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Caroline M. '18

Apr 16 2018

Race Against Myself

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In 1st grade, there were these 1-sided sheets of simple math problems called “Minute Math”. Some of the strongest memories of my childhood is nose to the paper, pencil poised, ready to race across the page as if those 60 seconds were going to be my last, and then loudly putting my pencil down announcing that I had finished first. 

In 4th grade, in computer lab I’d sneak glances at neighboring people’s wpm and quietly gloat about how I was faster. 80wpm!!!

Throughout middle school, I was a proud reigning champion of the visual speed game SET, constantly ‘challenging’ people, knowing that I would win.

But as I moved up in the hierarchy of grades and outgrew the small staircases, my place in the hierarchy of smart people moved down. 

Other people started finishing earlier than me.

Other people had wpm’s over 100. 

Other people started beating me at SET. 

Other people were better than me. 

By the time I got to MIT, I didn’t have the problem of “was valedictorian and... read the post »


Mar 29 2018

It’s Nice to Meet You

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When I introduce myself in new groups, a lot of times I bring that up how I inline skate, or rollerblade. 

Even after three years of being in the inline skate community, one of my first images of a “rollerblader” is this:


2nd photo on Google Images
2nd photo on Google Images


But for me, inline skating looks like this:


yes those are sparks
yes those are sparks


I didn’t start skating until I got to MIT my freshman year. I got a pair for $25 with kneepads, elbowpads, and wristguards at Goodwill. I had always wanted to learn, but living near hills made it too intimidating to learn. The area around MIT seemed very friendly and flat with bike lanes. 

My first attempt ended with me moving 5 ft forward in the East Campus courtyard, scared out of my mind, hitting a sidewalk crack and falling straight to my knees. I put the skates away in my closet like many one-time hobbies.

I definitely could have just ended it there saying, “Rollerblading isn’t for me, I have no balance”. 

But I tried again. And I’m... read the post »