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Sep 16 2017


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    On Monday, the first thing on my to-do list, after an exceptionally unproductive weekend, was to make a to-do list. I was then faced, however, with a moral dilemma, a person vs. self conflict which I would both win and lose: I needed to either buy groceries or start working on my problem sets, because I had finally moved on from the stage of denial and accepted their existence. My cereal had become unpleasantly dry and decidedly less palatable since I had run out of milk. Still yet, the ink in my pens was decomposing from idleness. My thought process went as follows: I can either not buy food and do my work, or I can buy food and... probably still do my work. Wait, what was the problem here anyways? I fail to recall that anguished, indecisive mindset as I sit here without regret and eat this ice cream I ended up buying at the store. Ice cream is a catalyst for productivity anyways. The problem sets, though, I admit they were pretty tempting…

    That was a joke.

    The... read the post »


Sep 8 2017

Eyes Wide

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    Once, while working as a cashier, I noticed that a customer’s total had come to $3.14, the monetary equivalent of the ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter. I automatically said, “Heh… $3.14. Like pi.”
    The woman made a face. “PI?!” “Did you say PI?!”
    “I said it’s like pi,” I repeated, immediately cursing my inability to keep nerdy observations to myself.
    “PI?!” she shrieked in bewilderment.
    “You know, pi... the mathematical constant?” I explained with increasing desperation.
    “PI?! I have NO IDEA what you’re talking about… PI???!”
    ...People are staring.
    Eventually I muttered some excuse about me just being a nerd, resignedly handed her the receipt, and watched as she slowly, cautiously, um, ran away from me.
    So anyway, there’s my first compelling reason to come to MIT! People here will still give you funny looks if you do something sufficiently absurd, but at least they will (probably) laugh (or cry) at your pi jokes (out... read the post »