry only.)
  • Three letters of recommendation: One from a math or science professor and two from any professors who know you well.
  • Application fee of $75. If paying the fee presents a hardship for you and your family, you may request a fee waiver.

The remaining documents should be mailed directly to MIT:

  • Official college transcript(s) in a sealed envelope. If you are admitted, a final transcript covering subjects subsequently taken should be sent as soon as it is available. If you attended more than one college or university, you would need to send in transcripts from each college attended.
  • High school transcript/secondary school record in a sealed envelope.
  • Standardized tests sent directly from the testing agency.
  • Supplemental Document cover sheet (optional)—use this form to submit any additional materials.

Mail documents to:
MIT Undergraduate Admissions Processing Center
PO Box 404
Randolph, MA 02368

Materials may also be faxed to 617-687-9184.

Essays, Activities & Tests Form


The required essays consist of three short-answer response questions (250-word limit). Remember that your essays are not a writing test. They’re the place in the application where we look for your voice—who you are, what drives you, what's important to you, what makes you tick. Be honest, be open, be real—connect with us. That's all that matters.


Please use our form, not a resume, to list your activities. There is only enough space in this section to list a few things, so please choose the activities that mean the most to you and tell us a bit about them. This will tell us more about you than any "laundry list" of everything you've ever done.

Standardized Tests

Testing requirements are listed on the Required Documents tab. You should self-report your standardized test scores in your application. However, your scores must also be reported to us officially from the testing agency; scores you list on your application and scores appearing on your school transcript will not be considered official.

Financial Aid

Transfer students may apply for financial aid and are given the same financial aid consideration as all undergraduate students. You can find out more about the financial aid process here.